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This put me very close to Jay and it was as uncomfortable as it was mystifying. It was uncomfortable because I still wasn't sure I liked him all that much.
It was mystifying because his intense stares were unlike anything I'd ever experienced; they were hard but soft at the same time, commanding but beautiful. — Amanda Kelly

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I don't recall either of you asking me, you know I'm a lady and I need to be asked and agree to it. — Amanda Kelly

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Hey!" Mena exclaimed "Don't knock Jeopardy. I love that show"
"So do I" Max admitted.
"I like it when I know the answers." Logan added.
Trent turned to Logan, "Dude, if you hate the show, all you had to do was say so. — Amanda Kelly

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Max was looking scrambled and nauseous and Will was practically holding Max up as they walked. "Dude, I get why they call it the green thing now, it's the color of your face," Trent said as he too, helped Max to sit down.
Max shrugged "Go on the roller coaster they tell me. It'll be fun they tell me. — Amanda Kelly

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I shot up out of my chair. "Change of plans. Finish your drink so we can go."
Jay responded flatly, "Go where exactly?"
"I'm not sure but we'll know it when we see it."
He looked at his glass and back to me. "Why bother?"
I looked him the eye, seeing pain there and forcing myself not to flinch from it. "Because pity parties suck" I started walking toward the exit and over my shoulder asked "You coming?"
He downed the rest of his drink and followed me out the door. — Amanda Kelly

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That's literally one of those things where if I tell you I have to kill you. A witch's wand is a powerful tool and could be disastrous if it fell into the wrong hands. — Amanda Kelly

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We found Trent and pulled him off the leggy girl. "Trent, it's time to get home before your parents realize we snuck out." I said.
"What?" he asked confusedly.
"Plus the bouncer found out we were sixteen and he does not look happy." Logan added.
The girl froze, "You're sixteen? What the hell. You little perv, you're going to pay for this."
Trent sputtered, "What? No."
Logan looked at her all doe eyed innocence and said "Sorry Ma'am, we have to get home now because it's past our curfew."
Trent stood open mouthed in shock but his eyes were shooting murderous rays.
So many death glares, so little time. — Amanda Kelly

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That's right, Sha-kira?" I shook my head "No, sorry. My hips do lie." "Damn ok, back to the drawing board. — Amanda Kelly

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Go on the roller coaster they tell me. It'll be fun they tell me. -Max Montgomery — Amanda Kelly