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I would like you to pause for a moment, and to record your own feelings about smoking: what you think it does for you, why you smoke and why you want to — Allen Carr

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Quite simply, the key to being a happy non-smoker is to remove the desire to smoke. With no desire to smoke, it takes no Willpower not to do so. — Allen Carr

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The moment you stop smoking, everything that goes wrong in your life is blamed on the fact that you've stopped smoking. Now when you have a mental block, instead of just getting on with it you start to say, 'If only I could light up now, it would solve my problem.' You then start to question your decision to quit smoking. — Allen Carr

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Sometimes we look but don't see, listen but don't hear, touch but don't feel. If one sense fails, the others step in. — Allen Carr

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If you haven't got your health you haven't got anything' but it's true. I used to think that physical fitness fanatics were a pain. I used to claim that there was more to life than feeling fit: like booze and smokes. — Allen Carr

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When I had tried to stop previously there were weeks of dark depression. There would be odd days when I was comparatively cheerful but the next day I would invariably sink back into the misery and depression. It was like clawing your way out of a slippery pit - you feel that you are nearing the top; you can see the sunshine - and then find yourself sliding back down again. — Allen Carr

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Allen Carr saved my life. — Allen Carr

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The cigarette gets the credit for everything and the blame for nothing. — Allen Carr

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There are people who can make love standing on a hammock, but it is not the easiest way. — Allen Carr

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The whole business of smoking is like forcing yourself to wear tight shoes just to get the pleasure of taking them off. — Allen Carr

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Your ideal weight is the weight you happen to be when you can look at yourself naked in a full-length mirror and be happy with your shape. — Allen Carr

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The effect of the brainwashing is that we tend to think like the man who, having fallen off a 100-story building is heard to say as he passes the fiftieth floor, 'So far, so good! — Allen Carr

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Responsibility becomes stressful only when you don't feel strong enough to handle it. — Allen Carr

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The main reason that smokers find it difficult to quit is that they believe that they are giving up a genuine pleasure or crutch. It is absolutely essential to understand that there is nothing to 'give up'. — Allen Carr

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Whenever you think about smoking you must see it as a lifetime's chain of filth, disease, fear, misery and slavery. — Allen Carr

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However, you cannot force smokers to stop, and although all smokers secretly want to, until they are ready to do so a pact just creates additional pressure, which increases their desire to smoke. This turns them into secret smokers, which further increases the feeling of dependency. — Allen Carr

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The only pleasure or crutch that smokers receive when they light up, is trying to get back to the level of peace and tranquillity that non-smokers experience the whole of their lives, and that since each cigarette, far from relieving the withdrawal pangs from nicotine, is actually causing them, even that pleasure or crutch is illusory. — Allen Carr

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To me this is the most tragic part of this whole business. How hard we worked to become hooked, and this is why it is difficult to stop teenagers. Because they are still learning to smoke, because they still find cigarettes distasteful, they believe they can stop whenever they want to. Why do they not learn from us? — Allen Carr

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Smokers do not smoke because they enjoy it. They do it because they are miserable without it. — Allen Carr

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Eight hours after putting out a cigarette, you are 97% nicotine-free. After just three days of not smoking, you are 100% nicotine-free. — Allen Carr

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Wouldn't that be an incredibly stupid thing to do? To say 'I never want to smoke again', then spend the rest of your life saying 'I'd love a cigarette.' That's what smokers who use the Willpower Method do. No wonder they feel so miserable. They spend the rest of their lives desperately moping for something that they desperately hope they will never have. — Allen Carr

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was about ten years old. It was called The Geek. — Allen Carr

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Modern man threw a brick through his own window in order to sell himself a burglar alarm. — Allen Carr