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At first, I felt proud when someone said 'Your work looks like a man did it.' Then I realized that was stupid — Annette Messager

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I never take a picture of a face because a face is somebody, an arm is not recognizable as somebody. When you take a photograph of someone's face, it identifies it as somebody, but if you take just a fragment, it's everybody. It's not one person. — Annette Messager

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I can see today that the same sort of issues lie behind taxidermy and photography. Taxidermy consists in preserving a bird in full flight ... In the same way, photography halts and freezes motion and life. — Annette Messager

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Mostly, I believe an artist doesn't create something, but is there to sort through, to show, to point out what already exists, to put it into form and sometimes reformulate it ... I didn't invent anything, I indicated. — Annette Messager

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[Love] can be found in making little dresses for stuffed birds, or in a garden of tenderness like I have done - mixing writing, photography, and real spaces. There are all kinds of acts of love. — Annette Messager

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Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them. — Annette Messager

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[My work] includes something about death, and about love, because the photos always have something to do with death. The photograph is like taxidermy. It is like the animals I use. They are posed in order to appear to be alive, but they are dead. Their time has passed. The photos have to do with time and loss, and conclusion. — Annette Messager

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I have always believed that somehow the less we reveal the more the other desires to see. — Annette Messager