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Unfortunately we often get praise for things that weren't particularly difficult to achieve. If we focus on the props and encouragement of those who have low expectations for us, we become mediocre. It can be challenging to set our sights on excellence, particularly when we're hearing that we're already there. One of life's greatest lessons, which we all must learn, could be expressed in the phrase "That was nothing. Watch this." Challenge yourself and others to call the normal things normal and save that word excellent for things that really are. — Alex Harris

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Being faithful in the smallest things is the way to gain, maintain, and demonstrate the strength needed to accomplish something great. — Alex Harris

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The teen years are not a vacation from responsibility," we had told the columnist. "They are the training ground of future leaders who dare to be responsible — Alex Harris

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Credibility sets the stage. Logic leads to conclusion. Emotion leads to action. Strategically balancing all three persuades conversion. — Alex Harris

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God set His standards this high so that we won't make the mistake of aiming low. He made them unreachable so that we would never have the excuse to stop growing. — Alex Harris

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We're called to be faithful, to take those first difficult steps
and to leave the results up to God. — Alex Harris

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But here's the point: at times you may feel the hard things you're doing can't make a difference
just like a solitary finger snap seems so quiet and one raindrop seems so insignificant. But when you have an entire generation snapping their fingers, when you have an entire generation being faithful in their spheres with their own gifts and opportunities ...
Without any cue, the audience starts snapping their fingers, then patting their legs, then clapping, then stomping ...
... and the single raindrops become a flood. — Alex Harris