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AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 1331737

When once the Heart is awakened, every single moment 'in-time' is a treasure to beheld — AainaA-Ridtz

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Do not contemplate the Essence of the UnVeiled, for the UnVeiled therein your World does not hold to polarities, nor of your conjectures; Chapter The Unveiling — AainaA-Ridtz

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Being human trespass the conditionings of the laws of the worlds that have been created by the conditioned society - these reflective of a conditioned mind reflect the facets of the self, to discipline and educate indirectly; restrict evolution for pardon, and affliction — AainaA-Ridtz

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It is easy to do good, but it takes a lifetime to become human! — AainaA-Ridtz

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Don't talk of Life as if its one big package of miseries - it is the very Essence within that passes through both you, and your enemies and every permissible illusion. Once you're opened to, and are awakened to your TRUE NATURE, fireworks light up your path, irrespective whether it is a "Tariqa", or a pathless one! — AainaA-Ridtz

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Allaah Tabaraka wa Ta'Ala {The Absolute Divine UnNamed} DOES NOT test to "See" if you're worthy of Jannaah or Jahannam ! If only one can perceive this, one knows it is one that places oneself in either station !! — AainaA-Ridtz

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The Secret to saneful living is in the Key between these two worlds. In order to serve the higher ideal, one must revert to serving the Spark within all the multiplicities herein conceivable in the apparent world. The spark in itself is not contained for it encompasses both realities, that of the inner, and the apparent — AainaA-Ridtz

AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 798863

A positive needs a negative to complete its cycle, as the Moon needs an embodiment of itself, the Sun, to complete the cycle of its illusory essence, the Earth. Now if the earth is in dire straits, is bombing the moon to discover whether water is 'perceived' in the natural stance of humans an intelligent move? — AainaA-Ridtz

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Every form is an image. Every image is a name. Every name is an attribute, every attribute a verb. Every verb forms the sentence to be read on Judgement Day, from the very Qur'aanulQariim that is found within the breastplate of all that is 'created' in the form of humankind. Every object be it animated or non-animated is an image!! — AainaA-Ridtz

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Unified thinking without borders in apparent dimensions can only be strengthened when focused collectively 'internally'. — AainaA-Ridtz

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Find the Key ! Find the Key ! If you want to open the Doors of Heaven ! Without which, you can at best, look from outside, like the pauper looking in through the window at your food when hungry. Find the Key ! — AainaA-Ridtz

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The heart must not only feel, but also empathize with humanity for therein the reflective is ItSelf, in concert - Christ Consciousness — AainaA-Ridtz

AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 1063132

A veiled Mind is more enticing than all the nude men lining up the Seine, during Summer. — AainaA-Ridtz

AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 1109934

When the soul is consciously awakened can it comprehend the acquiescence of Muhammad, the unshakable foundation of Abraham and the very nature of Christ, equating the Aleph in the sealed Universe - As The Soul Speaks — AainaA-Ridtz

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We must try to remember everything, every movement, every stretch, every convulsion that made us how we move as we readily grow in our outer body that encompasses the planets, the suns and the moons in every other body that we touch, in every other mouth that we kissed, in every other language that we try to comprehend; for they are not the outside of a stranger, nor are they just images of our psyche, but the very being of ourselves, the dimensional levels of our very existence weaving colours in the tapestry of creation, yet the very non-existence of the template is proof of consciousness, of ascension, of Life. — AainaA-Ridtz

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Hu-man, Hu-mility, Hu-manity, is a title of nobility of the Perfected One, one who has knowledge of its self, and living its essence — AainaA-Ridtz

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When you've attained to your hidden within your apparent vice versa, know that you have reached Eternal Time, and Divine Presence. The Communion is in the Breath. — AainaA-Ridtz

AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 1675044

Be formless. As long as your "I" is asserted, it will be an idol of worship — AainaA-Ridtz

AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 1762253

Islaam is the Name of the Universe. Christ is the Soul, and Abraham, the Foundation - The Rainbow At Midnight — AainaA-Ridtz

AainaA-Ridtz Quotes 1801040

Falling in love with humans is like walking into a pantry and realizing you're trapped in it without Whip Cream, and Cherries. — AainaA-Ridtz

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Ascension is naught without first ascertaining the Aleph in the World — AainaA-Ridtz

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If you truly want LOVE to enter your Heart, you HAVE to give a DAMN about what's going on around you!! — AainaA-Ridtz

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No dimensions are closed to the ones in service of the Universal Law. — AainaA-Ridtz