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Mikas had told him once that the place had been hit during the bombing of the city years earlier, that the residents had been herded out of the building and into transports like cattle, never to return. Their things had been left strewn about and forgotten, a derelict snapshot of the lives they had left behind. — A.M. Daily

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He hadn't deserved the sort of love and loyalty Blue had given him without question since they'd been mere boys. Two rebellious kids with only one another to depend on in the whole world. Senseless or wise, they had both been fools in the end. — A.M. Daily

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Didn't anyone ever tell you not to fall in love with broken things? — A.M. Daily

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Hey, don't worry. I'll see you in a few days. Wait for me?" Mikas tugged on his sleeve again playfully, trying his best to pull Blue from his sulking mood. Blue shook his head. He was weary. Weary of feeling helpless as he watched Mikas deal his life away for so little; money, protection, status. Weary of waiting patiently for Mikas to come back to him or to even notice that he'd been waiting for him for years now. "Of course. That's all I ever do, — A.M. Daily

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We've met before?" Caden murmured and Senka shook his head. They had passed one another in dreams and in lives that Senka could only catch in glimpses, in a remembered smell, or a sudden shiver down his spine as a familiar face glanced his way. — A.M. Daily

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Blue passed his tongue over his lips, tasting strong liquor, and beneath that something earthy, a trace of himself that had lingered in Ace's mouth-- a hint of graveyard dirt. — A.M. Daily

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The sky was gray, always a dismal gray that lightened and darkened as the day wore on. He had never known anything else. — A.M. Daily

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It felt like he had lived ten lives since he had first stepped out into the streets, and each life seemed to be more draining than the next. It was a weariness that penetrated his very bones and made him more desperate than ever for the freedom he had once been offered. — A.M. Daily

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Mikas had always envisioned them together, traveling together, taking on the world together, even when the world pushed them down, they'd be there to help each other up. His relationship with Blue had once seemed eternal, Blue a soothing constant in his life. Seeing Blue here, holding the Mechi's hand, left a bitter taste in his mouth — A.M. Daily

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There had been no pain or death on Lacuna, no suffering. There was only the cycle. His mother had taught her children that an Ezri would never experience death in the way humans understood it, their bodies were only laid to rest, a short respite before they returned in another form to fulfill their timeline. The — A.M. Daily

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They all knew his reputation, the one where he gave out favors for the right price, and the one where he'd stuck a knife in the last guy that had tried to handle him without his consent. — A.M. Daily

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This was too much for the three of them to handle, but he wasn't going to give in so easily. He thought of Blue and of Cade, waiting for him somewhere, counting on him to make his way back to them in one piece. — A.M. Daily

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He was beautiful in a way that pierced the heart. He was beautiful in the way the universe had been made, from darkness and silence into light and song. — A.M. Daily