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Top Zoila Salinas Quotes

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Ken Weber

A blur of great magic is still just a blur. — Ken Weber

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Evan Sayet

I am tired of angry feminists. I like my women happy, gregarious ... and bathed. — Evan Sayet

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Rebecca De Mornay

I may be an optimist. — Rebecca De Mornay

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Villiers De L'Isle-Adam

My own self-consciousness cries out to me coldly: how does one love zero? — Villiers De L'Isle-Adam

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Stacy Pershall

The tattoo artist inflicts pain and I take it. With each breath I count to one again. Each inhale, each exhale, time passes in the smallest of pieces, and pieces still smaller than those.
This is how you count a life. This is how you go through it. Each second of hurt is a second that's already passed, one you never have to go through again. I have counted in pieces that small, when walking from the bed to the fridge seemed an insurmountable goal. I have counted my breaths, my steps, my eye-blinks, my hiccups, the tiny pulse in my thumb. And when I started getting tattooed, two of the things I used to need were gone: to write on myself, and to find irrelevant things to count. A second of intense pain is the most profound thing you can live through. And another, and another, and another, and then you know what it is to feel, and to struggle through that feeling one small agonizing increment at a time, and if you know that, you know what it is to live with mental illness. — Stacy Pershall

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Dov Davidoff

It's difficult to feel silly and depressed at the same time, but I manage. — Dov Davidoff

Zoila Salinas Quotes By Linda Kage

No one ever kissed me like you did. No one ever touched me like you did. No one -
With a choked sound of defeat, I crushed my mouth to hers. I had to shut her up. Her words were slaying me. Her tears were like poison. I died a hundred deaths from each aching confession. And I needed her to stop before I ceased to exist. — Linda Kage