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You're Such A Player Quotes By Carrie Coon

It's often women who are writing leading roles for women. Most of the stuff that comes my way is not actually about women. I'm just asked to be a supporting player in a story about a man, and I, frankly, was not interested in doing that. — Carrie Coon

You're Such A Player Quotes By Norm Sloan

Help your players to control their emotions - do this through example. — Norm Sloan

You're Such A Player Quotes By Pele

When you play against dirty players or very tough players, it's easy to escape because you know what they're going to do. But when the player is tough but intelligent, it's much more difficult. — Pele

You're Such A Player Quotes By Keith Richards

What interested me about Chuck Berry was the way he could step out of the rhythm part with such ease, throwing in a nice, simple riff, and then drop straight into the feel of it again. We used to play a lot more rhythm stuff. We'd do away with the differences between lead and rhythm guitar. You can't go into a shop and ask for a "lead guitar". You're a guitar player, and you play a guitar. — Keith Richards

You're Such A Player Quotes By Lou Holtz

Don't ever ask a player to do something he doesn't have the ability to do. He'll just question your ability as a coach, not his as an athlete. — Lou Holtz

You're Such A Player Quotes By Steffi Graf

Sometimes I wish I could have been a bit more relaxed, but then I wouldn't have been the same player. — Steffi Graf

You're Such A Player Quotes By Sherman Alexie

My father was a basketball player, so I loved basketball because he did. It was a direct transference. But, more than that, basketball, in the United States at least, plays the same function that soccer does everyone else in the world. It's the sport of poverty. It's the sport born of poverty. It's the cheapest sport. — Sherman Alexie

You're Such A Player Quotes By Justin Cole

You learn something new from every player. No player is the same, so I'm definitely trying to pick up as much as I can from the guys ahead of me and from the guys who have been in the league for a long time. — Justin Cole

You're Such A Player Quotes By Red Auerbach

Stand up for your players. Show them you care on and off the court. — Red Auerbach

You're Such A Player Quotes By Kathy Cloninger

I simply am going to look you in the eye and say that if the United States hopes to remain a major player among nations, facing challenges such as poverty, inadequate education, and global market competition, we're going to need to draw deeply from our entire talent pool, not just half of it. — Kathy Cloninger

You're Such A Player Quotes By Masaharu Morimoto

When I was a kid, I have two dreams. I want to be a baseball player. Hometown, Hiroshima, has a Japanese baseball franchise team called Hiroshima Carps. You know, and then I want to be a sushi chef. I want to make own restaurant - sushi restaurant. — Masaharu Morimoto

You're Such A Player Quotes By Peter Uihlein

It's all about becoming a more well-rounded player and not a one-dimensional player. You might hear someone say, 'Hilton Head sets up well for them.' I don't want that stereotype. — Peter Uihlein

You're Such A Player Quotes By Tie Domi

Playing other sports - and believe me, I played every sport I could - made me a better hockey player. — Tie Domi

You're Such A Player Quotes By Jeanne Moreau

Women will not talk about football unless one of them is in love with a football player, and then suddenly you discover that they know everything that is to be known about it. — Jeanne Moreau

You're Such A Player Quotes By Dustin Pedroia

I put the blinders on and just work as hard as I can, and hopefully I'll just continue to be a better player. — Dustin Pedroia

You're Such A Player Quotes By Bob Feller

You figure they cheat at the ballpark, they'll cheat on the golf course, they'll cheat in business, and anything else in life. Players may laugh about it and say it's funny, but right down in their heart, they don't think it's funny at all, and they have no respect for a person who cheats. — Bob Feller

You're Such A Player Quotes By Michael Cera

I heard Bob Weinstein actually likened actors to baseball players. You work for a while then all of a sudden you go through a dry spell. — Michael Cera

You're Such A Player Quotes By Gary Player

If there's a golf course in heaven, I hope it's like Augusta National. I just don't want an early tee time. — Gary Player

You're Such A Player Quotes By Rafael Nadal

I am afraid of a lot of things. A dog. I could be afraid of a dog that's upset, for example. And on the tennis courts, maybe on the outside I look fearless, but on the inside, I'm scared. There's not one player in the world who isn't nervous before matches. Especially important matches. — Rafael Nadal

You're Such A Player Quotes By Alex Ferguson

He was taking 30 seconds to book a player. He was needing a rest. It was ridiculous. — Alex Ferguson

You're Such A Player Quotes By Jennifer Lane

There was no 'I' in team, but there was meat in team. And we were all dead meat. — Jennifer Lane

You're Such A Player Quotes By James Harden

My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn't really focused on being a star player on a team. I just wanted to make it to the NBA. I've been blessed for the opportunities to be in the Finals, been in the playoffs ever since I've been in the NBA. — James Harden

You're Such A Player Quotes By Jeremy Lin

You have to be wired a certain way to be a professional basketball player, and the way my body grew, something happened genetically that allowed me to become a lot more explosive. — Jeremy Lin

You're Such A Player Quotes By Elle Kennedy

You have ten minutes," he told me. "Ten minutes to think about what you did wrong and how bad you feel right now. Are you ready?"

He'd actually clicked a button on his watch and timed me, and for those ten minutes I brooded and sulked and wallowed in humiliation. I remembered the errors I'd made on the field and corrected them in my head. I imagined punching every player on the opposing team square in the mouth. And then Dad told me my time was up.

"There. It's over now," he said. "Now you look forward and figure out how you're going to get better. — Elle Kennedy

You're Such A Player Quotes By Pete Carril

Everybody makes such a big deal today about team play because there's such a scarcity of it. Greed is a reason. You have to understand the influence of greed. A player has to be selfish in the pursuit of the development of his skills, but he cannot be selfish when it comes time to blend them in with what's good for his team. — Pete Carril

You're Such A Player Quotes By Herbert Von Karajan

I have often said to the orchestra, especially to the younger players, 'Do your best, and love what you are doing, because you are allowed to do this thing.' By this I mean, they can do what millions of people cannot do. Many people cannot think of playing music or listening to it until six o'clock in the evening. To be involved professionally in a thing as creative as this is a great privilege and we have a duty to make it in such a way that we can help bring pleasure and a sense of fulfillment to those who are not so fortunate. — Herbert Von Karajan

You're Such A Player Quotes By Larry Fitzgerald

The Hit Stick is a tremendous invention. It really gave you control as a defensive player because most of the time, 'Madden' is such an offensive game. But the Hit Stick really gave you the opportunity to shine on defense for the first time. — Larry Fitzgerald

You're Such A Player Quotes By Trevor Brooking

I come from a generation where I couldn't even contemplate such a thing. I find it amazing. You can become a multi-millionaire as a club player without playing international football. But international football is about individual pride and wanting to perform at the highest level. If I got picked at 41, I would have played, even if I thought I would make a fool of myself. I just wanted to play for my country. — Trevor Brooking

You're Such A Player Quotes By Gary Player

First, educate yourself about what a vegan diet entails and why it is beneficial to your health. You need to understand and embrace the philosophy or you will not be able to make such a drastic dietary change. Secondly, make the change over time. Don't try and "go cold turkey"; you will shock your system and you will develop cravings that you may not be able to fight off. If you take your time and let your body adjust you will be eating a completely different diet before you realize it. — Gary Player

You're Such A Player Quotes By Viswanathan Anand

I don't know how many calories an average chess player burns per game, but it often exceeds that of a player in ball games. It is not only the chess as such: You need to be fit and undergo complicated preparation. — Viswanathan Anand

You're Such A Player Quotes By Chris Avellone

If there's anything I can't stand, it's the cliche of the female handler who's always talking through the radio with your player, telling you where to go and what to do with a sexy voice. It's such a horrible, horrible cliche. You just get so tired of it. It's like, is this all she's ever going to be? — Chris Avellone

You're Such A Player Quotes By Roxas James

Wait. Don't we even get a say in this?" James is supposed to be a macho, baseball player. Why is he such a whiny douche? "What? You want us to take a vote?" That — Roxas James

You're Such A Player Quotes By George Carlin

I don't like ass kissers, flag wavers or team players. I like people who buck the system. Individualists. I often warn people: "Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you, 'There is no "I" in team.' What you should tell them is, 'Maybe not. But there is an "I" in independence, individuality and integrity.'" Avoid teams at all cost. Keep your circle small. Never join a group that has a name. If they say, "We're the So-and-Sos," take a walk. And if, somehow, you must join, if it's unavoidable, such as a union or a trade association, go ahead and join. But don't participate; it will be your death. And if they tell you you're not a team player, congratulate them on being observant. — George Carlin

You're Such A Player Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

Pete Seeger is a modest, unassuming, cheerful, and kind-natured man. He's a good folk singer, if you can stand folk singing. And he's such an excellent banjo player that you almost don't wish you had a pair of wire cutters. — P. J. O'Rourke

You're Such A Player Quotes By Rio Ferdinand

I could never get bored talking about him, he was my favourite player. I loved watching him because he did everything you'd want to see in a footballer. He could dictate the pace of a game; he could take it by the scruff of the neck and control it; he could score decisive goals; he could make the killer pass; he could switch the play, open teams up, slow the game down, quicken it up; whatever was needed. He would take the ball anywhere on the pitch He was such a selfless footballer, too Scholesy was the man, all right. — Rio Ferdinand

You're Such A Player Quotes By Trenton Lee Stewart

Why, then, do you think the white player might have done it?"
Reynie considered. He imagined himself moving out his knight only to bring it right back to where it started. Why would he ever do such a thing? At last he said, "Perhaps because he doubted himself. — Trenton Lee Stewart

You're Such A Player Quotes By Stewart Cink

A beginner gets so excited when he hits the ball in the air or maybe hits a nice bunker shot. A player who has won major championships doesn't get that excited about those shots anymore. It takes a lot more to excite you. The closer you get to perfection, the more difficult it becomes. That's what draws me to golf. It's such a challenge. — Stewart Cink

You're Such A Player Quotes By Christina Lauren

You're such a player.' She said it with a smile but I hated it. I hated the tight edge to her voice and knowing that was exactly how she saw me: fucking anything that moved, and now her, in this conglomeration of limbs and lips and pleasure. — Christina Lauren

You're Such A Player Quotes By Sabrina Ward Harrison

I sat on the bench outside of class today and talked to Jon. I read to him from my journal, it was the part about the accordian player I was watching on the street last weekend. He said that an accordian is such a perfect metaphor for Love, because you are always opening, and closing, shifting, and getting air, and that's how the music happens. True. — Sabrina Ward Harrison

You're Such A Player Quotes By Coeur De Pirate

The Bronx are great. I have a lot of respect for those guys, they know more about music and how that world works than most of the players out there. — Coeur De Pirate

You're Such A Player Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

You are either a player or a spectator! Players influence the game while spectators watch them to do it. Such is life! — Israelmore Ayivor

You're Such A Player Quotes By Mike Scott

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You're Such A Player Quotes By Freddy Adu

It's not easy when you come in as the highest-paid player and you're 14. — Freddy Adu

You're Such A Player Quotes By David Lloyd George

Golf is the only game where the worst player gets the best of it. He obtains more out of it as regards both exercise and enjoyment, for the good player gets worried over the slightest mistake, whereas the poor player makes too many mistakes to worry about them. — David Lloyd George

You're Such A Player Quotes By William Petersen

If I stayed a football player, my career would have been over 20 years ago. As it is, my knees are shot. I found I got the same good feeling in acting that I had in sports, but I found I could have a more profound impact on people. — William Petersen

You're Such A Player Quotes By John Wooden

What you do in practice is going to determine your level of success. I used to tell my players, 'You have to give 100 percent every day. Whatever you don't give, you can't make up for tomorrow. If you give only 75 percent today, you can't give 125 percent tomorrow to make up for it.' — John Wooden

You're Such A Player Quotes By Lee Ann Womack

It takes so many people to make a success story like that. It starts with the song and the songwriters, then Mark Wright's producing, all of the players that played on it, me singing, the marketing department, the promotion department at the label ... It takes a lot of people to make a hit like that. — Lee Ann Womack

You're Such A Player Quotes By Bear Bryant

Find your own picture, your own self in anything that goes bad. It's awfully easy to mouth off at your staff or chew out players, but if it's bad, and your the head coach, you're responsible. If we have an intercepted pass, I threw it. I'm the head coach. If we get a punt blocked, I caused it. A bad practice, a bad game, it's up to the head coach to assume his responsibility. — Bear Bryant

You're Such A Player Quotes By Sereda Aleta Dailey

To me, the simplest gift that a husband or a wife can do for their partner is to remind them of their precious visions, goals and dreams. What a gift that is to have a voice of reason right in your corner when you sometimes need a little nudge to get back on track. To have a team player to cheer you on and to support your efforts is indeed a massive present from the universe. Whomever has such a gift should surely treasure and protect it for all its worth. It's worth is invaluable to the world. — Sereda Aleta Dailey

You're Such A Player Quotes By Rafael Nadal

I'm not the best player in the history of tennis. I think I'm amongst the best. That's true. That's enough for me. — Rafael Nadal

You're Such A Player Quotes By Warren Spector

The fact is most computer roleplaying games that offer a zillion highly specialized skills end up with nine-tenths of a zillion skills that every player quickly realizes aren't worth the experience points to buy. — Warren Spector

You're Such A Player Quotes By Bruce McNall

Luc Robitaille is a great kid and good player, but ask anybody on the street and they'd probably think Luc Robitaille is a type of salad dressing. — Bruce McNall

You're Such A Player Quotes By Bengie Molina

We're baseball players. We don't need guys telling us, 'Hey, you need to hurry. Hey, you need to do this. Hey, you need to step up.' We are professionals, we can do that without anybody telling us. I'm OK with it, but we need to do it on our own. — Bengie Molina

You're Such A Player Quotes By Eddie Van Halen

Jimmy Page is an excellent producer. Led Zeppelin I and II are classics. As a player he's very good in the studio, but I've never seen him play well live. He's sloppy. He plays like he's got a broken hand and he's two years old. If you put out a good album and play like a two year old, what's the purpose? — Eddie Van Halen

You're Such A Player Quotes By Mike Hankwitz

We are professionals. We are going to finish that way. In reality, how we conduct ourselves in this period and how well our players play will be as good an interview as you can do - better than anything you could say. — Mike Hankwitz

You're Such A Player Quotes By Novak Djokovic

Nadal's the best player in history on [clay], and he is one of the best-ever players that played this game. — Novak Djokovic

You're Such A Player Quotes By Kevin Costner

I'm a coach's coaching player. I like to be on the floor. So, if the coach tells me what to do out on the floor, I can get it done. I'm really comfortable being directed. — Kevin Costner

You're Such A Player Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

Insurance - an ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table. — Ambrose Bierce

You're Such A Player Quotes By Melissa Ecker

She put Randy Travis on the CD player and sang at the top of her lungs. She found that the wine bottle made an excellent fake microphone and she wondered if anyone would love her forever and ever, amen. — Melissa Ecker

You're Such A Player Quotes By Martin Tyler

Thierry Henry my grandchildren, hopefully my great grandchildren gonna have to hear about him because is super, absolutely super, top guy, top player — Martin Tyler

You're Such A Player Quotes By Jeff Van Gundy

Your best players have to unite and inspire the group ... otherwise, they'll divide the group — Jeff Van Gundy

You're Such A Player Quotes By Adam Jones

I'm a bass player from way back and Paul is a guitar player and we've been in many bands. — Adam Jones

You're Such A Player Quotes By Wendy Starland

Eventually as a teenager, I was pulled up on stage by James Brown's saxophone player, Maceo Parker, during one of his concerts and scatted on his stage for 20 minutes. After I was done, Maceo's bass player got down on one knee as if he were proposing, took a string off of his bass guitar and coiled it up around my ring finger. He hushed the crowd and said into the microphone, "Wendy, from this day forward you are married to music. You have a gift from God. You must devote your life to using this gift or else you will deprive the world of something so special." I got the chills. — Wendy Starland

You're Such A Player Quotes By Danny Ozark

I've got a great repertoire with my players. — Danny Ozark

You're Such A Player Quotes By Roberto Clemente

If I would be happy, I would be a very bad ball player. With me, when I get mad, it puts energy in my body. — Roberto Clemente

You're Such A Player Quotes By Christian Scott

I hate the natural sound of the trumpet, but I think I'm naturally set up to be a trumpet player. I know that sounds weird. But pretty much anytime I play a note, I'm uncomfortable in a general sense. — Christian Scott

You're Such A Player Quotes By Bob Anderson

The crowd paid little or no respect to every player out there tonight. — Bob Anderson

You're Such A Player Quotes By Dave Winfield

The only players that are having fun are those having a good year, feasting on pitching or blowing down hitters and garnering all the adulation that goes with it. But, if you're not hitting or not throwing well, or are injured, you better look for fun someplace else. — Dave Winfield

You're Such A Player Quotes By Willie Mays

I don't know what Joe (DiMaggio)
wanted (in regards to being called 'the greatest living ballplayer'), but I don't have a problem, if he wanted to do that. He was my hero. Joe
was the best all-around player. Joe
was the best. I only played against him once, in the '51 Series. — Willie Mays

You're Such A Player Quotes By Brett Finch

The quality of players - the likes of Sam Tomkins, Rangi Chase and Lee Briers - bring an X-factor to the game. It's highly entertaining and it's something probably that the Australian game lacks a bit. — Brett Finch