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Your Silent Quotes By Hilari Bell

Did the priest you mentioned tell you about them? Or did he send you out to blunder along on your own?They're an odd lot. Half of them are soldiers, or priests in disgui- Ah.Is your priest with them?"
"No!" He snapped.
Ping. He jumped. He'd forgotten the bell.
"I mean, I don't know". Ping. "There is no particular priest."Ping. He bit his lip and fell silent. — Hilari Bell

Your Silent Quotes By Rumi

Listen! Clam up your mouth and be silent like an oyster shell, for that tongue of yours is the enemy of the soul, my friend. When the lips are silent, the heart has a hundred tongues. — Rumi

Your Silent Quotes By Alfie Kohn

Most children seem eager, even desperate, to please those in authority, reluctant to rock the boat even when the boat clearly needs rocking. In a way, an occasional roll-your-eyes story of excess in the other direction marks the exception that proves the rule. And the rule is a silent epidemic of obedience. For every kid who is slapped with the label "Oppositional Defiant Disorder," hundreds suffer from what one educator has mischievously called Compliance Acquiescent Disorder. The symptoms of CAD, he explained, include the following: "defers to authority," "actively obeys rules," "fails to argue back," "knuckles under instead of mobilizing others in support," and "stays restrained when outrage is warranted. — Alfie Kohn

Your Silent Quotes By T.H. White

He thought himself awake when he was already asleep. He saw the stars above his face, whirling on their silent and sleepless axis, and the leaves of the trees rustling against them, and he heard small changes in the grass. These little noises of footsteps and soft-fringed wing-beats and stealthy bellies drawn over the grass blades or rattling against the bracken at first frightened or interested him, so that he moved to see what they were (but never saw), then soothed him, so that he no longer cared to see what they were but trusted them to be themselves, and finally left him altogether as he swam down deeper and deeper, nuzzling into the scented turf, into the warm ground, into the unending waters under the earth. — T.H. White

Your Silent Quotes By Ralph C. Smedley

Whatever your grade or position, if you know how and when to speak, and when to remain silent, your chances of real success are proportionately increased. — Ralph C. Smedley

Your Silent Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

God is a conjecture: but I do not wish your conjecturing to reach beyond your creating will. Could ye CREATE a God? - Then, I pray you, be silent about all Gods! But ye could well create the Superman. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Your Silent Quotes By Caryll Houselander

Christ asks for a home in your soul, where he can be at rest with you, where he can talk easily to you, where you and he, alone together, can laugh and be silent and be delighted with one another. — Caryll Houselander

Your Silent Quotes By William Wordsworth

My gentle Reader, I perceive / How patiently you've waited, / And now I fear that you expect / Some tale will be related. / O Reader! had you in your mind / Such stores as silent thought can bring, / O gentle Reader! you would find / A tale in every thing. — William Wordsworth

Your Silent Quotes By Bryant McGill

Sometimes You Just Gotta Stay Silent Cause No Words Can Explain The Shit Thats Going On In Your Mind And Heart — Bryant McGill

Your Silent Quotes By Jeanie Thompson

If you are silent, if I never learn one fraction more of your soul's equation/I know you. — Jeanie Thompson

Your Silent Quotes By John Francis

Silence is always with us. But we do not choose silence, silence chooses us. If you are called to be silent on your journey, recognize the invitation as a great gift. It is a gift to be shared with others. Your relationship to silence is one thing that will define the uniqueness of your journey. — John Francis

Your Silent Quotes By Pepper Winters

A penny for your thoughts, silent one. Perhaps, today you'll speak. — Pepper Winters

Your Silent Quotes By Strider Marcus Jones

Your silent rebellion is unstoppable. — Strider Marcus Jones

Your Silent Quotes By Jane Goodall

When the night wind makes the pine trees creak
And the pale clouds glide across the dark sky,
Go out my child, go out and seek
Your soul: The Eternal I.
For all the grasses rustling at your feet
And every flaming star that glitters high
Above you, close up and meet
In you: The Eternal I.
Yes, my child, go out into the world; walk slow
And silent, comprehending all, and by and by
Your soul, the Universe, will know
Itself: the Eternal I. — Jane Goodall

Your Silent Quotes By Aimee Bender

I used to think death might be hidden somewhere on our bodies.
Tucked behind the pupil like a coin, slid beneath the thumb nail, ribbon-wrapped around a wrist bone. A sharp, dark sliver; a loose, pale pellet. Each person different. Each lifespan set. On the day of your death, it melts out through your entire body, a warm, broken bath bead. Until then, it waits-sealed and silent. — Aimee Bender

Your Silent Quotes By Jill Williamson

I come to you for help. We've been silent far too long. Many of you have turned your backs on Arman. Many never bothered to know Him at all. But Arman is the One God. He created Er'Rets and everything in it. He gave each of you life and purpose. He loves all of you as His own sons and daughters.
To defeat Darkness, we must unite our faith. We must worship the One God, Arman. We must call out to Him for mercy. Though He hears my prayer now, my voice alone is not strong enough. I am only one man. But together, we are mighty. I ask you to join with me now. Worship Him. — Jill Williamson

Your Silent Quotes By Holly Goldberg Sloan

She is like me.
I admire that in a person. The ability to keep your mouth shut is usually a sign of intelligence.
Introspection requires you to think and analyze.
It's hard to do that when you are blabbing away. — Holly Goldberg Sloan

Your Silent Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

He sucked in a harsh breath and was silent a long while, relishing her words. "Ah, Gwen, my lovely wee Gwen, I thought I might ne'er hear such words." He lifted her hair away from her face and kissed her temple tenderly. "I love you. I adore you. I will cherish you all the days of my life," he vowed. "I knew even back in your century that you were the one for me, the one I'd longed for all my life. — Karen Marie Moning

Your Silent Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Every flower can sing, every tree can understand, every leaf can hear the silent song of your heart. — Debasish Mridha

Your Silent Quotes By Steven Erikson

You stand before a god! Speak your eloquence for all posterity. Be Profound!"
"Profound ... huh." Temper was silent for a long moment, studying the cobbles of the alley mouth. And then he lifted his helmed head faced Shadowthrone, and said "Fuck off. — Steven Erikson

Your Silent Quotes By Yehuda L. Bialer

Son of man, keep not silent, forget not deeds of tyranny. Cry out at the disaster of a people, recount it unto your children and they unto theirs. — Yehuda L. Bialer

Your Silent Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

And while I shall keep silent about some points, I do not want to remain silent about my morality which says to me: Live in seclusion so that you can live for yourself. Live in ignorance about what seems most important to your age. Between yourself and today lay the skin of at least three centuries. And the clamor of today, the noise of wars and revolutions should be a mere murmur for you. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Your Silent Quotes By Alice Walker

If you're silent for a long time, people just arrive in your mind. — Alice Walker

Your Silent Quotes By Andrzej Sapkowski

Pump up your bagpipes and delight our ears with decent martial music. With your permission, noble Calanthe!" "Oh mother of mine," whispered the queen to Geralt, raising her eyes to the vault for a moment in silent resignation. But she nodded her permission, smiling openly and kindly. — Andrzej Sapkowski

Your Silent Quotes By Emma Hewitt

We'll build a fortress to keep them out
And in a world gone silent, I'll be your sound
And if they try to hurt you, I'll tear them down
I'm always with you know — Emma Hewitt

Your Silent Quotes By Jane Hamilton

Is it love that connects us, is that what it is? I never knew that the feeling I have is regular old love because it's so-intricate. Perhaps there is another name for it, one we don't yet know. I used to think that love was simple and noticeable, like rain falling, so that just as you'd look at your skin and say Water, you would also wake in the morning and say Love. But it has been underneath, this new and old thing I feel, subterranean, silent and steady, like blood, rushing along and along without often making itself known. — Jane Hamilton

Your Silent Quotes By Adi Alsaid

Waking up to a smell is a lot more satisfying than waking up to a noise. Instead of barging in uninvited and yanking you out into reality, smells enter your dreams with a silent knock and a polite Excuse me? — Adi Alsaid

Your Silent Quotes By Sarah McLachlan

In the arms of the angel, fly away from here ... you are pulled from the wreckage, of your silent reverie, you're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here ... — Sarah McLachlan

Your Silent Quotes By H.G. Tudor

Yet you cannot let go. Why? I can let go. I can let you drop so easily. That is because I do not see you as a person but rather an appliance that I switch on and off. I don't need you for two months so I switch you off and put you away. You do not trouble my consciousness. Not once. So when I have subjected you to another bout of silent treatment and you are sat weeping into your glass of pinot grigio wondering aloud if I am thinking about you, I can help you with that. No I am not. You no longer exist to me. You never existed. — H.G. Tudor

Your Silent Quotes By Azra Tabassum

Kiss her. Slowly, take your time, there's no place you'd rather be. Kiss her but not like you're waiting for something else, like your hands beneath her shirt or her skirt or tangled up in her bra straps. Nothing like that. Kiss her like you've forgotten any other mouth that your mouth has ever touched. Kiss her with a curious childish delight. Laugh into her mouth, inhale her sighs. Kiss her until she moans. Kiss her with her face in your hands. Or your hands in her hair. Or pulling her closer at the waist. Kiss her like you want to take her dancing. Like you want to spin her into an open arena and watch her look at you like you're the brightest thing she's ever seen. Kiss her like she's the brightest thing you've ever seen. Take your time. Kiss her like the first and only piece of chocolate you're ever going to taste. Kiss her until she forgets how to count. Kiss her stupid. Kiss her silent. Come away, ask her what 2+2 is and listen to her say your name in answer. — Azra Tabassum

Your Silent Quotes By Michel Hazanavicius

This is the problem with language, and this is what makes silent movies fun, because the connection with them, me or the audience is not with the language. There's no question of interpretation of what we are saying it's just about feeling. You create your own story. — Michel Hazanavicius

Your Silent Quotes By C.S. Pacat

It's not a trick,' said Laurent. 'You'd let me go,' said Damen. This time it was Laurent who was silent, gazing back at him. Damen said, 'And - until then?' 'Until then, you are my slave, and I am your Prince, and that is how it is between us. — C.S. Pacat

Your Silent Quotes By Melissa Etheridge

You are digging for the answers until your fingers bleed, to satisfy the hunger, to satiate the need ... And as you pray in your darkness for wings to set you free, you are bound to your silent legacy. — Melissa Etheridge

Your Silent Quotes By Mary Whipple

When you step into that boat you have made a silent commitment to your team that you will do everything in your power to help them win. — Mary Whipple

Your Silent Quotes By Robin McKinley

She thought, He's afraid I'll make a mess of it. She was sure she had been careful to think that on the safe, private side of the silent border, but Ebon turned on her and said, Don't ever think that. About anything. You're my heart's sister, even if you are a funny shape and walk on your hind legs all the time and rattle away out loud like a donkey or a bird. I'm frightened because you're frightened, and because it's hard-it can be hard-the first time going into the Caves, and you're old for it-you can't do ssshuuwuushuu and the ssshasssha will be like ... being thrown in a cold dark lake when you can't swim and you've never seen water before. — Robin McKinley

Your Silent Quotes By Patricia A. McKillip

You have a very peculiar expression on your face,' he commented drowsily.
'I was just thinking.'
'About what?'
'About how we know what's real. How we wake out of a timeless place and recognize time. How you know me here, now, even when nothing or anyone else in this place is familiar. I might have been wandering through your dream, but you knew immediately which of me will bring you paper.'
He was silent for so long, still clasping her wrist, that she thought he must have fallen asleep without knowing it. He said finally, 'Say that again.'
'I can't,' she answered helplessly. 'It was just a thought. I gave it to you.'
'Something about dreams coming to life--'
'That's not what I said. — Patricia A. McKillip

Your Silent Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

I Want to Shout
Leave me alone!
What's wrong with you?
Don't you remember who I am?
Who you are?
This is not a father's love! I want to scream,
Can't you see what
you are doing to me?
What you've done to me?
What you've made of me?
I want to cry out,
I am your little girl.
I am not your girlfriend.
I am not your whore.
I am not my fucking mother! But he is on top of me and my shout is silenced.
He is inside of me and my scream stays there too.
He is finished.
And I don't cry out,
but I do cry a bucket of silent tears. He slithers
away and at last,
I quietly sob — Ellen Hopkins

Your Silent Quotes By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

In the mirror of your mind all kinds of pictures appear and disappear. Knowing that they are entirely your own creations, watch them silently come and go. Be alert, but not perturbed. This attitude of silent observation is the very foundation of yoga. You see the picture, but you are not the picture. — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Your Silent Quotes By Carl Sutton

I was a prisoner inside my own body. I felt desperate, angry, stupid, confused, ashamed, hopeless and absolutely alone... and that this was of my own making. I could speak at home, how come I couldn't outside it? I have never been able to find the right words to describe what it was like. Imagine that for one day you are unable to speak to anyone you meet outside your own family, particularly at school/college, or out shopping, etc., have no sign language, no gestures, no facial expression. Then imagine that for eight years, but no one really understands. It was like torture, and I was the only person that knew it was happening. My body and face were frozen most of the time. I became hyperconscious of myself when outside the home and it was a relief to get back as I was always exhausted. I attempted to hide it (an impossible task) because I felt so ashamed that I couldn't do what other people seemed to find so natural and easy - to speak. At times I felt suicidal. — Carl Sutton

Your Silent Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

Love Song
How can I keep my soul in me, so that
it doesn't touch your soul? How can I raise
it high enough, past you, to other things?
I would like to shelter it, among remote
lost objects, in some dark and silent place
that doesn't resonate when your depths resound.
Yet everything that touches us, me and you,
takes us together like a violin's bow,
which draws one voice out of two separate strings.
Upon what instrument are we two spanned?
And what musician holds us in his hand?
Oh sweetest song. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Your Silent Quotes By Debasish Mridha

In the depth of a spring, if you ever feel lonely and feel the need of my love, just remember me, I will be there to listen to your heart beats and silent songs of your soul. — Debasish Mridha

Your Silent Quotes By Gena Showalter

She stared up at him for a long while, silent, her expression blank. Then, slowly, she walked to the wet bar and poured herself a drink.
He followed her, willing to tie her down and force her to listen to him. "I don't know why she's here or how - "
He blinked, wiped a hand down his dripping face, and realized she'd just tossed her drink at him.
"Oh, Dane! You should see your face," she said with a hearty laugh, shocking him. "And seriously, that was so freaking fun. I don't know whether I should thank you for the opportunity to check another item off my list, or do it again. — Gena Showalter

Your Silent Quotes By Rajneesh

Once you know it, you move as a nonbeing. Nobody can make you angry, nobody can make you happy, unhappy, miserable. No! In that emptiness all dualities dissolve: happy, unhappy, miserable, blissful - all dissolve. This is buddhahood. This is what happened under the bodhi tree to Gautam Siddhartha. He reached emptiness. Then everything is silent. You have gone beyond opposites. A master is to help you to go to your inner emptiness, the inner silence, the inner temple. — Rajneesh

Your Silent Quotes By Debra Anastasia

Livia stayed silent and tried to quiet the screaming in her head. Fuck your mother, Blake! She was a drunk and a coward. You were a child, not a man, and you were only trying to end your own pain. She held tight to Dr. Lavender's advice. Listen. This was Blake's plane crash. Livia's silence invited him to continue. — Debra Anastasia

Your Silent Quotes By AVA.

they say people only hear what they want to hear,
but i don't know if that is always true, i've been wanting to hear your heart and it's as silent as the moon. — AVA.

Your Silent Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

The instant you sit down to meditate, begin watching your breath. At first breathe normally, gradually letting your breathing slow down until it is quiet, even, and the lengths of the breaths are fairly long. From the moment you sit down to the moment your breathing has become deep and silent, be conscious of everything — Thich Nhat Hanh

Your Silent Quotes By Charles Simic

The truth is dark under your eyelids.
What are you going to do about it?
The birds are silent; there's no one to ask.
All day long you'll squint at the gray sky.
When the wind blows you'll shiver like straw.

A meek little lamb you grew your wool
Till they came after you with huge shears.
Flies hovered over open mouth,
Then they, too, flew off like the leaves,
The bare branches reached after them in vain.

Winter coming. Like the last heroic soldier
Of a defeated army, you'll stay at your post,
Head bared to the first snow flake.
Till a neighbor comes to yell at you,
You're crazier than the weather, Charlie. — Charles Simic

Your Silent Quotes By Michael Faudet

There is no perfect ending to a relationship. No magic formula. Just a silent scream as they rip your fucking heart out. — Michael Faudet

Your Silent Quotes By Pablo Neruda

Each morning, each turbid morning of your lives you will have it steaming and burning at your tables: so as not to see it, not to digest it so many times: you will push it aside a bit between the bread and the grapes, this bowl of silent blood that will be there each morning, each morning. A — Pablo Neruda

Your Silent Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Even your silence wants to choke me, you who are so abysmally silent. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Your Silent Quotes By S.J. Hill

You may be going through a season in your Christian experience when it seems as if God is silent. You may sense the sweetness of His presence, but He doesn't appear to be saying much of anything. More often than not we interpret this to mean that He's somehow upset with us. We think it's a sign of disapproval or separation. But I believe there are times when even our Bridegroom God steps back and simply admires us. Overcome with emotions for His bride, He is moved beyond words. This may stretch our imaginations, but this is how deeply He cares for us. — S.J. Hill

Your Silent Quotes By C.D. Reiss

I love you Contessa, Your madness is silent and your sanity makes a racket. Now is the time for madness. — C.D. Reiss

Your Silent Quotes By Derek Rydall

As you become more rooted inside
as you drink from this silent stream of life that runs beneath the surface of everything
as you live from that depth of your own being more and more, then you'll be able to rise taller and stronger in this world; more than you may have ever thought possible. — Derek Rydall

Your Silent Quotes By Hermann Hesse

Without You"

My Pillow gazes upon me at night
Empty as a gravestone;
I never thought it would be so bitter
To be alone,
Not to lie down asleep in your hair.

I lie alone in a silent house,
The hanging lamp darkened,
And gently stretch out my hands
To gather in yours,
And softly press my warm mouth
Toward you, and kiss myself, exhausted and weak-
Then suddenly I'm awake
And all around me the cold night grows still.
The star in the window shines clearly-
Where is your blond hair,
Where your sweet mouth?

Now I drink pain in every delight
And poison in every wine;
I never knew it would be so bitter
To be alone,
Alone, without you. — Hermann Hesse

Your Silent Quotes By Charles Dickens

Your manners have been of that silent and sullen and hangdog kind, that, upon my life and soul, I have been ashamed of you, Sydney! — Charles Dickens

Your Silent Quotes By Jenny Downham

It was strange how words meant something when they came out of your mouth. Inside your head they were safe and silent, but once they were outside, people grabbed hold of them. — Jenny Downham

Your Silent Quotes By Jim Carroll

To sit in this awful mess and maybe smoke some dope and watch some innocuous shit on a dumb glass tube and feel fine about it and know there's really nothing you have to do, ever, but feel your warm friend's silent content. You don't feel guilty about not fighting a war or carrying signs to protest it either. We've just mastered the life of doing nothing, which when you think about it, may be the hardest thing of all to do. — Jim Carroll

Your Silent Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Don't be silent on your talent! — Israelmore Ayivor

Your Silent Quotes By Deepak Chopra

There is a part of yourself that is not subject to change, it is the silent witness behind the scenes. That is essentially your spirit, the spirit being an abstract but real force. It is as real as gravity. It is as real as time. It is incomprehensible. It is mysterious but it is powerful and it is eternal. — Deepak Chopra

Your Silent Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

"Lay the knife at the tips of your fingers," Rob commanded. "So close you can feel the blade against your skin. Then cut the shadow away."
Jared had been silent in her head. Now Kami turned her mind to his and let his thoughts and feelings flow through her.
Kami, please, please wait just another moment, Jared begged, I'll save you, and later I'll be better, I'll do anything you want, be anything you want me to be. Please don't do it. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Your Silent Quotes By Leonard Jacobson

When you become present, your mind is silent. There is no agenda. You are not holding onto anything. You are not seeking anything. You are just here with what is, and it is enough. — Leonard Jacobson

Your Silent Quotes By Walter Russell

The only way you can find it is through being alone with your thoughts at sufficiently long intervals to give that inner voice within you a chance to cry out in distinguishable language for you. 'Here I am within you.' That is the silent voice, the voice of nature, which speaks to everyone who will listen. — Walter Russell

Your Silent Quotes By John Waters

Who's to blame when your kid goes nuts? Is it a blessing to not have children? 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' became a hit cult book for women without offspring who were finally able to admit they didn't want to give birth. They felt complete, thank you very much, and lived in silent resentment for years at other women's pious, unwanted sympathy toward them for not having babies. With even gay couples having children these days, aren't happy heterosexual women who don't want to have kids the most ostracized of us all? To me they are beautiful feminists. If you're not sure you could love your children, please don't have them, because they might grow up and kill us. — John Waters

Your Silent Quotes By Marjorie M. Liu

I am not a total pervert. Although, to be honest, consider the night we've been having. First handcuffs, and
now this? Way more kinky than I expected."
"Please," M'cal said. "Do not talk."
"You like the strong and silent type, huh?"
"If you do not shut up, I will kill you with my voice."
"I love it when you talk dirty."
"Fine. Which would you prefer to lose first? Your soul or your testicles?"
"You know, you're just a bit obsessed with chopping off balls. Do you have issues with your masculinity? — Marjorie M. Liu

Your Silent Quotes By Jaeson Ma

Waiting prayer, or waiting on the Lord, is the silent surrendering of the soul to God. It is wordless worship. It is seeking God not from without but from within. It is to seek God in your heart. — Jaeson Ma

Your Silent Quotes By Romain Gary

Your generation is suffering from what for lack of a better word I shall call over-debunk. There was a lot of debunking that had to be done, of course. Bigotry, militarism, nationalism, religious intolerance, hypocrisy, phonyness, all sorts of dangerous, ready-made, artificially preserved false values. But your generation and the generation before yours went too far with their debunking job. You went overboard. Over-debunk, that's what you did. It's moral overkill. It's like those insecticides Rachel Carson speaks of in her book, that poison everything, and kill all the nice, useful bugs as well as the bad ones, and in the end poison human beings as well. In the end, it poisons life itself, the very air we breathe. That's what you did, morally and intellectually speaking. Yours is a silent spring. You have overprotected yourselves. You are all no more than twenty, twenty-two years old, but yours is a silent spring, I'm telling you. Nothing sings for you any more. — Romain Gary

Your Silent Quotes By Bryant McGill

Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life. — Bryant McGill

Your Silent Quotes By James Agee

Under your shelter all things come and go.
Children are violent and valiant, they run and they shout like the winners of impossible victories, but before long now, even like me, they will be brought into their sleep.
Those who are grown great talk with confidence and are at all times skillful to serve and to protect, but before long now they too, before long, even like me, will be taken in and put to bed.
Soon come those hours when no one wakes. Even the locusts, even the crickets, silent shall be, as frozen brooks
In your break sheltering. [sic] — James Agee

Your Silent Quotes By Osho

If you live consciously, if you try to bring consciousness to every act that you go through, you will be living in a silent, blissful state, in serenity, in joy, in love. Your life will have the flavour of a festival. That is the meaning of heaven: your life will have many flowers in it, much fragrance will be released through you. You will have an aura of delight. Your life will be a song of life-affirmation, it will be a sacred yes to all that existence is. You will be in communion with existence - in communion with stars, with the trees, with the rivers, with the mountains, with people, with animals. This whole life and this whole existence will have a totally different meaning for you. From every nook and corner, rivers of bliss will be flowing towards you. Heaven is just a name for that state of mind. Hell means you are living so unconsciously, so absurdly, in such contradiction, that you go on creating more and more misery for yourself. — Osho

Your Silent Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Father! Whom I do not know! Father! who filled all my soul and who has now turned His countenance away from me! Call me to You! Be silent no longer! Your silence will not stay this thirsting soul - and could a person, a father, be angry whose son, unexpectedly returning, threw himself on his neck and cried: Father! I have come back! Don't be angry that I am breaking off the travels that you meant for me to endure longer. The world is everywhere the same, in effort and work, reward and joy, but what is that to me? I am only happy where you are, and it is before your countenance that I want to suffer and enjoy. - And You, dear heavenly Father, would turn him away from You? — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Your Silent Quotes By Darby Browne

Why aren't you excited?' Nelly asked.
'No reasons. Balls just aren't my idea of fun.'
'Why, you don't want to meet your prince charming?'
Ginny looked up. 'Because though I may meet my prince charming, it won't matter. My prince charming has already been decided for me, whether my heart agrees or not.'
Nelly fell silent, pondering what Ginny had said. 'It's about Christian, is it not?'
'Yes Nelly, it is.'
'Well who cares about Christian? Tonight is the night to have fun, to be free!Tonight is about Ginny, not Christian. Don't let Christian ruin your evening! Dance with as many boys as possible, lose your heart more than once, why, so you have stories to tell! Christian, for tonight at least, doesn't exist. Remember that. It takes two to dance a waltz. — Darby Browne

Your Silent Quotes By Astrid Lee Miles

No. Depression is the unseen, unheard, silent killer. It is the pain that is too much to cope with, too hard to deal with and never understood. It is something that you can't escape, no matter how hard you try it ALWAYS swallows you again. It constantly follows you around, like black smoke choking you from the inside out. Like a lion clawing at your heart and mind, eating pieces of you until there is nothing left. — Astrid Lee Miles

Your Silent Quotes By Marilynne Robinson

Having a sister or a friend is like sitting at night in a lighted house. Those outside can watch you if they want, but you need not see them. You simply say, "Here are the perimeters of our attention. If you prowl around under the windows till the crickets go silent, we will pull the shades. If you wish us to suffer your envious curiosity, you must permit us not to notice it." Anyone with one solid human bond is that smug, and it is the smugness as much as the comfort and safety that lonely people covet and admire. — Marilynne Robinson

Your Silent Quotes By Coco Chanel

Eat less than you think you want, eat with your intelligence, not your stomach. Never get up from the table with an inward, silent apology for being a pig. — Coco Chanel

Your Silent Quotes By Lois Lowry

Time goes on, and your life is still there, and you have to live it. After a while you remember the good things more often than the bad. Then, gradually, the empty silent parts of you fill up with sounds of talking and laughter again, and the jagged edges of sadness are softened by memories. — Lois Lowry

Your Silent Quotes By C.D. Reiss

Your madness is silent and your sanity makes a racket. — C.D. Reiss

Your Silent Quotes By Roger Deakin

The real wages of potters are in the daily silent appreciations of each of their customers as they pour the morning tea from their teapot, or drink coffee from their mug, or eat dinner off their plate. To be this involved in the daily lives of people who appreciate and admire your work enough to buy it must bring deep reassurance. It is a kind of immortality you can enjoy while still living.
The same goes for the woodworker. You are part of the community. — Roger Deakin

Your Silent Quotes By Edmond Jabes

It is very hard to live with silence. The real silence is death and this is terrible. To approach this silence, it is necessary to journey to the desert. You do not go to the desert to find identity, but to lose it, to lose your personality, to be anonymous. You make yourself void. You become silence. You become more silent than the silence around you. And then something extraordinary happens: you hear silence speak. — Edmond Jabes

Your Silent Quotes By Scott Lynch

You are beyond mad," said Locke after several moments of silent, furious thought. "Full-on barking madness is a state of rational bliss to which you may not aspire. Men living in gutters and drinking their own piss would shun your company. You are a prancing lunatic. — Scott Lynch

Your Silent Quotes By Fyodor Tyutchev

All the wonders you seek are within yourself. We should seek to discover our own special light. Know how to live within yourself; there in your soul lives a whole world of mysterious and enchanted thoughts; they will be drowned by noise of this world. Be still and listen to their singing and be silent. — Fyodor Tyutchev

Your Silent Quotes By Roshani Chokshi

People always think killing requires a force: a cup of poison tipped into a mouth, a knife parting flesh from bone, a fist brought down repeatedly.
Here's how you kill: You stay silent, you make bargains that peel the layers off your soul one by one, you build a scaffolding of flimsy excuses and live your life on them. I may have killed to save, but I killed all the same. — Roshani Chokshi

Your Silent Quotes By Alexis Hall

He was silent for a very long moment. And then, very solemnly, "I trust in your trust," leaving me naked and breathless, bound and on my knees all over again. Unable — Alexis Hall

Your Silent Quotes By Helena Christensen

When you are modelling, you are creating a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotion but you are only using your body. — Helena Christensen

Your Silent Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Do you understand the plan?"
They all stared for a few silent moments. Then Simon pointed. "What's that wobbly thing?" he said. "Is it a tree?"
"Those are the gates," Jace said.
"Ohh," said Isabelle, pleased. "So what are the swirly bits? Is there a moat?
"Those are trajectory lines - Honestly, am I the only person who's ever seen a strategy map?", Jace demanded, throwing his stele down and raking his hand through his blond hair. "Do you understand anything I just said."
"No," Clary said. "Your strategy is probably awesome, but your drawing skills are terrible; all the Endarkened look like trees, and the fortress looks like a frog. — Cassandra Clare

Your Silent Quotes By Shauna Niequist

That's why travel is so important, among other reasons: to get far enough away from our everyday lives to see those lives with new clarity. When you're literally on the other side of the world, when you're under the silent sea, watching a bright, silent world of fish and coral, when you're staring up at a sky so bright and dense with stars it makes you gasp, it's in those moments that you begin to see the fullness of your life, the possibility that still prevails, that always prevails. — Shauna Niequist

Your Silent Quotes By Ashfaq Saraf

I am the love, the pain, the intensity
I am the remnants of a banished plea;
I am the trivialized doors of a jubilant home
I am the shadows of an abandoned dome;
I am the instinct, the bizarre sound
I am the fate of a trampled mound;
I am the words half-heard when half-said
I am the memories of a longing thread;
I am the anarchist in disdain,
I am the bewilderment of an orphan pain;
I am your hand, I am the bar
I am the bellicosity of our resilient scar;
I am the love, the pain, the intensity
I am the predicament of the silent sea. — Ashfaq Saraf

Your Silent Quotes By Rick Warren

He gave us taste buds, then filled the world with incredible flavors like chocolate and cinnamon and all the other spices. He gave us eyes to perceive color and then filled the world with a rainbow of shades. He gave us sensitive ears and then filled the world with rhythms and music. Your capacity for enjoyment is evidence of God's love for you. He could have made the world tasteless, colorless, and silent. The Bible says that God "richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment." He didn't have to do it, but he did, because He loves us. — Rick Warren

Your Silent Quotes By Petra Hermans

Your silent smile speaks.
P. Hermans
June 21, 2017 — Petra Hermans

Your Silent Quotes By George Mikes

There are some occasions when you must not refuse a cup of tea, otherwise you are judged an exotic and barbarous bird without any hope of ever being able to take your place in civilised society.
If you are invited to an English home, at five o'clock in the morning you get a cup of tea. It is either brought in by a heartily smiling hostess or an almost malevolently silent maid. — George Mikes

Your Silent Quotes By Julian Barnes

And this is where the Silent Ones cause further offense. They do not understand (how could they?) that they have a new function in your life. You need your friends not just as friends, but also as corroborators. The chief witness to what has been your life is now silenced, and retrospective doubt is inevitable. — Julian Barnes

Your Silent Quotes By Simone Elkeles

When Alex leaves a little later, Carlos steps forward. "Need help?"
I shake my head.
"Are you ever gonna talk to me again? Dammit, Kiara, enough with the silent treatment. I'd rather have you say your little two-word sentences than stop talkin' altogether. Hell, just flip
me off again."
I toss my backpack in the backseat and start the engine.
"Where are you goin'?" Carlos asks, stepping in front of my car.
I beep.
"I'm not movin'," he says.
My response is another beep. It's not an intimidating, deep beep like most cars, but it's the best my car can give.
He places both hands on the hood.
"Move," I say.
He moves all right. With pantherlike quickness, Carlos jumps through the open passenger window, feet first.
"You should get the door fixed," he says. — Simone Elkeles

Your Silent Quotes By Deyth Banger

Who can be your killer or who can kill you and how they react??
Nice question, I just look as a killer, so here is how it goes a killer can be everyone he probably can want to kill you, then somebody kill him and then this person wants to kill you... Isn't it a reverse???
Mind Hunters is a film about reverse, if you wanna check out this film!?
The killers are silent and react fact, think double, think in such way that to be caged... awesome isn't it?? — Deyth Banger

Your Silent Quotes By Kathy Reichs

Whitney misread my silent horror. "I'm excited, too! And don't worry, I snagged your friend Ella Francis as well. We can all hang together." Emphasized in that clueless way adults speak when trying to sound hip. — Kathy Reichs

Your Silent Quotes By Bernie Siegel

If something controls you in a way that puzzles you, think of it as a mystery. Mysteries are best approached by closing your eyes and mouth to experience darkness and silence. I find new and healing images in that dark, silent place away from emotions that control me. Do not be afraid to close your eyes and be silent in prayer, meditation, rest or sleep. In those states you may rediscover a new self. Then your life, time and thoughts will become yours again and you can live your unique myth. — Bernie Siegel

Your Silent Quotes By Elizabeth Gaskell

'Your beauty was the first that won the place, And scal'd the walls of my undaunted heart, Which, captive now, pines in a caitive case, Unkindly met with rigour for desert; - Yet not the less your servant shall abide, In spite of rude repulse or silent pride.' WILLIAM FOWLER. — Elizabeth Gaskell

Your Silent Quotes By Seraphim Of Sarov

You cannot be too gentle, too kind. Shun even to appear harsh in your treatment of each other. Joy, radiant joy, streams from the face of him who gives and kindles joy in the heart of him who receives. All condemnation is from the devil. Never condemn each other. We condemn others only because we shun knowing ourselves. When we gaze at our own failings, we see such a swamp that nothing in another can equal it. That is why we turn away, and make much of the faults of others. Instead of condemning others, strive to reach inner peace. Keep silent, refrain from judgement. This will raise you above the deadly arrows of slander, insult and outrage and will shield your glowing hearts against all evil. — Seraphim Of Sarov

Your Silent Quotes By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

You take yourself to be limited, but you are not. Discover this. Stay silent and attentive. Be earnest about it. Just be aware of your being here and now. Reality will find you. — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Your Silent Quotes By Anthony Ryan

Well he could hate too, hate was easy, hate would fuel him if his mother's love could not. Loyalty is our strength. He snorted a silent laughed of derision. Let loyalty be your strength, Father. My hate for you will be mine. — Anthony Ryan

Your Silent Quotes By Melyssa Winchester

I've been dealing with jerks like you my entire life. You kept me silent for four years, but you're not going to do it anymore. If you ever come near me or put your hands on Isaac again, I'll make you pay and it won't be by kicking you in your non-existent balls. Your asshole personality might work on the girls in class, but it doesn't on me and it never will. — Melyssa Winchester

Your Silent Quotes By W. S. Graham

I Leave This at Your Ear For When You Wake"

I leave this at your ear for when you wake,
A creature in its abstract cage asleep.
Your dreams blindfold you by the light they make.

The owl called from the naked-woman tree
As I came down by the Kyle farm to hear
Your house silent by the speaking sea.

I have come late but I have come before
Later with slaked steps from stone to stone
To hope to find you listening for the door.

I stand in the ticking room. My dear, I take
A moth kiss from your breath. The shore gulls cry.
I leave this at your ear for when you wake. — W. S. Graham