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Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Erica Goros

Never mourn the loss of innocence, because it always brings the much greater gain of wisdom. — Erica Goros

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Joseph Nye

As we think of power in the 21st century, we want to get away from the idea that power's always zero sum - my gain is your loss and vice versa. Power can also be positive sum, where your gain can be my gain. — Joseph Nye

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Democritus

Hope of ill gain is the beginning of loss. — Democritus

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Waylon H. Lewis

I would like to see you. But: I would only like to see you with your feeling space, and desire, the parents of bravery, and curiosity. I would like you to want to see me without you feeling seduced or pressured. I would like to see you without our playing games: for games are for winners and losers and I do not ever want to win against you, or for you to lose against me, and I do not want to lose against you or for you to win against me. For we are part of the whole, the main, as Donne said - and your gain is mine and my loss is yours. Love is about finding one's match, which means we shall touch our minds and hearts together at once, and never condescend or aim for any goal between us but the truth. — Waylon H. Lewis

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Nnedi Okorafor

She'd been away a long time, seeing the world. Now, she had to get home. She had learned much while she was away. She knew about courage and fear, she knew about gain and loss. She certainly knew about love and anguish and murder of love. But now she was going to learn about mass death. She'd — Nnedi Okorafor

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Celso Cukierkorn

Three Miracles of weight loss and health gain
First, you were given a constantly-renewing body. Second, all the foods you need have been provided. And third, you have a brain that is operating to coordinate your body and life according to your instructions. — Celso Cukierkorn

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Gregory Galloway

I know absolutely nothing about where I'm going. I'm fine with that. I'm happy about it. Before, I had nothing. I had no life, no friends, and no family really, and I didn't really care. I had nothing, and nothing to lose, and then I knew loss. What I cared about was gone; it was all lost. Now I have everything to gain; everything is a clean slate. It's all blank pages waiting to be written on. It's all about going forward. It's all about uncertainty and possibilities. — Gregory Galloway

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

Lower the Law and you dim the light by which man perceives his guilt; this is a very serious loss to the sinner rather than a gain; for it lessens the likelihood of his conviction and conversion. I say you have deprived the gospel of its ablest auxiliary [its most powerful weapon] when you have set aside the Law. You have taken away from it the schoolmaster that is to bring men to Christ ... They will never accept grace till they tremble before a just and holy Law. Therefore the Law serves a most necessary purpose, and it must not be removed from its place. — Charles Spurgeon

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Melody Beattie

There's a secret to get through loss, pain and grief. If we're alone we can't see who we are. When we join the club, other people become the mirror. Through them, we see ourselves and gain an understanding of what we're going through. Then slowly, real slowly, we learn to accept who we see in the mirror. Then you become the mirror for them; by being honest about who you are, you'll help them learn to love and accept themselves. — Melody Beattie

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

Justice implies knowledge of the right and proper place for a thing or a being to be; of right as against wrong; of the mean and limit; of spiritual gain as against loss; of truth as against falsehood. — Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Tom Clancy

It's not right to say that our loss in Vietnam turned out to be a gain. But lessons were learned. And they were the right lessons. — Tom Clancy

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

Consciousness makes the individual careful to maintain his own existence; and if this were not so, there would be no surety for the preservation of the species. From all this it is clear that individuality is not a form of perfection, but rather a limitation; and so to be freed from it is not loss but gain. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By John B. Tabb

Why should I stay? Nor seed nor fruit have I,But, sprung at once to beauty's perfect round,Nor loss nor gain nor change in me is found,-A life-complete in death-complete to die. — John B. Tabb

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By John Steinbeck

I think the difference between a lie and a story is that a story utilizes the trappings and appearance of truth for the interest of the listener as well as of the teller. A story has in it neither gain nor loss. But a lie is a device for profit or escape. I suppose if that definition is strictly held to, then a writer of stories is a liar - if he is financially fortunate. — John Steinbeck

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Sometimes you must lose everything to gain it again, and the regaining is the sweeter for the pain of loss. — Cassandra Clare

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Thomas Hardy

He had sunk from his modest elevation as pastoral king into the very slime pits of Siddim; but there was left to him a dignified calm he had never before known, and that indifference to fate which, though it often makes a villain of a man, is the basis of his sublimity when it does not. And thus the abasement had been exaltation, and the loss gain. — Thomas Hardy

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Randal Cremer

At the first rumors of war, timid investors in various government stock, being panic-stricken, sell out, to their loss and the gamblers' gain. — Randal Cremer

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Insignificant, is the loss of relatives, wealth and fame; The loss of wisdom is the greatest loss. Insignificant, is the increase of relatives, wealth and fame; The increase of wisdom is the highest gain. Therefore, you should train yourselves thus: "We will grow in the increase of wisdom" Thus you should train yourselves. — Gautama Buddha

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By William Shakespeare

When I have seen by Time's fell hand defaced
The rich proud cost of outworn buried age;
When sometime lofty towers I see down-razed
And brass eternal slave to mortal rage;
When I have seen the hungry ocean gain
Advantage on the kingdom of the shore,
And the firm soil win of the watery main,
Increasing store with loss and loss with store;
When I have seen such interchange of state,
Or state itself confounded to decay;
Ruin hath taught me thus to ruminate,
That Time will come and take my love away.
This thought is as a death which cannot choose
But weep to have that which it fears to lose. — William Shakespeare

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Richard Harris

[A]s you will come to see, everything in life comes at a price. Nothing is free, not a single thing, tangible or intangible. There is an equilibrium at play all the time. For every gain, there is a loss of equal value. For every heart that is broken, one is sutured. It's called balance, and it's the only reason the universe doesn't collapse onto itself at any given moment. — Richard Harris

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Jane Austen

A loss may be sometimes a gain. — Jane Austen

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Zig Ziglar

The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. — Zig Ziglar

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Samuel Johnson

But though it cannot be reasonable not to gain happiness for fear of losing it, yet it must be confessed, that in proportion to the pleasure of possession, will be for some time our sorrow for the loss. — Samuel Johnson

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Self-realization doesn't imply loss, gain, even transition; it's only a settling. The separate sounds on the beach, the birds, the waves, the wind. They all come together again, they blend, they harmonize. — Frederick Lenz

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Yukio Mishima

If we look on idly, heaven and earth will never be joined. To join heaven and earth, some decisive deed of purity is necessary. To accomplish so resolute an action, you have to stake your life, giving no thought to personal gain or loss. You have to turn into a dragon and stir up a whirlwind, tear the dark, brooding clouds asunder and soar up into the azure-blue sky. — Yukio Mishima

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Ayn Rand

Money permits no deals except those to mutual benefit by the unforced judgment of the traders. Money demands of you the recognition that men must work for their own benefit, not for their own injury, for their gain, not their loss - the recognition that they are not beasts of burden, born to carry the weight of your misery - that you must offer them values, not wounds - that the common bond among men is not the exchange of suffering, but the exchange of goods. — Ayn Rand

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By John Milton

So little is our loss, So little is thy gain. — John Milton

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Susan Catalano

The kiss grew into so much more than anything that had come before, unfettered by a time that strived to contain passion, born from perceived loss and glorious gain. — Susan Catalano

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Jane Hamilton

The law of thermodynamics, you know, the idea that nothing is lost, that a loss in one area equals a gain in the other, was actually not invented by scientists but by the people who write redemptive fiction. [...] Actually, in real life, we lose things all the time and they're gone. Lost, period. — Jane Hamilton

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Zhuangzi

A man like this will not go where he has no will to go, will not do what he has no mind to do. Though the world might praise him and say he had really found something, he would look unconcerned and never turn his head; though the world might condemn him and say he had lost something, he would look serene and pay no heed. The praise and blame of the world are no loss or gain to him. — Zhuangzi

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Polly Shulman

Did you get it back?"
"Of coarse, the very next day. And even if I hadn't-because there have been things I've been asked to give up for good ... Well, over the years here I've learned that sometimes a great loss is also a great gain." Under the slowly swirling freckles, Doc's face looked infinitely sad. Somehow I didn't find that reassuring. — Polly Shulman

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Joseph Stalin

We secured peace for our country for one and a half years, as well as an opportunity of preparing our forces for defense if fascist Germany risked attacking our country in defiance of the pact. This was a definite gain to our country and a loss for fascist Germany. — Joseph Stalin

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Glenn Haybittle

That there's a deep compulsion in the human spirit to overcome the selfish antics of the I in us. War, grindingly, shifts one's perspective from I to we. Never again will many of us feel our lives so interpedently entwined as we do in these times of war. Never again will someone else's loss or gain become such an integral part of our own store of resources. — Glenn Haybittle

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Laozi

On the one hand, loss implies gain; on the other hand, gain implies loss. — Laozi

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Peter Singer

When the death of a disabled infant will lead to the birth of another infant with better prospects of a happy life, the total amount of happiness will be greater if the disabled infant is killed. The loss of happy life for the first infant is outweighed by the gain of happier life for the second. Therefore, if killing the hemophiliac infant has no adverse effect on others, it would, according to the total view, be right to kill him. — Peter Singer

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Helen Keller

If there were no life beyond this earth-life, some people I have known would gain immortality by the nobility of our memory of them. With every friend I love who has been taken into the brown bosom of the earth a part of me has been buried there; but their contribution of happiness, strength, and understanding to my being remains to sustain me in an altered world. — Helen Keller

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Robert Galbraith

Psychology's loss," said Strike, "is private detection's gain. — Robert Galbraith

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Andrea Gibson

Let me say right now for the record,
I'm still going to be here
asking this world to dance,
even if it keeps stepping on my holy feet.

You, you stay here with me, okay?
You stay here with me.

Raising your bite against the bitter dark,
your bright longing,
your brilliant fists of loss.
Friend, if the only thing we have to gain in staying is each other,
my god that is plenty
my god that is enough
my god that is so so much for the light to give
each of us at each other's backs
whispering over and over and over,
"Live. Live. Live. — Andrea Gibson

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Anonymous

Perhaps it's a cultural problem: a capitalistic society that encourages people to see negotiations as a zero-sum game - my loss is your gain, my gain is your loss - will encourage an inevitably adversarial exchange. — Anonymous

Your Loss Is My Gain Quotes By Rachel Maldonado

like you are hard to come by. You truly are a good person, Phoenix. I know you said that women in your life used you and broke your heart, but they were the stupid ones for hurting you, taking advantage of your kindness and generosity and letting you go. I won't be that stupid. Ever. I'm never letting you go. Their loss is my gain. — Rachel Maldonado