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You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Paolo Giordano

All he did all afternoon was calculate again and again how many hours of study time he was losing. Thinking about it now, he felt stupid, as we all do when we remember all the time we waste wishing we were somewhere else. — Paolo Giordano

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Colleen Hoover

You did everything you could, but sometimes all the love in the world from mothers and brothers isn't enough to help pull someone out of their nightmare. We just need to accept that things are what they are, and all the guilt and regret in the world can't change that. — Colleen Hoover

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Meagan McKinney


You once told me there'd come a day when I would regret making you marry me. I do regret it now, Alana, with all my heart. For tonight I've seen the joy on a willing bride's face, and I regret that I was never able to see that on yours. I mourn the sorrow I now understand that I've brought to you, but if you leave me, I'll mourn my ow sorrow at losing you infinitely more. Let these words assure you that in this world of injustice, God's sword is ruthless upon the wicked. If I lose you, one man, THIS man, got what he deserved.

Trevor — Meagan McKinney

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Patrick Sheane Duncan

The Prince's sudden relapse was a surprise. He usually appeared to be so much in control that it was difficult for her to imagine him losing his composure. Evidently he was quite shaken by this recent reverse. "You lost control again?" she asked. "One cannot lose what one never has," he told her. His defeat seemed total. She could not think of what to say, so she reached out and took him into her arms. He folded into her like a bereft child. She whispered into his ear. "You wonder if you have lost your humanity," she said. "But your feelings now are evidence to the contrary. What you now feel, regret, guilt, sadness, defeat - all are human. At the core of us all. You are not so removed from us as you think. — Patrick Sheane Duncan

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Scott Baio

I regret losing certain women, but it was always my fault. — Scott Baio

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Hillary Clinton

My biggest, you know, regret is what happened in Benghazi. It was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans - two diplomats and, now it's public so I can say, two CIA operatives. — Hillary Clinton

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Celia Mcmahon

I lost my family," he says softly. The tone of his voice justifies my earlier regret. "If you have nothing to love, you have nothing to lose. Even your own life becomes meaningless. — Celia Mcmahon

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Ronda Rousey

I will never be OK with losing, but losing in the wrong way, losing with regret, can take your pride away. I've never chosen to lose that way. — Ronda Rousey

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Jeff Goins

You have to imagine your own death. When your time comes, what will you regret not doing? What will you wish you had more time to do, and what will have seemed trivial? Think of what you fear losing - those are the things that matter most. — Jeff Goins

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.
I hope you never have to think about anything as much as I think about you. — Jonathan Safran Foer

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Lang Leav

Timing is irrelevant when two people are meant for each other. It's what I once believed.
But we met during a time when I was such a mess, when I still had so much to figure out. How could I have known how crucial every word, every action was or how losing you would be something I would always regret?
If only you could have met me now, how different it would be. How much I have changed. How I have grown. I learned so much from all the mistakes I made with you. I just wish I had made them with someone else. — Lang Leav

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Shailender Singh

I enjoy every opportunity and live every moment. And that is why I have no regrets. It's when you are not scared of losing that you win everything. Very often I take cabs to travel during the course of the day because I enjoy talking to cabbies from different parts of India. — Shailender Singh

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Haruki Murakami

But from the first time I met Ame, I was drawn right into her. I couldn't resist her. And I knew it was happening. I knew it wasn't going to come my way again, not in this life. That's when I decided - if I go with her, there'll come a time that I'll regret it. But if I don't go with her, I'll be losing the key to my existence. Have you ever felt that way about something? — Haruki Murakami

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Harper Lee

And so they went, down the row of laughing women, around the diningroom, refilling coffee cups, dishing out goodies as though their only regret was the temporary domestic disaster of losing Calpurnia. — Harper Lee

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

Now for the first time since the barbecue she realized just waht she had brought on herself. The thought of this strange boy whom she hadn't really wanted to marry getting into bed with her, when her heart was breaking with an agony of regret at her hasty action and the anguish of losing Ashley forever, was too much to be borne. — Margaret Mitchell

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By David Beckham

I don't regret the decision to retire. My body was losing its edge. I was taking longer to recover from injuries. You have to get out at some point. — David Beckham

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Kowtham Kumar K

Never regret losing time on reading good books — Kowtham Kumar K

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Chael Sonnen

As an athlete, you'll never feel bad about losing, but what you will feel bad about is underperforming. That's a real thing and it happens a lot when we don't live up to our potential. And that keeps you up at night and can give you years and years of regret. It could be a relationship, it could be a homework assignment, or it could be an athletic competition. If you don't go out and perform to the best of your ability, it will really bother you. — Chael Sonnen

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Nicole Krauss

But how can one regret what, to the mind, has never existed? Even loss is an inaccurate description, for what loss is without the awareness of losing? — Nicole Krauss

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

One of the worst things about losing my mother at the age I did was how very much there was to regret. Small things that stung now: all the times I'd scorned her kindness by rolling my eyes or physically recoiled in response to her touch; — Cheryl Strayed

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Markus Zusak

The tears grappled with her face.
Rudy, please, wake up, Goddamn it, wale up, I love you. Come on, Rudy, come on, Jesse Owens, don't you know I love you, wake up, wake up, wake up..
But nothing cared ...
She leaned down and looked at his lifeless face and Liesel kissed her best friend, Rudy Steiner, soft and true on his lips. He tasted dusty and sweet. He tasted like regret in the shadows of trees and in the glow of the anarchist's suit collection. She kissed him long and soft, and when she pulled hersel away, she touched his mouth with her fingers. Her hands were tremblin, her lips were fleshy, and she leaned in once more, this time losing control and misjudging it. Their teeth collided on the demolised world of Himmel Street. — Markus Zusak

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Scott Jurek

We all lose sometimes. We fail to get what we want. Friends and loved ones leave. We make a decision we regret. We try our hardest and come up short. It's not the losing that defines us. It's how we lose. It's what we do afterward. — Scott Jurek

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Anne Bishop

I lost nothing I regret losing," Witch said softly. "I am what I want to be. — Anne Bishop

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By George MacDonald

She could now be sad without losing a jot of hope. Nay, rather, the least approach of sadness would begin at once to wake her hope. She regretted nothing that had come, nothing that had gone. She believed more and more that not anything worth having is ever lost; that even the most evanescent shades of feeling are safe for those who grow after their true nature, toward that for which they were made - in other and higher words, after the will of God. — George MacDonald

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Instead of things I'm good at, it might be faster to list the things I can't do. I can't cook or clean the house. My room's a mess, and I'm always losing things. I love music, but I can't sing a note. I'm clumsy and can barely sew a stitch. My sense of direction is the pits, and I can't tell left from right half the time. When I get angry, I tend to break things. Plates and pencils, alarm clocks. Later on I regret it, but at the time I can't help myself. I have no money in the bank. I'm bashful for no reason, and I have hardly any friends to speak of. — Haruki Murakami

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Karen Ann Hopkins

Pressing my head to his heart, I listened hard, straining to hear any gurgle or murmur of life. Hearing nothing, I felt the shock settle into my mind, slowing it down and then turning it off.
"Don't leave me, Noah. Please, don't go," I whispered into the darkness as the light spray of rain touched my face.
If only I could turn back time.
I would tell him yes. — Karen Ann Hopkins

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By J. Sterling

Love is the one thing in this world worth taking a risk for. When you're older and you look back on the life you lived, you won't regret the fact that you took the chance to love someone. But you will regret the chances on love you didn't take. Especially the ones rooted in fear. They're only scary because you have the most to lose. You feel the most for them. Don't let the fear of losing love stop you from having the experience altogether. — J. Sterling

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Meditation is a deliberate attempt to pierce into the higher states of consciousness and finally go beyond it. The art of meditation is the art of shifting the focus of attention to ever subtler levels, without losing one's grip on the levels left behind. ( ... ) Save all your energies and time for breaking the wall your mind had built around you. Believe me, you will not regret. — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Harriet Evans

She had lost him. Lost him because she'd let him go. And she could not allow herself to regret that decision. — Harriet Evans

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Frances Norris

Do you know what the worst part of losing him is? The regret -- that he left before we could somehow find each other again. And now all I think about are the things I wish I'd told him before he died. — Frances Norris

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Carew Papritz

The Losing of Love ... Like discovering a shard of heaven's handwriting in the snowflake that has landed upon your hand, desperately wishing you could give such beauty to your best friend before it melts away. And what you are left with is an exquisite regret - the eloquent conspiracy of memory - of the moment lived and the moment wished for that never will arrive. — Carew Papritz

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

Crashing into the trembling void
Stretching my hand to you
Losing myself to frigid regret
Is this fragile love
A way
To say
Good-bye — Maggie Stiefvater

You'll Regret Losing Me Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

I wanted to tell her everything, maybe if I'd been able to, we could have lived differently, maybe I'd be there with you now instead of here. Maybe... if I'd said, 'I'm so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything,' maybe that would have made the impossible possible. Maybe, but I couldn't do it, I had buried too much too deeply inside me. And here I am, instead of there. — Jonathan Safran Foer