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You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Anonymous

Look at you. You're young. You're scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as fuck and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget you have work the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. This life is yours. — Anonymous

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Gioconda Belli

Revolutionary law number one," someone said. "Capitalism has cheated us. Books are not to be bought, they are to be repossessed."
"This is robbery," I said. "Let's not kid ourselves. And don't do that to me again. You scared me to death."
"It's not robbery. Books are ideas. They should be able to circulate freely within society. At no price at all, or for pennies. Knowledge is universal. It belongs to all of us. — Gioconda Belli

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Sherman Alexie

They called me an Indian pig. Oh, and they called me a prairie n*****. Pretty colorful, enit?"

"I suppose."

"That one pissed me off, though. I ain't no prairie Indian. I'm from a salmon tribe, man. If they were going to insult me, they should've called me salmon n*****."

"I'm surprised you can laugh about this."

"It's what Indians do."

"Weren't you afraid?"

"Yeah, I was afraid, but I'm afraid most of the time, you know? How would you feel if a white guy like you got dropped into the middle of a black neighborhood, like Compton, California, on a Saturday night?"

"I'd be very afraid."

"And that's exactly how I feel living in Seattle. Hell, I feel that way living in the United States. Indians are outnumbered, Officer. Those three guys scared me bad, but I've been scared for a long time. — Sherman Alexie

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Emo Philips

I've always thought the best way to teach a kid not to be scared of the dark is to fill his daylight hours with as much horror as possible. — Emo Philips

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Vince Staples

I'm not really scared of a lot of things. I'm scared of possums. And I'm scared of raccoons sometimes, it depends on how big it is - I'm scared of the smaller raccoons because the bigger ones are slower. — Vince Staples

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

I am amazed that without any hesitation whatsoever I can completely believe myself to be on a grand journey of massive vistas and bold ascents, only to find that they are nothing more than a figment of a frightened imagination that needed a journey but could not admit to the fear of actually taking one. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Larissa Ione

She rounded on him. "You wouldn't, you giant ass." To be honest, she didn't understand, either. But that didn't stop her from putting several days' worth of fear and stress on the table. "I'm scared, okay? I'm lost. I don't know where I am, and everyone here looks at me like they want to eat me or torture me. Maybe both. I want to go home, but then I don't want to go home because everything I thought I knew is one big lie. The people I trusted have turned against me, and even my own brother is afraid to help me." She paused to take a breath, fresh fuel for her tirade. "I should hate you, but instead, I'm attracted to you, which is beyond twisted, especially since I know that after I get Neriya back, I'm probably going to die." She dashed away tears with the back of her hand. "So forgive me if I'm a little emotionally unstable right now." She sniffed. "Ass. — Larissa Ione

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Lindy Zart

Remy shot to her feet, eyes blazing. Her hands were fisted at her sides. "Don't be stupid, Creed."

"What did you say?" I asked slowly.

"Don't. Be. Stupid."

I opened my mouth, closed it. "Why do you even care?" I finally asked.

Remy's eyes shifted away from mine. She was hiding something. "You're giving up."

"No." I shook my head. "Giving up would be giving in to the darkness completely. I haven't quite taken that step yet."

"What's stopping you?"


"If you don't care and you want it to be over, what's stopping you from letting the evil inside of you destroy you?"


"You need to leave," I told her.

"I can't."

A low rumble sounded deep in my chest.

"Are you growling at me?"

"Are you scared?"


"You should be," I stated, moving for her. — Lindy Zart

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Heidi Klum

I was determined to experience the birth, and I am so scared at the thought of having my abdomen cut open. So I was lucky that the birth went very smoothly. — Heidi Klum

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Violet Cross

Did you see them? They're kids, Nathan. Children, who ended up being in the wrong place, at the wrong time." I blew out a frustrated breath, tracking one of the angry young teens in topic as he was dragged kicking and yelling from the room. "They won't even consider switching sides. Plumber has them so scared, all they can see if the numbers advantage he has over us."
"Numbers don't mean shit when you're fighters have the same level of skill as a two year old." He sniffed, shaking his head at the kid who was finally pulled from the room. "And that's insulting to two year olds. — Violet Cross

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Rick Riordan

Mrs. O' Leary is my pet. I couldn't let you stick a sword in her rump, now, could I? That might've scared her. — Rick Riordan

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Rose Leslie

It's never fun to be scared [about stage fright] but I think that it is important and it's healthy to always push yourself. — Rose Leslie

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Dave Eggers

Don't you think if someone like me, someone who invented most of this shit, is scared, don't you think you should be scared, too? — Dave Eggers

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Tammara Webber

I stare into his eyes, a slight smile pulling at my mouth, and I see myself as he sees me. I feel loved, and scared, and hopeful. I feel found. And I think, Here is the beginning of my faith. Here is my forever. Right here. Right here. — Tammara Webber

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Andrea Parker

I have not looked at any of the 'Pretender' Web sites. I'm scared of the Internet. — Andrea Parker

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Dorothy Allison

When my mama was twenty-five she already had an old woman's hands, and I feared them. I did not know then what it was that scared me so. I've come to understand since that it was the thought of her growing old, of her dying and leaving me alone. I feared those brown spots, those wrinkles and cracks that lined her wrists, ankles, and the soft shadowed sides of her eyes. — Dorothy Allison

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Courtney Love

You couldn't pay me a billion dollars to take marijuana. I don't really like coke anymore. I'm scared of ecstasy. The one drug I'd like to try one day is Ayahuasca, which should be mandatory for everybody. It's apparently this crazy tea that gives you these intense hallucinations. Everyone who takes it sees a wise old black man who takes you on a wild journey. I'm not going to name names, but everyone who takes it sees the same black guy. I'm not kidding you. Everyone! — Courtney Love

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Gregory Maguire

Why should I keep myself so safe?" he asked her, but he was almost asking himself. What is there in my life worth preserving? With a good wife back there in the mountains, serviceable as an old spoon, dry in the heart from having been scared of marriage since she was six? With three children so shy of their father, the Prince of the Arjikis, that they will hardly come near him? With a careworn clan moving here, moving there, going through th same disputes, herding the same herds, as thy have done for five hundred years? And me, with a shallow and undirected mind, no artfulness in word or habit, no especial kindness toward the world? What is there that makes my life worth preserving?
"I love you," said Elphaba.
"So that's that then, and that's it," he answered her and himself. "And I love you. So I promise to be careful. — Gregory Maguire

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Summer Bill

I talked to Mr. Gotha, the sheriff," Carlton told his friends Amos and Albert. "He told me it is just a rumor, but that there is element of truth in every rumor." "Really? What are we going to do now?" asked Albert. "I am scared, really scared," said Amos. "Everybody is scared to death and no one is doing anything to protect us," said Albert. "I think we should do something, since no one else is going to," said Carlton "And what can you do, you coward? If anybody is to do something, it certainly would not be you, Carlton. Remember, you are a — Summer Bill

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Francesca Zappia

Six: everyone - and when I say everyone, I mean absolutely,positively everyone, from the librarians to the students to the staff to the oldest, cruiser janitor - was piss-down-their-legs scared of Miles Richter.
Of all the crazy things I heard about East Shoal, that was the only thing I couldn't believe. — Francesca Zappia

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Sophie Jordan

You're scared," he said quietly.
"Scared?" I scoffed. "Of what?"
"Of anything real. And what we have is real. You love me and it terrifies you."
"I don't love you," I lied.
He grabbed my face then, dragging me closer with both hands. "You love me. I know you do. I know it because I can see it in your eyes ... in the way you look at me." He inhaled. "It's the same way I look at you. — Sophie Jordan

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By John Dos Passos

With people who are young and aren't scared you can do lots. — John Dos Passos

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Larry Clark

I think the reason why I never wanted to do a retrospective is because I was scared to go back and look at all this stuff through the years. — Larry Clark

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Nic Sheff

Sure, I buried it. I buried it and buried it and turned away from everything light and sweet and delicate and lovely and became so scared and scarred and burdened and fucked up. But that goodness is there, inside - it must be. — Nic Sheff

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Olivia Munn

I love horror movies and I love being scared, but I don't like them, if they're not based on a true story. It's like knowing how the sausage is made. — Olivia Munn

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Meg Rosoff

I frightened myself. I became the ghost Piper was so scared of. — Meg Rosoff

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Amy Reed

I wonder if anybody else feels this way, if anyone in here is as scared as I am. Are they as sad and angry and confused and ashamed? Is that even possible? Is it even possible for one building to hold all that pain? — Amy Reed

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Elizabeth Wein

If you're scared, do something. — Elizabeth Wein

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Jessica Park

What happens when you get scared half to death twice? — Jessica Park

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Daniel Breaker

I think that there are a lot of elements and events that will make you scared in life and make you not want to sort of show your true self. — Daniel Breaker

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Mickey Rourke

When I first met Alan Parker, who directed 'Angel Heart,' he'd heard so many horror stories about me that he was literally scared to death of me. Right away, he sat me down and said, 'I'm very scared of you. I've heard you're a very bad boy.' — Mickey Rourke

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Karina Halle

In all of our experiences together, there always was that moment that I could have turned back and I never ever did. Even if it scared me to the core, to the very soul and fiber of my being, I still went forward into the unknown. Some may call that brave. I don't think I'd call it that. Stubborn beyond repair seemed more fitting. — Karina Halle

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Anne Campbell

Women do not avoid fighting because they are dainty or scared, but because they have a greater stake than men in staying alive to rear their offspring. Women compete with each other just as tenaciously as men, but with a stealth and subtlety that reduces their chances of being killed or injured. — Anne Campbell

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Margaret Peterson Haddix

It's like I'd been walking a tightrope with a big safety net underneath me, but I never really thought about the net until someone took it away. And then every single step scared me to death. — Margaret Peterson Haddix

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Kwame Kilpatrick

I loved the city, so the feeling in 2001 [election] first was shock, then (I was) nervous, then scared but then it's - I really wasn't happy and ecstatic like I thought I (would be). I was immediately hit with the enormity of the responsibility and the fact that most people in that town - particularly those that voted for me were placing their hopes and dreams in me. That is a big, big stressful place to be. — Kwame Kilpatrick

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Nonito Donaire

I was always scared in the amateurs, but the minute I got in the ring it was like another person took over. I become more vicious. In there I love to hurt people. Outside I can't hurt a bug. — Nonito Donaire

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Mie Hansson

I ain't scared to lend a hand
I ain't scared to clench it either — Mie Hansson

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By S.C. Stephens

He spoke rapidly in-between his tender kisses. I love you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. The women ... I was so scared to touch you. You didn't want me ... I couldn't take the pain. I tried to get over you. Every time with them, I was with you. I'm so sorry ... I love you. — S.C. Stephens

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Conor Oberst

Why are you scared to dream of god when it's salvation that you want? — Conor Oberst

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Elizabeth Strout

God, I'm scared,' he said, quietly. She almost said, 'Oh, stop. I hate scared people. — Elizabeth Strout

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Mike Dooley

Sometimes, when you're feeling you're lowest, the real you is summoned~And you understand, maybe for the first time ever, how grand you are, because you discover that vulnerable doesn't mean powerless, scared doesn't mean lacking in beauty, and uncertainty doesn't mean that you're lost~These realizations alone will set you on a journey that you will take you far beyond what you used to think of as extraordinary.~There is always a bright side, The Universe — Mike Dooley

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Jo Ann Fore

When we share those stories we've been scared to share, voicelessness loses it's wicked grasp. — Jo Ann Fore

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Rafael Nadal

I am afraid of a lot of things. A dog. I could be afraid of a dog that's upset, for example. And on the tennis courts, maybe on the outside I look fearless, but on the inside, I'm scared. There's not one player in the world who isn't nervous before matches. Especially important matches. — Rafael Nadal

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Young Sam looked solemn for a moment and then said, I think I'll let Mr. Whistle do the being scared and then it won't bother me. — Terry Pratchett

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Neil Gaiman

The only advice I can give you is what you're telling yourself. Only, maybe you're too scared to listen. — Neil Gaiman

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Raffid

Iam not scared of death because I don't
want to live this useless life. — Raffid

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Celine Kiernan

A female character can: Like babies, Be devoted to her lover, Cry, Be gentle, Be scared, Be uncertain, Take advice, and still be a YA heroine — Celine Kiernan

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Jane Green

All those years when Ronni thought she was sick, all those years convinced that every mole was melanoma, every cough was lung cancer, every case of heartburn was an oncoming heart attack, after all those years, when the gods finally stopped taking care of her she wasn't scared. What a pity, she thought after the doctor first diagnosed her. Then, when she refused to believe it, after the second, and the third, agreed, she thought again, what a pity I wasted all those years worrying about the worst. Somehow now that the worst was upon her, it was peaceful, calming, as if this was what she had always been waiting for. Now that it was here, it wasn't scary at all. — Jane Green

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Vanessa Hudgens

I feel completely safe in my house but all my friends are scared for me. And of course I can tell my parents panic a little. The best thing about living alone is being able to have my friends come over whenever. — Vanessa Hudgens

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By H.L. Mencken

The best client is a scared millionaire. — H.L. Mencken

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Tim Robbins

I mean, what are they scared of? Who's going to vote for anyone from the Communist Party, for God's sake? — Tim Robbins

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Neil Gaiman

He was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring because yesterday has brought it. — Neil Gaiman

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Rachel Perry

I interviewed Johnny Knoxville once. I was kind of scared to interview him because I thought he might be a real jerk, but he was really nice, and I ripped his chest hair out. — Rachel Perry

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Cherie M. Hudson

If anyone tells you love makes you invincible, tell them they're full of shit. Love makes you paranoid and insecure and nervous you're going to fuck it all up and lose the best thing that's ever happened to you. — Cherie M. Hudson

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

Sorry," he mumbled.
"You should be!" Zoe snapped. "You scared the hell out of me and now I'm about to give birth to two Bradfords out in the middle of nowhere with no drugs! Do you have any idea how big a Bradford head is? Huh? Do you? — R.L. Mathewson

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Loni Flowers

I'm tired," I said. My voice shook as I tried to restrain my tears. "I'm tired of all of it. The running, the paranoia, being scared all the time, and the sleepless nights. I want a normal life. Is that too much to ask?"
"No, it's not. More than anyone, I believe you deserve it. The friends, the family - the house with a white picket fence, if you want it - you should have all of it."
I shook my head. "I am not talking about those things. I just want to live without fear, love without consequence, and not be blamed for the actions of my past in my future. I want to experience being me. — Loni Flowers

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Kami Garcia

John elbowed me." Isn't there some kind of Cast that can keep our noses working? Like a Stinkus Lessus Cast?
"No but I can think of a few Shutus Upus Casts that I might be applicable right about now."
"Temper, Caster Girl. You're supposed to be Light. You know, one of the good guys."
I broke the mold, remember? On my Seventeenth Moon, when I was Claimed Light and Dark?" I shot him a serious look. "Don't forget. I've got my Dark side."
"I'm scared." He grinned.
"You should be. Very."-Lena Duchannes and John Breed — Kami Garcia

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Bijou Hunter

I know I'm doing this dating thing all wrong," I said as his arms draped me. "I should ask lots of questions and flirt, but I haven't dated a lot of guys and I don't really know how to flirt. I like you, but I'm scared you'll hurt me or make fun of me. I feel like I should get away from you except I don't really want away from you. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do or say. I'm doing everything wrong, but I'm not doing it to be mean."
Staring up at Cooper, I found the needy look from earlier and its intensity made me shiver. "I don't care if you're doing it wrong, just keep doing it. You're driving me nuts here. — Bijou Hunter

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Jenny Downham

Tell me how would be..
You don't want to eat much from now on, you'll be thirst. And.. sometimes have fever. You want to sleep a lot. You have a little or no energy.
Will it hurt?
No. The morphine would make sure you don't feel any pain. And then give you some beautiful dreams.
Do you think i'll be scared?
i think you got the worst luck in the world, and if i would be in your shoes, i will be scared. But i also believe the how of you handle this last few days would be exactly like them should be done.
i hate you when you say days..
Come soon you'll start to drifting on consciousness. Sometimes you wont be respond, but you know people are they, you hear them talk.
And eventually, Tess, you just drift away.. — Jenny Downham

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By J.A. Redmerski

I know what you must be thinking: What a bitch. And you'll get no argument from me on that one. I was pretty messed up back then. I loved Elias with all my head, and that scared the hell out of me.
But I should get something out of the way before I dive into the excuses of why I was the way I was. I'm sure Elias sugarcoated me with his bias and all, but if this story is going to be told, then it needs to be told in its truth and entirety, without Band-Aids and training wheels.
I was fucked up. — J.A. Redmerski

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Melissa Broder

When I'm sleeping, the committee stays up all night and then greets me at dawn with really bad ideas. It's like, "Good morning! Everything is shit! Time to act impulsively. But first let's start by getting into imaginary fights with people from the past. Next let's catalog everything that's wrong with you and your life. Also, I want to remind you of everything you don't have - and everything you should be scared of losing. Let's begin! — Melissa Broder

You Should Be Scared Of Me Quotes By Toni Aleo

No. Why would I be scared?"

"Because this could end."

"You're right, and yeah, that scares me. But I could die tomorrow too. Why should I not enjoy this moment and be thankful for what you give me now? I can't let that hold me back. If I worried so much about the future, I'd talk myself out of everything. I wouldn't push to be the best on the ice. I wouldn't push to be a better person. I would just be stuck, and I can't do that. I have too many plans, and damn it, Avery, I want you to be in them. — Toni Aleo