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You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Ratan Tata

After I retired, it seemed to me that there was a whole new world out there, which was a digital world driven by a marketplace, basically, which had a huge potential driven by handheld devices, which would one day become the virtual retail store of India. — Ratan Tata

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Michael Lopp

The moment I walk into a bookstore, I remember what I love about them. They are an oasis of intellectual calm. Perhaps it's the potential of all the ideas hidden behind those delicious covers. Or perhaps it's the social reverence for the library-like quiet. You don't yell in a bookstore; you'll piss off the books. — Michael Lopp

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Confucius

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential ... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. — Confucius

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By John Fowles

After you finish (writing a book) you are intensely depressed. It doesn't much matter whether the reviews are good or not. You feel empty, a field lying fallow, and you must let it stay fallow for a while. You love a book when it's being written. You are so close to it. You are the only person who knows it and it's still full of potential ... Then, suddenly, there's the dreadful day when you have the printed proof texts ... It's a feeling of death, really. — John Fowles

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Bruxy Cavey

I was young and beginning to study the Bible for myself and, in the process, came to believe that I held a volatile document in my hands-one that had the potential to destroy all religion from the inside out. — Bruxy Cavey

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Harvey Fierstein

Anyone with a smart phone is a potential eyewitness cameraman capturing and transmitting stories at speeds that turn Reuter photos and traditional reporting into, well ... yesterday's news. — Harvey Fierstein

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Carol S. Dweck

People with the growth mindset know that it takes time for potential to flower. — Carol S. Dweck

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Helen Reddy

The most exciting thing about women's liberation is that this century will be able to take advantage of talent and potential genius that have been wasted because of taboos. — Helen Reddy

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Gary Younge

So long as you have a society with a lot of guns- and America has more guns per capita than any other county in the world- children will be at risk of being shot. The questions are how much risk, and what, if anything, is being done to minimize it? If one thinks of various ways in which commonplace items, from car seats to medicine bottle tops, have been childproofed, it's clear that society's general desire has been to eliminate as many potential dangers from children as possible, even when the number of those who might be harmed is relatively small. If one child's death is preventable, then the proper question isn't "Why should we do this" but rather "Why shouldn't we?" It would be strange for that principle to apple to everything but guns. — Gary Younge

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Brian McLaren

In an age of religious violence like ours, people care much less about what you believe, and much more about whether you will kill for what you believe. So if you haven't figured out what you're going to do with passages like Deuteronomy 7 and 1 Samuel 15 and Psalms 137:9, you still have some important work to do.3 If you haven't grappled with these passages and others like them, your Bible is like a loaded gun and your theology is like a license to kill. You have to find a way to disarm your faith as a potential instrument of hate and convert it into an instrument of love.4 You have to convert Christianity from a warrior religion to a reconciling religion. Otherwise, your neighbors around this seminary will tolerate you the way they might tolerate a chemical plant that could at any moment blow up and kill them all. — Brian McLaren

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Catherine Carrigan

It is then, when we have set our intention to align our will with God's will, feeling, believing, and knowing our loving connection with all that is, that we can open up our intuition to our full potential. — Catherine Carrigan

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Alicia Keys

I do feel like I owe something, but not to the industry. When you say "industry," I think of a group of people who don't really care much about you and treat you as a commodity. So, in that regard, I don't feel like I owe anything. But the people who've always been supportive of me and have always seen me for my greatest potential-those are the people who I feel like I owe something to. I feel like I am their voice. I owe it them to represent them in a way that they can be proud of. — Alicia Keys

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Melanie Phillips

For neo-conservatism is a quintessentially Jewish project: a re-sanctification in everyday life of the core values of western civilisation, and the achievement of human potential through virtuous practice. The neo-cons' crucial insight is that public signals through law, custom and tradition are the key to getting people to behave well. And that is a Jewish insight. — Melanie Phillips

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Leo Buscaglia

Man seldom questions the fact that ugliness and evil are to be found in the world. But he's never as ready to accept that life also offers unlimited beauty and potential for joy as well as endless opportunities for pleasure. — Leo Buscaglia

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Sarah McCoy

Using SROI to explore the value of our online question and answer service, askTheSite, helped us develop new mechanisms for speaking to young people and gain a real insight into the impact of our work. The project enabled us to demonstrate YouthNets commitment to robust impact measurement as well as our commercial approach to project evaluation. Perhaps most importantly, being able to assign a monetary value to askTheSite has enabled YouthNet to convey to current and potential funders how valuable the service is for both young people and the wider society in a language that they understand — Sarah McCoy

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Neil Gaiman

You're alive, Bod. That means you have infinite potential. You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you can change the world, the world will change. Potential. Once you're dead, it's gone. Over. You've made what you've made, dreamed your dream, written your name. You may be buried here, you may even walk. But that potential is finished. — Neil Gaiman

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Simon R. Green

I've been here a long time," I said finally. "But I think what I truly believe in is people. They can always surprise you. They have such potential . . . They can change and grow and become so much more than they or anyone else would ever have thought possible. Unlike gods. And at the end of the day, I believe that people should be kind to each other. — Simon R. Green

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Frank Gohlke

Photography, too, reduces the world to strips and rectangles; photographers scrutinize the surfaces of reality in hope of unlocking the potential for significance that is latent within them. — Frank Gohlke

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Anonymous

Think of the phone on a date as a grenade. As soon as you press a button, your potential relationship is blown to bits. — Anonymous

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Sue Grafton

There's really no such thing as an 'ex-cop' or a cop who's 'off-duty' or 'retired.' Once trained, once indoctrinated, a cop is always alert, assessing reality in terms of its potential for illegal acts. — Sue Grafton

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Peter F. Hamilton

Some believe that we will eventually sink back to the more simple-minded creatures which we evolved out of and the planet will bring another mind forward." "Isn't that the opposite of evolution?" "Only from a single-species perspective. A planet's life is paramount. It is such a fragile rare event, it should be treasured and nurtured for the potential it brings forth. If that means abdicating our physical dominance for our successors, then that is what we will accept. Such a time is a long way in our future. In terms of evolution, we have only just begun such a journey. — Peter F. Hamilton

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Steven Redhead

We are given the potential to excel, whether we do or not is entirely up to us. — Steven Redhead

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Walter L. Bradley

If there isn't a natural explanation and there doesn't seem to be the potential of finding one, then I believe it's appropriate to look at a supernatural explanation. I think that's the most reasonable inference based on the evidence. — Walter L. Bradley

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Dick Wolf

I would say that if you really wished to be a working member of the community, don't go out on strike because then there's no work and no potential of work. — Dick Wolf

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Karin Dreijer Andersson

Music has the potential and the capability to create something much bigger ... it has the capability to be completely free, to do anything. And I think you limit that idea when you put yourself in front of it, in a way. — Karin Dreijer Andersson

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Arthur Phillips

The truth is, anyone who puts so much of herself and her life into art as you do must naturally fear any failure in that art as a potential threat to your life. And so you protect your art more than you protect your health or the common forms of happiness the rest of us have. And you probably have this in common with every artist you admire. — Arthur Phillips

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Tony Dungy

What did you have the potential to do? And if you came close to that, if you maximized that, then you were a success in God's eyes. So many of us do things that the world would say is successful, but we have so much more potential. — Tony Dungy

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Elon Musk

I do think there is a lot of potential if you have a compelling product and people are willing to pay a premium for that. I think that is what Apple has shown. You can buy a much cheaper cell phone or laptop, but Apple's product is so much better than the alternative, and people are willing to pay that premium. — Elon Musk

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Elle Luna

I believe that when you step into uncharted territory, you are also stepping into total abandonment, potential humiliation, and a space where nothing is guaranteed; there's no case study or roadmap. I have so much respect for anybody who will step away from what they can do in order to find what they must do. That's a hallmark characteristic of entrepreneurs and artists. And it's scary and exciting as all hell. — Elle Luna

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Hugh Dancy

When something is iconic, if you're very careful and delicate, you can add onto that iconography. It can expand. People have attached so much to it themselves, and connected to it, so the risks are big, but the potential is enormous, at the same time. — Hugh Dancy

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Bruce Schneier

The potential for manipulation here is enormous. Here's one example. During the 2012 election, Facebook users had the opportunity to post an "I Voted" icon, much like the real stickers many of us get at polling places after voting. There is a documented bandwagon effect with respect to voting; you are more likely to vote if you believe your friends are voting, too. This manipulation had the effect of increasing voter turnout 0.4% nationwide. So far, so good. But now imagine if Facebook manipulated the visibility of the "I Voted" icon on the basis of either party affiliation or some decent proxy of it: ZIP code of residence, blogs linked to, URLs liked, and so on. It didn't, but if it had, it would have had the effect of increasing voter turnout in one direction. It would be hard to detect, and it wouldn't even be illegal. Facebook could easily tilt a close election by selectively manipulating what posts its users see. Google might do something similar with its search results. — Bruce Schneier

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Anton Chekhov

I know exactly the potential of the people around here. They have the potential to lie. They have the potential to deceive. They have the potential to inveigle. They'll change nothing. Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I lie awake thinking, my God! We have so much. We have these huge forests. We have boundless open fields. We can see the deepest, furthest horizons. Look around you. Look. We should be giants. We really, really aren't. — Anton Chekhov

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Joel Osteen

I want to challenge you today to get out of your comfort zone. You have so much incredible potential on the inside. God has put gifts and talents in you that you probably don't know anything about. — Joel Osteen

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Keith Stanfield

You can be the most intelligent person, and you can have so much potential, but if you don't have a guide by which to channel that energy, then a lot of times, it's futile. — Keith Stanfield

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I have to admit, an unrequited love is so much better than a real one. I mean, it's perfect ... As long as something is never even started, you never have to worry about it ending. It has endless potential. — Sarah Dessen

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Barbara Sher

No, being too busy isn't your reason for keeping clutter in your life. Uncomfortable though it may be to have so much unfinished work surrounding you, you keep those magazines and broken antiques because all that potential feels nice. Now take one more step in your thinking and what you'll find is a tiny but powerful fear of commitment. — Barbara Sher

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Elizabeth Scott

Working to my potential.' It's like every teacher I have has some sort of manual to use when talking to me. She finished with, 'You have so much going for you,' which was the dumbest thing anyone, even Laurie, has ever said to me. — Elizabeth Scott

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Adam M. Grant

Conviction in our ideas is dangerous not only because it leaves us vulnerable to false positives, but also because it stops us from generating the requisite variety to reach our creative potential. — Adam M. Grant

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By R.K. Narayan

Every creature is born with a potential store of violence. — R.K. Narayan

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Manprit Kaur

Negative habits eat you up. They're the biggest roadblocks that prevent you from realising your fullest potential; and the very first step towards crafting real change is to become aware of all the destructive habits that squander you! An awareness of what needs to be improved, tackled, or abandoned will go a long way in restructuring your life. Make a list of all the lousy habits that you want to eliminate; and then roust them out of your life, before they chomp you up completely. Axe them, uproot them, throw them into the ocean and never look back. — Manprit Kaur

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Larry Wall

The potential of greater good goes right along with the potential for greater evil. — Larry Wall

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Elizabeth Debold

Raising a daughter is an extremely political act in this culture. Mothers have been placed in a no-win situation with their daught ers: if they teach their daughters simply how to get along in a world that has been shaped by men and male desires, then they betray their daughters' potential But, if they do not, they leave their daughters adrift in a hostile world without survival strategies. — Elizabeth Debold

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Rajneesh

The only authentic responsibility is towards your own potential. Values have not to be imposed on you. They should grow with your awareness, in you. — Rajneesh

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Jay Samit

From the very first inkling of a concept, founders need to gather a target group of five to ten potential users to begin the feedback loop. We all think we know how the market will react to new ideas, but actual users live with the pros and cons of the existing market conditions every day. They are the market experts. — Jay Samit

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God in his infinite wisdom has deposited in everything the potential for growth and multiplication. — Sunday Adelaja

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Owen Jones

The modern Establishment relies on a mantra of 'There Is No Alternative': potential opposition is guarded against by enforcing disbelief in the idea that there is any other viable way of running society. — Owen Jones

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Kim Harrison

Being poor is not an indication of potential or worth. It's a lack of resources. — Kim Harrison

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Massad Ayoob

Those who shoot in competition seem to have a remarkably high hit potential and survival ratio in actual gunfights. — Massad Ayoob

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Robert Holden

The journey to true happiness and to happiness now is not a journey of physical distance or time; it is one of personal "self-recovery," where we remember and reconnect consciously to an inner potential for joy
a paradise lost
waiting to be found. — Robert Holden

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Joshua Harris

The technology for a clothing printer exists but is not packaged in a form that would be suitable for consumer use. With the future potential of printing technology, an at-home clothing printer is a definite possibility. Our challenge was to define the experience. — Joshua Harris

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Edwin Louis Cole

What you believe about God has the greatest potential for good or harm in your life. — Edwin Louis Cole

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Loretta Graziano Breuning

Identifying a potential threat feels curiously good. You're like a gazelle that smells a lion and can't relax until it sees where the lion is. Seeing a lion feels good when the alternative is worse. We seek evidence of threats to feel safe, and we get a dopamine boost when we find what we seek. You can also get a serotonin boost from the feeling of being right, and an oxytocin boost from bonding with those who sense the same threat. This is why people seem oddly pleased to find evidence of doom and gloom. But the pleasure doesn't last because the "do something" feeling commands your attention again. You can end up feeling bad a lot even if you're successful in your survival efforts. — Loretta Graziano Breuning

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Barack Obama

If we neglect or abandon those who are suffering in poverty ... not only are we depriving ourselves of potential opportunities for markets and economic growth, but ultimately that despair may turn to violence that turns on us. — Barack Obama

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Dean Koontz

When I function in only one mode or the other, I am denying half myself, half my potential. — Dean Koontz

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

It remains an astonishing, disturbing fact that in America - a nation where nearly every new drug is subjected to rigorous scrutiny as a potential carcinogen, and even the bare hint of a substance's link to cancer ignites a firestorm of public hysteria and media anxiety - one of the most potent and common carcinogens known to humans can be freely bought and sold at every corner store for a few dollars. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By John Wooden

You must define success as making the complete effort to maximize your ability, skills, and potential in whatever circumstances - good or bad - may exist. — John Wooden

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Lenore Terr

When we play, we sense no limitations. In fact, when we are playing, we are usually unaware of ourselves. Self-observation goes out the window. We forget all those past lessons of life, forget our potential foolishness, forget ourselves. We immerse ourselves in the act of play. And we become free. — Lenore Terr

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Katie Kacvinsky

If you never leave where you come from, I don't think you'll ever figure out who you are, because how much is forced on you? How much of your personality is imposed instead of created? That's why I left. I think people need to leave in order to find their potential. — Katie Kacvinsky

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Michael Chandler

Don't focus on the wins and losses ... focus your efforts on performing to your full potential. — Michael Chandler

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Daphne Rose Kingma

The potential for loss of soul
to one degree or another
is the affliction of a society that as a collective has lost its sense of the holy, of a culture that values everything else above the spiritual. We live in such a spiritually impoverished culture
and in such a time. Loss of soul, to one degree or another, is a constant teasing possibility. We are invited at every corner to hedge on the truth, indulge outselves, act as if our words and actions have no ultimate consequence, make an absolute of the material world, and treat the spiritual world as if it were some kind of frothy, angelic fantasy. In such a world the soul struggles for survival; in such a world a man can lose his own soul and have the whole culture support him, and in such a world, conversely, the light of a single, great soul that lives in integrity can truly illumine the world. — Daphne Rose Kingma

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Sherrie Eldridge

Because adoption is a lifelong journey, we have a future filled with the potential to learn invaluable lessons. But many of us haven't been taught that we have a choice in every situation in life. — Sherrie Eldridge

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

The only universal attribute of scientific statements resides in their potential fallibility. If a claim cannot be disproven, it does not belong to the enterprise of science. — Stephen Jay Gould

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Gary Goodyear

Our Government is fostering economic growth in Kitchener, Cambridge and all of the Waterloo Region by investing in our innovative businesses. Today's announcement is a great example of how we are helping high-potential companies bring great ideas to market faster. Helping our entrepreneurs and original thinkers export their products and services to the rest of the world creates jobs, growth and economic prosperity here at home. — Gary Goodyear

You Have So Much Potential Quotes By Robert M. Parker Jr.

No viticultural region in America has demonstrated as much progress in quality and potential for greatness as ... the Santa Barbara region, where the Burgundian varietals Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are planted in its cooler climates. — Robert M. Parker Jr.