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You Downgraded Quotes By Audrey Bell

Hunter Dawson - annoyingly attractive. Downgraded for having an awful personality. — Audrey Bell

You Downgraded Quotes By Mohamed El-Erian

It is hard to imagine that, having downgraded the US, S & P will not follow suit on at least one of the other members of the dwindling club of sovereign AAAs. If this were to materialise and involve a country like France, for example, it could complicate the already fragile efforts by Europe to rescue countries in its periphery. — Mohamed El-Erian

You Downgraded Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Once you've used your brain flat-out, you can't go into the SLOW mode. You can't drive an Infinite J-3B and then get downgraded to an Daewoo. Brains don't workd that way. — Douglas Coupland

You Downgraded Quotes By Daniel Hannan

On any measure, Spain's bank rescue has been a disaster. A hundred million euros have been added to the national debt, ten-year bonds are at a record high and the country's credit rating has been downgraded three notches. — Daniel Hannan

You Downgraded Quotes By Roger Lowenstein

A year earlier, no company had been accorded more faith than Enron; by late November, none was trusted less. And so, a gasping gurgle, a desperate SOS: Enron, the emblem of free markets, the champion of deregulation, reached into its depleted treasury and forked over $100,000 to each of the major political parties' campaign war chests. Then, it shuttered its online trading unit - its erstwhile gem. On November 28, Standard & Poor's downgraded Enron to junk-bond level - which triggered provisions in Enron's debt requiring it to immediately repay billions of its obligations. This it could not do. Its stock was seventy cents and falling, and, now, no gatekeepers and no credit remained. Accordingly, in the first week of December, Enron, the archetype of shareholder value, availed itself of the time-honored protection for those who have lost their credit: bankruptcy. — Roger Lowenstein

You Downgraded Quotes By R. Loren Sandford

In writing this, I am not being political, but am rather pointing out the deeply divided condition of the nation. Divisions range from politics to religion to race. Not since the Civil War have we seen so many fractures in so many places at such deep levels. We are no longer "one nation" and no longer does our nation regard itself to be "under God" in any effective sense. The bad news is that we are beyond healing. Certain trends have been allowed to go too far unchecked and we now live with a shattered national consciousness, a downgraded consciousness of morality and a broken sense of who we are as a people. — R. Loren Sandford

You Downgraded Quotes By Jared Leto

I've always liked Saturn. But I also have some sympathy for Pluto because I heard it's been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. Once you've given something planetary status it's kind of mean to take it away. — Jared Leto

You Downgraded Quotes By Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Any Mexican, would recognise that Mexico was abused, undervalued and downgraded in international circles, most of all by the United States. — Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

You Downgraded Quotes By John Kasich

I mean, the fact of the matter is, Ohio 's coming back because we set a clear path, we cut taxes, we balanced our budget, we got credit upgrades when the whole rest of the world, including America, was being downgraded. — John Kasich

You Downgraded Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

A complete theory of evolution must acknowledge a balance between "external" forces of environment imposing selection for local adaptation and "internal" forces representing constraints of inheritance and development. Vavilov placed too much emphasis on internal constraints and downgraded the power of selection. But Western Darwinians have erred equally in practically ignoring (while acknowledging in theory) the limits placed on selection by structure and development what Vavilov and the older biologists would have called "laws of form. — Stephen Jay Gould

You Downgraded Quotes By Sydney J. Harris

Our speech accurately reflects the prejudices of the ruling group. Since the rulers and the rich and the educated (who directed language) generally lived in cities, we developed such words as "villain," which meant a rustic; "heathen" and "pagan," which also indicated those who dwelt in the country; "boor," which meant a farmer; and many other such words which downgraded rural inhabitants. — Sydney J. Harris

You Downgraded Quotes By John Key

The Government has to stop borrowing as much money; if we don't, quite frankly New Zealand will be downgraded and interest rates will go up for all New Zealanders. — John Key

You Downgraded Quotes By William Glasser

Today much of what we call education is merely knowledge gathering and remembering. Problem solving and thinking, never strong parts of our educational system, have been downgraded in all but a few scientific subjects. — William Glasser

You Downgraded Quotes By Josh Mandel

I'm the treasurer of the state of Ohio, where, when the United States credit rating was downgraded for the first time in American history, and 14 government funds around the country were downgraded, we earned the highest rating we could earn on our $4 billion investment fund. — Josh Mandel

You Downgraded Quotes By Fela Durotoye

Without Purpose, LIVING is downgraded to Breathing a boring routine of inhaling oxygen - waiting to exhale — Fela Durotoye

You Downgraded Quotes By Nalini Singh

Her small pet spotted him first, barking out a sharp warning from where he stood on guard in the back doorway. Ivy appeared a second later, a broom in hand and her curls held back by a purple and white scarf. "I knew it was you," she said with a slight smile. "You've now been downgraded from 'deadly threat' to 'irritation that won't go away' in Rabbit's bark vocabulary. — Nalini Singh

You Downgraded Quotes By J.R. Ward

That cat was a traitor. And if by some miracle she lived through the night, he was getting downgraded to Tender Vitals. — J.R. Ward

You Downgraded Quotes By T.K. Naliaka

Will 2015 ever be noted as the year Ebola was decisively downgraded from a lurid horror meme to just one of many commonly treatable diseases? — T.K. Naliaka

You Downgraded Quotes By Buzz Aldrin

When I was a little kid, we only knew about our nine planets. Since then, we've downgraded Pluto but have discovered that other solar systems and stars are common. So life is probably quite prevalent. — Buzz Aldrin

You Downgraded Quotes By Alec Baldwin

I consider myself a pretty good conversationalist, but you wind up being downgraded to idiot status when you don't speak the language! — Alec Baldwin