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You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Naomi Klein

By this point in history - after the 2008 collapse of Wall Street and in the midst of layers of ecological crises - free market fundamentalists should, by all rights, be exiled to a similarly irrelevant status, left to fondle their copies of Milton Friedman's Free to Choose and Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged in obscurity. They are saved from this ignominious fate only because their ideas about corporate liberation, no matter how demonstrably at war with reality, remain so profitable to the world's billionaires that they are kept fed and clothed in think tanks by the likes of Charles and David Koch, owners of the diversified dirty energy giant Koch Industries, and ExxonMobil. — Naomi Klein

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Megan Mitcham

Some times we choose our fate," she said. "Other times it's chosen for us."
The cleft between his dark brows deepened and his jaw clenched then released. "And sometimes its what we make it. — Megan Mitcham

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Bob Proctor

Thoughts Are Things I hold it true that thoughts are things; They're endowed with bodies and breath and wings: And that we send them forth to fill The world with good results, or ill. That which we call our secret thought Speeds forth to earth's remotest spot, Leaving its blessings or its woes Like tracks behind it as it goes. We build our future, thought by thought, For good or ill, yet know it not. Yet so the universe was wrought. Thought is another name for fate; Choose then thy destiny and wait, For love brings love and hate brings hate. Henry Van Dyke — Bob Proctor

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Faraaz Kazi

It was strange even after suffering from fate, a person in love would choose the same fate over his life. — Faraaz Kazi

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Kiersten White

I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. — Kiersten White

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Charlie Kaufman

Everything is more complicated than you think. You only see a tenth of what is true. There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make; you can destroy your life every time you choose. But maybe you won't know for twenty years. And you'll never ever trace it to its source. And you only get one chance to play it out. Just try and figure out your own divorce. And they say there is no fate, but there is: it's what you create. Even though the world goes on for eons and eons, you are here for a fraction of a fraction of a second. Most of your time is spent being dead or not yet born. But while alive, you wait in vain, wasting years, for a phone call or a letter or a look from someone or something to make it all right. And it never comes or it seems to but doesn't really. And so you spend your time in vague regret or vaguer hope for something good to come along. Something to make you feel connected, to make you feel whole, to make you feel loved. — Charlie Kaufman

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Dimitry Elias Leger

Freedom to choose your fate is Our Father's greatest gift to man and woman." (p.55) — Dimitry Elias Leger

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I'm coming to believe that there are two kinds of people ... those who choose to be masters of their own fate and those who wait in chairs while other dance. I would rather be one of the former than the latter. — Lisa Kleypas

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Steven Redhead

Life can be how you choose or are governed by fate. — Steven Redhead

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Martine Leavitt

If untimely death came only those who deserved that fate, Keturah, where would choice be? No one would do good for its own sake, but only to avoid an early demise. No one would speak out against evil because of his own courageous soul, but only to live another day. The right to choose is man's great gift, but one thing is not his to choose
the time and means of death. — Martine Leavitt

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By D.M. Hoover

Plato spoke of the Sisters of Fate on the last 3 pages of his book, "The Republic" when he said: "Then the Sisters of Fate take all of our choices and weave them on their loom into the fabric of destiny. Hear the word of Lachesis, the daughter of Necessity. Mortal souls, behold a new cycle of life and mortality. Your genius will not be allotted to you, but you will choose your genius; and let him who draws the first lot have the first choice, and the life which he chooses shall be his destiny. Virtue is free, and as a man honors' or dishonors her he will have more or less of her; the responsibility is with the chooser - God is justified" [Quote from Plato's Republic written 360BCE In the Public Domain] — D.M. Hoover

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By D.B. Harrop

Don't let circumstances determine your fate. Choose your fate and mold circumstances to fit your fate of choice. — D.B. Harrop

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Unknown

Every joy has a price...
Every price has a number...
Every number has a heartbeat...
Every heartbeat has a countdown...
Every countdown means the end...

You choose the fate and destiny of your characters and what lies in store for them in the future...Good or Bad...The choice lies in your hands... — Unknown

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Etgar Keret

To what extent does anybody control his destiny? Life is very much like falling of the edge of a cliff. You have complete freedom to make all the choices you want to take on your way down. My characters choose to yearn and not lose hope even when the odds are completely against them. It doesn't make the landing at the end of that fall any less painful but, somehow, it helps them keep a little dignity their bone broken body. — Etgar Keret

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Mordred

I call you children because that is what you are. You have not fended for yourselves, you have not felt the terrible blows that life gives you. As we speak, there is hatred and prejudice residing in our world's heart. Now a man can make a difference in the world, even if it is a small one. We all have fates, including me. We can choose to make that fate one that will bring hope, or one that will bring destruction. Times are changing, and we must grow wiser for it. So now I must encourage you- I must beg you-when you leave these school walls and enter this world, to not be as idiotic and imbecilic as the generation before you. — Mordred

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By J.C. Reed

Tragedy may hit all of us in one way or another, but fate's not our enemy, Brooke. We are. By locking yourself away from the world, you choose your own mistakes and destroy any chance of ever finding happiness. You cannot control life, but you can chose who you are and what you make of it. — J.C. Reed

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By R.N. Prasher

Fate is the name of a large bunch of myriad paths; we choose one out of these. — R.N. Prasher

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

You might be my mate, he said, but you remain your own person. You decide your fate - your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose every day. Forever. — Sarah J. Maas

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Albert Camus

He had never loved anything except what was inevitable. The people fate had imposed on him, the world as it appeared to him, everything in his life he had not been able to avoid ... For the rest, for everything he had to choose, he made himself love, which is not the same thing. No doubt he had known the feeling of wonderment, passion, and even moments of tenderness. But each moment had sent him on to other moments, each person to others, and he had loved nothing he had chosen, except what was little by little imposed on him by circumstance, had lasted as much by accident as by intention, and finally became necessary: Jessica. — Albert Camus

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Gurcharan Das

Despite the many occasions when its characters feel frustrated before the weight of circumstances, and despite blaming their feeling of impotence on daiva, 'fate', moral autonomy shines through in the epic. Because they have some freedom to choose they can be praised when they follow dharma or blamed when they follow adharma. At the moment of making a decision they become conscious of their freedom, and it is this perception of autonomy that gives them the ability to lead authentic moral lives. — Gurcharan Das

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Learned Hand

Each one of us must in the end choose for himself how far he would like to leave our collective fate to the wayward vagaries of popular assemblies For myself it would be most irksome to be ruled by a bevy of Platonic Guardians, even if I knew how to choose them, which I assuredly do not I should miss the stimulus of living in a society where I have, at least theoretically, some part in the direction of public affairs. — Learned Hand

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

Tram's road is predetermined, but not yours! You are not a tram, you can choose your path — Mehmet Murat Ildan

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Tim Davys

What is freedom?
Is it moving through a room unhindered, in any direction you want, fast or slow? Or is it being able to think any thought whatsoever, high or low, without shame or fear? Is freedom being able to openly express your convictions, and then trying to influence others to think the same thing? Or is freedom having the possibility to choose, being able to say no to what you don't want?
Freedom, thought Phillip Mouse, would be to outwit the limitations fate had once given him. To break out of the social, intellectual, and emotional framework that the factory [birthplace] and his youth had defined.
Freedom, thought Mouse, was to surprise life by placing yourself above your fate. — Tim Davys

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By C.M. Stunich

Sometimes you don't get to choose your partner. Life chooses it for you. — C.M. Stunich

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Katherine Marsh

It is possible to reclaim your future, to build a happy life despite an imperfect past. We can order the universe to our will and mind. — Katherine Marsh

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Carol Drinkwater

I am moving the rudder, shifting the course of my life. I have not thought of it this way before, but that is what I am doing. Taking my fate into my own hands, turning dreams into reality. And there is nothing more sacred or precious than that. To choose a direction: but how often do we miss the signposts? — Carol Drinkwater

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Bernard Cornwell

Is all ordained? Foreknowledge is not fate, and we may choose our paths, yet fate says we may not choose them. So if fate is real, do we have a choice? — Bernard Cornwell

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Bernard Cornwell

But we do not choose our deaths. The Norns do that at the foot of Yggdrasil and I imagined one of those three Fates holding the shears above my thread. She was ready to cut, and all that mattered now was to keep tight hold of my sword so that the winged women would take me to Valhalla's feasting-hall. — Bernard Cornwell

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Elizabeth Good

The effects of Fate come together like stew simmering with provisions from the universe. Which ingredients we've used make the end result easy to swallow or bitterly distasteful. So choose wisely for, when our lot in life is done, only those young enough or strong enough can toss their destiny aside and start over. — Elizabeth Good

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Herodotus

He asked, 'Croesus, who told you to attack my land and meet me as an enemy instead of a friend?'
The King replied, 'It was caused by your good fate and my bad fate. It was the fault of the Greek gods, who with their arrogance, encouraged me to march onto your lands. Nobody is mad enough to choose war whilst there is peace. During times of peace, the sons bury their fathers, but in war it is the fathers who send their sons to the grave. — Herodotus

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Jay Kristoff

We choose this. This place. This life. What it will be, and how we live it. We are not slaves to gods, or fate, or destinies woven in veils of smoke. We choose the people we want to be, and we choose the shape of the world in which we live. Nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice. There is nothing so easy as swimming with the current, nothing so difficult as being the first to stand up. To say no. To point at a thing wrong and name it so. There are none so brave as those who choose to stand, when all others are content to kneel. None so worthy of the title 'hero' as those who fight when there are none to see it. Who choose a life bereft of accolade or fanfare, a life of struggle for the idea that we are all the same. Every one of us. And every one of us has the right to be happy. To know peace. To know love. — Jay Kristoff

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

Destiny is a worrying concept. I don't want to be fated, I want to choose. — Jeanette Winterson

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Brenda Cothern

We do not choose our fate, we can only choose if we accept it. Fate will take us where it will, whether we will it or not. (Sister Mira) — Brenda Cothern

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Christopher Paolini

And in time, I must meet the same fate. Love, family, accomplishments - they are all torn away, leaving nothing. What is the worth of anything we do? The worth is in the act. Your worth halts when you surrender the will to change and experience life. But options are before you; choose one and dedicate yourself to it. — Christopher Paolini

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Alexander Chee

And I would tell him, as we rise into the air, The curse is not that we cannot choose our Fates.
The curse, the curse we all live under, is that we can. — Alexander Chee

You Choose Your Own Fate Quotes By Milan Kundera

Being a woman is a fate Sabina did not choose. What we have not chosen we cannot consider either to our merit or our failure. Sabina believed that she had to assume to correct attitude to her unchosen faith. To rebel against being born a woman seemed as foolish to her as taking pride in it. — Milan Kundera