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You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Tom Nissley

BORN: 1856 George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman, Major Barbara), Dublin 1894 Aldous Huxley (Brave New World, Crome Yellow), Godalming, England DIED: 1934 Winsor McCay — Tom Nissley

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Marv Wolfman

I don't know why you decided to wear that costume, but it makes you a symbol. Just as Robin was a symbol. Or Superman, or Nightwing, or the policeman who wears his uniform. And this isn't just a symbol of the law, it's a symbol of justice. When one policeman is killed, others take his place because justice can't be stopped. — Marv Wolfman

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Keith Thibodeaux

George Reeves was really Superman in my eyes. For him to come on the set and be there was a treat for me. — Keith Thibodeaux

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Harvey Pekar

I called up my grandparents who I hadn't spoken to for over three years. I called my mother, who I had recently told to stop calling lest I contact the police. I sat with them all and it was normal and fun and good. I'm even ready - maybe - to speak to my father. Superman doesn't get upset at the people who shoot bullets at him. I get why, now. — Harvey Pekar

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Henry Cavill

I found very interesting - trying to separate the different facets of Superman in that way. When you're aware of how people perceive you, you can't always remain true to yourself, and that was an interesting thing for me to apply to the character as well - exploring these different facets of his personality while having certain bits of it stripped away. The arrogance of a person who would have the kind of power that Superman does - we see that in The Return of Superman. Superman is not that character, but since he has all of those powers, he has that capacity for arrogance. — Henry Cavill

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Jackie Chan

A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman. — Jackie Chan

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Eric Weiner

The word "utopia" has two meanings. It means both "good place" and "nowhere". That's the way it should be. The happiest places, I think, are the ones that reside just this side of paradise. The perfect person would be insufferable to live with; likewise, we wouldn't want to live in the perfect place, either. "A life time of happiness! No man could bear it: It would be hell on earth," wrote George Bernard Shaw, in his play Man and Superman. — Eric Weiner

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By David Louden

Marilyn Monroe is pissing me off, Charlie Chaplin owes me twenty bucks, that fucker Shrek tried to fuck my girlfriend at Baskin Robbins. — David Louden

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Erica Durance

But I still had to tell myself, Keep looking up. I will tell you, he isnt Superman for nothing. — Erica Durance

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Verily, a polluted stream is man. One must actually be a sea to take in a polluted stream without becoming impure. Behold, I teach you the superman: he is the this sea, in him can your great contempt go under. — Friedrich Nietzsche

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Jim Lee

I think the very simplest way to show Superman's power is to have him punch someone that's powerful. — Jim Lee

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By William Moulton Marston

The wish to be super-strong is a healthy wish, a vital, compelling, power-producing desire. The more the Superman-Wonder Woman picture stories build up this inner compulsion by stimulating the child's natural longing to battle and overcome obstacles, particularly evil ones, the better chance your child has for self-advancement in the world. — William Moulton Marston

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Michael Chabon

One knew, of course, that it was not the red cape any more than it was the boots, the tights, the trunks, or the trademark "S" that gave Superman the ability to fly. That ability derived from the effects of the rays of our yellow sun on Superman's alien anatomy, which had evolved under the red sun of Krypton. And yet you had only to tie a towel around your shoulders to feel the strange vibratory pulse of flight stirring in the red sun of your heart. — Michael Chabon

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Gary Frank

Christopher Reeve so completely inhabited the character Superman when he was in that costume, and that had such a huge effect on me as a child, watching those films back in the '70s. There was so much of that character that was, for me, Superman. — Gary Frank

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Thomas Tull

Whether it's Batman, Superman, Watchmen, the 300 story, we just make stuff that I want to see. — Thomas Tull

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Jim Lee

Al Plastino helped redefine Superman in the 1950s. His work on 'Superman's Girlfriend,' 'Lois Lane,' 'Adventure Comics' and pretty much any title in the Superman family will be fondly remembered for years to come. He will be missed. — Jim Lee

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By David Louden

Every little prick out there wants me to lift them. I had this one kid from Oklahoma, big fat shitter he was. Legs as fat as a Downers forehead screaming Up, up, Hulk up! at me for ten minutes until I had no other choice. Fat fucker damn near put my back out and then his old man stiffs me with Canadian dollars. Canadian, can you believe that shit?! — David Louden

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Walter Dean Myers

No matter what ... ball made my heart beat faster, made me want to jump up and down and be Superman. That's what life was about anyway, being Superman and living like life itself was important. Basketball made my life important. — Walter Dean Myers

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Matt Bomer

Just being attached to 'Superman' actually gave a great boost to my career. — Matt Bomer

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Anne Eliot

Nobody sounds like that! Mom, Aunt Nan, it won't work. No way is he ever, ever, ever going to blend in. And his ... you know ... his shoulders are all wide and he's all tan and looks Superman strong ... and ... "
"Anything else? Should I turn around? — Anne Eliot

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By J. Michael Straczynski

For me, growing up in a ridiculously poor family living in dead-end neighborhoods, Superman was a deeply personal icon, one that said you can do anything if you put your mind to it. What he stood for formed the core of who I wanted to be as I grew up, and informed how I view the world and my responsibilities to other people. — J. Michael Straczynski

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Dwayne McDuffie

If you do a black character or a female character or an Asian character, then they aren't just that character. They represent that race or that sex, and they can't be interesting because everything they do has to represent an entire block of people. You know, Superman isn't all white people and neither is Lex Luthor. We knew we had to present a range of characters within each ethnic group, which means that we couldn't do just one book. We had to do a series of books and we had to present a view of the world that's wider than the world we've seen before. — Dwayne McDuffie

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Craig Silvey

See, Batman is different. He's mortal. He's got a real life to risk. Superman just has to avoid Kryptonite. Big deal. Superman fears nothing because outside a few very specific circumstances where he might encounter some stupid rock, nothing can possibly do him in. Batman has the same vulnerabilities as the rest of us, so he has the same fears as us. That's why he's the most courageous: because he can put those aside and fight on regardless. My point is this: the more you have to lose, the braver you re for standing up. That's why Batman is superior to Superman, and that's why I am infinitely smarter then you.'
I am a genius. I have won.
'Pffft! Whatever. I'll bet Batman won't be too loud about his superiority when Superman is belting seven shades of shit out of him. — Craig Silvey

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Guy Fieri

I'm grateful for my whole family, but my dad is like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Superman, and Evel Knievel all at one time. I can think I have it all figured out, and he'll say, 'But did you look at that side of it?' He shows me just how much more there is than what appears to be. — Guy Fieri

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Dennis O'Neil

Writing about real stuff that really concerned me brought out my craft. If you're writing a story about, 'Is Lois Lane gonna figure out that Superman is Clark Kent?' - it's really hard to get involved in that on anything other than a craft level. And I'm not gonna put down craftsmanship; it is a noble enough thing to have made a table that you can pound on and it doesn't fall down. But occasionally, we might have an assignment that engages some other parts of ourselves, and those tend to be the good stories. — Dennis O'Neil

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Terry Crews

Because I was not superhuman, I was just a human, and my attempts to be this superman, this Telon star, someone infallible who everyone could look at as the perfect man, were eventually my downfall.

Of course, I still write down my goals, I still see the value in being fit and doing my job well. But trying to be perfect will leave you empty-handed, whereas trying to do your best will keep you fulfilled. The best you can do is always good. I realized you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be faithful in your attempts. — Terry Crews

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Rhonda James

Cassie, stop. I can't do this.' He pulls back to meet my hurt gaze.
'I know why you're doing this.' I draw a breath, letting it out on a long exhale. 'You don't trust me with your heart. You're afraid if you give it to me there's a chance it could be broken, again.'
'It's been shattered once. I'm afraid next time it won't get broken. It'll be obliterated,' he says quietly.
I press a single kiss to his lip. 'You're my Superman. You're not supposed to be afraid of anything.'
'Even Superman had weaknesses. — Rhonda James

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By H.L. Mencken

In the superman Nietzsche gave the world a conceivable and possible goal for all human effort. But there still remained a problem and it was this: When the superman at last appears on earth, what then? Will there be another super-superman to follow and another super-super-superman after that? In the end, will man become the equal of the creator of the universe, whoever or whatever He may be? Or will a period of decline come after, with return down the long line, through the superman down to man again, and then on to the anthropoid ape, to the lower mammals, to the asexual cell, and, finally, to mere inert matter, gas, ether, and empty space? — H.L. Mencken

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Grant Morrison

American writers often say they find it difficult to write Superman. They say he's too powerful; you can't give him problems. But Superman is a metaphor. For me, Superman has the same problems we do, but on a Paul Bunyan scale. If Superman walks the dog, he walks it around the asteroid belt because it can fly in space. When Superman's relatives visit, they come from the 31st century and bring some hellish monster conqueror from the future. But it's still a story about your relatives visiting. — Grant Morrison

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Philip Gulley

Our first night in the house, my wife and I were lying in bed. I was thanking God for my blessings. Thanking God for not having to pull aside a dining room curain to have my children near - that they were right down the hall, asleep in their Superman underwear, their little chests rising and falling to the pulse of their dreams.
I thought how some blessings are fickle guests. Just when we think they're here to stay, they pack their bags and move. When we're in the midst of blessing, we think it's our due - that blessing lasts forever. Next thing you know we're sitting helpless beside a hospital bed. All we're left with is a name on a wall, a toy in a desk, and memories that haunt our sleep.
Sometimes we come to gratitute too late. It's only after blessing has passed on that we realize what we had.
- chapter 2 — Philip Gulley

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Henry Cavill

Superman isn't moody or brooding or aggressive ... — Henry Cavill

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By B.o.B

My music, I feel, has always been experimental, but it had got to a point where I felt disconnected from it completely. I didn't want to be a Clark Kent/Superman: I couldn't really say, 'Well, B.o.B's the old me, and Bobby Ray's the new me.' I had to just make a point. — B.o.B

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Joe R. Lansdale

I wrote for television some, animation. Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Son of Batman, things of that nature were made and I'm happy about that, but now the recent film and TV stuff have validated me, as if that makes any sense. — Joe R. Lansdale

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Mark Millar

Receptionist also added super-breath when I offered her twenty bucks. — Mark Millar

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Martin Campbell

If you compare it to 'Batman' and 'Superman,' the world of 'Green Lantern' is way bigger and potentially way more interesting in a lot of ways, I think. — Martin Campbell

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Eli Of Kittim

Since ancient times, sacred texts from around the world foretold about a time period in human history when a mighty demi-god would appear on earth. Whether we call this figure Perseus, Krishna, or Messiah, he is epitomized in the figure of Jesus Christ - the modern equivalent of which is Superman! — Eli Of Kittim

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Frank Miller

The most questionable thing I did was make Superman a government agent. If this had been a Superman story, I'd never have done that - and I know that, because I have a Superman story I want to tell someday. In this story, Batman was the hero, so the world was built around him. — Frank Miller

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Andy Behrman

My ever-present mania meant I was never phased by staying up twenty hours a day or by the different time zones. I was Superman. — Andy Behrman

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By David Mamet

I love Superman. I'm a big fan of anyone who can make his living in his underwear. — David Mamet

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Kevin Sorbo

On losing the opportunity to star in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 'You know what? It happened for the right reason. Although I would have made a good Clark Kent. I look better in glasses. — Kevin Sorbo

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By Brian Michael Bendis

I was on the set of the first Powers pilot, and an actor of color came up to me and said, "When I was a kid, my friends wouldn't let me play Batman or Superman, because I wasn't their color. But they would let me play Spider-Man. And that's the difference." And I realized I had heard this story a hundred times from different people, but I wasn't there in my head yet. — Brian Michael Bendis

You Can Be My Superman Quotes By John Podhoretz

Christopher Nolan's astounding third Batman feature, 'The Dark Knight Rises,' represents the true maturation of the superhero movie - and provides the key to understanding the bottomless craving moviegoers have for these films, 34 years after the Christopher Reeve Superman gave birth to the genre. — John Podhoretz