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You Are My Gravity Quotes By Kelly Link

Marriage has affected the laws of gravity. We will now revolve around each other. You will exert gravity on me, and I will exert gravity on you. We are one another's moons. You are holding onto my feet with both hands, as if otherwise you might fall right off the bed. I think I might float up and hit the ceiling, splat, if you let go. Please don't let go. — Kelly Link

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Demi Moore

Despite what anti-aging ads say, growing older can be better. I feel better in my skin, 100 percent. You have greater effects of gravity, but the better sense of yourself you have is something I wouldn't trade. Women who lie about their age - 'why?' — Demi Moore

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Juliet Castle

My only stake was the hook I shot in the moon, trying to capture stardom on my way to heaven. Without bravado. Just footsteps plodding me along till my big show. My showstopper. The one where I landed in a place without gravity. — Juliet Castle

You Are My Gravity Quotes By C. G. Jung

Adaptedness) of the conscious mind by adding to it contents of the unconscious, our aim is to create a wider personality whose centre of gravity does not necessarily coincide with the ego, but which, on the contrary, as the patient's insights increase, may even thwart his [sheer] ego-tendencies. Like a magnet, the new centre [i.e., self] attracts to itself that which is proper to it.80 — C. G. Jung

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Primo Levi

The Gedalists were nearly run down by a Dodge truck on which two grand pianos had been loaded: two uniformed officers were playing, in unison, with gravity and commitment, the 1812 Overture of Tchaikowsky, while the driver wove among the wagons with brusque swerves, pressing the siren at full volume, heedless of the pedestrians in his way. — Primo Levi

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Lisa Renee Jones

Greed is a stronger force than gravity. — Lisa Renee Jones

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Edward Witten

Superstring theories provide a framework in which the force of gravity may be united with the other three forces in nature: the weak, electromagnetic and strong forces. Recent progress has shown that the most promising superstring theories follow from a single theory. For the last generation, physicists have studied five string theories and one close cousin. Recently it has become clear that these five or six theories are different limiting cases of one theory which, though still scarcely understood, is the candidate for superunification of the forces of nature. — Edward Witten

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Tad R. Callister

The powers of the Atonement do not lie dormant until one sins and then suddenly spring forth to satisfy the needs of the repentant person. Rather, like the forces of gravity, they are everywhere present, exerting their unseen but powerful influence. — Tad R. Callister

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Jeffrey Tate

I can't even touch another conductor's baton. The center of gravity, the feel of the handle, puts me totally off. — Jeffrey Tate

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Chase Twichell

In Advance of All Parting is a tough, unsentimental examination of marital grief. Musically elegant and inventive, understated and passionate, the poems give us a profound glimpse into how the events of a life can form a center of gravity that fixes the self in its force field. Theres a cold, truth-telling clarity about them that makes them as unsettling as they are beautiful. Ansie Baird has created a richly-drawn world in which this elemental drama plays out, and the result is vivid, startling poems in which pain has left its indelible tracks. — Chase Twichell

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Jonathan Evison

I remember us saying that we liked small houses, that proximity engendered closeness in a family. That nobody should be raised by a nanny or in day care. I remember us saying that time, not money, was the greatest resource. That everything would be all right. That the universe would provide. That belief was a force more powerful than gravity itself. — Jonathan Evison

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Mary Oliver

Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous
to be understood.
How grass can be nourishing in the
mouths of the lambs.
How rivers and stones are forever
in allegiance with gravity
while we ourselves dream of rising.
How two hands touch and the bonds
will never be broken.
How people come, from delight or the
scars of damage,
to the comfort of a poem.
Let me keep my distance, always, from those
who think they have the answers.
Let me keep company always with those who say
"Look!" and laugh in astonishment,
and bow their heads. — Mary Oliver

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Nicholas Mosley

But had I not cut the cord? and now was I seeing what happens when there is no gravity. There is indeed nothing, nothing; you are just falling. My father had said once (or was it you?) that the only emotions worth having are ecstasy and despair. I thought - Well yes, but there is also a terror at this nothing. — Nicholas Mosley

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Isabelle Crusoe

Do you mind?" I looked at him from my upside-down position. The rope tight around my ankle, hands fought a losing battle with gravity over my t-shirt.
"What are you doing here?" He kneeled, hand rested on the crossbow while he dug his mismatched eyes into me.
"Oh, you know... just hanging. — Isabelle Crusoe

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Duong Thu Huong

He said:To love, we need passion, but also respect. Once, someone told me that all you needed to build lasting happiness was a woman who admired and respected her man. But now, I know that's wrong. Happiness is much more difficult to attain. It's like crossing a suspension bridge; it's fragile, shaky, and there's no guardrail. You have to find your own equilibrium. And for that to happen, it has to rest on two centers of gravity, on both partners. — Duong Thu Huong

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Leo Lionni

In our everyday garden grow the rosemary, juniper, ferns and plane trees, perfectly tangible and visible. For these plants that have an illusory relationship with us, which in no way alters their existentiality, we are merely an event, an accident, and our presence, which seems so solid, laden with gravity, is to them no more than a momentary void in motion through the air. Reality is a quality that belongs to them, and we can exercise no rights over it. — Leo Lionni

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

We can so easily slip back from what we have struggled to attain, abruptly, into a life we never wanted; can find that we are trapped, as in a dream, and die there, without ever waking up. This can occur. Anyone who has lifted his blood into a years-long work may find that he can't sustain it, the force of gravity is irresistible, and it falls back, worthless. For somewhere there is an ancient enmity between our daily life and the great work. — Rainer Maria Rilke

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Werner Von Braun

We've got gravity licked but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming. — Werner Von Braun

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Martin Amis

He turns the pages from right to left. He begins at the beginning and ends at the end. This makes a quirky sense to me - but Mikio and I are definitely in the minority here. And how can we two be right? It would make so many others wrong. Water moves upward. It seeks the highest level. What did you expect? Smoke falls. Things are created in the violence of fire. But that's all right. Gravity still pins us to the planet. — Martin Amis

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Ina May Gaskin

and birthing mothers are elemental forces, in the same sense that
gravity, thunderstorms, earthquakes, and hurricanes are elemental
forces. In order to understand the laws of their energy flow, you have
to love and respect them for their magnificence at the same time that
you study them with the accuracy of a true scientist. — Ina May Gaskin

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The birds had been given everything they needed. A home in the thin, pure air: a moment of weightlessness, a reprieve from the gravity of life — Vanessa Diffenbaugh

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Gwen Hayes

Layney Logan, there are two things in this world you don't need to question. One is gravity." He tilted my chin to force me to look him in the eye. The sudden intimacy shocked me. "The other is Layney Logan. — Gwen Hayes

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Dannika Dark

Sometimes the worst beatings we endure are never the physical kind. — Dannika Dark

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Sarah Brightman

Everybody goes up and does something in the private sector that they feel that they can do, and obviously I'm a musician and feel that one of my experiments - because I think there are many that you can do and that you're helped with the ideas of what you could do - yes, would be to see how I would sing in zero gravity. — Sarah Brightman

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Matt Abraham

She was full of warm hues and dark curves, and actually looked better than the night before, but she moved the same way, swaying back and forth with a body that looked like it never heard of old man gravity. — Matt Abraham

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

One thing I do know about intimacy is that there are certain natural laws which govern the sexual experience of two people, and that these laws cannot be budged any more than gravity can be negotiated with. To feel physically comfortable with someone else's body is not a decision you can make. It has very little to do with how two people think or act or talk or even look. The mysterious magnet is either there, buried somewhere deep behind the sternum, or it is not. When it isn't there (as I have learned in the past, with heartbreaking clarity) you can no more force it to exist than a surgeon can force a patient's body to accept a kidney from the wrong donor. My friend Annie says it all comes down to one simple question: Do you want your belly pressed against this person's belly forever
or not? — Elizabeth Gilbert

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Peter Higgs

I'm a fan of supersymmetry, largely because it seems to be the only route by which gravity can be brought into the scheme. It's probably not even enough, but it's a way forward to get gravity involved. If you have supersymmetry, then there are more of these particles. That would be my favourite outcome. — Peter Higgs

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Jay Williams

Boy! There are times when I get the feeling that science develops things that are supposed to be good for us, but that just make trouble."

Dr. Tresselt's blue eyes seemed to throw out sparks of amusement. "I know how you feel, Joe," he said. "But my stars, boy, nobody can be alive and never have any trouble! Being alive is just meeting troubles every day and overcoming them. Just to stand up straight against the pull of gravity is a fight, isn't it? — Jay Williams

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Roy Blount Jr.

But authorship is not to be denied. Not even if you are Thomas Pynchon and stonewall all attempts to establish your actual existence. My own feeling is that Pynchon does not exist, and neither do the last five hundred pages of Gravity's Rainbow, but there is no question whatsoever that Thomas Pynchon is an author. — Roy Blount Jr.

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Jorie Graham

And angle of vision, dust, gravity, solitude,
and the part of the law which is the world's waiting
and the part of the law which is my waiting,
and the part which is my impatience - now; now?
though there are, there really are
things in the world, you must believe me. — Jorie Graham

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Steven Pressfield

The next few chapters are going to be about those invisible psychic forces that support and sustain us in our journey toward ourselves. I plan on using terms like muses and angels. Does that make you uncomfortable? If it does, you have my permission to think of angels in the abstract. Consider these forces as being impersonal as gravity. Maybe they are. It's not hard to believe, is it, that a force exists in every grain and seed to make it grow? Or that in every kitten or colt is an instinct that impels it to run and play and learn. Just as Resistance can be thought of as — Steven Pressfield

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Sean Terrence Best

Athena, Demeter, Andromeda, Cassiopeia ~ dearest thoughtful Svetlana, your glorious angelic light outshines the entire goddess pantheon of Mount Olympus, , your radiant splendor surpasses the luminous sunsets of a thousand distant worlds, , in all my galactic travels you are the only star whose elegant sway has the power to swing me into orbit, , may our cosmic dance last forever, , may our mutual tidal gravity eternally signal our telepathic presence in each others soulful wandering lives — Sean Terrence Best

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Criss Jami

The pain of the narcissist is that, to him, everything is really a threat. What doesn't surrender in reverence is blasphemous to a high opinion of oneself - the burden of self-importance. The narcissist reconstructs his own law of gravity which states that all things and all creatures must adhere to his personal satisfaction, but when they do not, the pain is far more intense than it is for one who is free from the clamors of 'I'. — Criss Jami

You Are My Gravity Quotes By James K. Morrow

All I ask, Madam, is to share with thee a common center of gravity. — James K. Morrow

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Rachel Vincent

You'll have to give me a minute here. Gravity's a real bitch this morning.
Ian to Kori — Rachel Vincent

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Alan Shepard

We wanted to be in great shape, we wanted to be able to cope with zero gravity, we wanted to be able to cope with accelerations and decelerations and so on. So all of us trained so that we were probably in the best physical condition we had ever been in up until that point. — Alan Shepard

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Wernher Von Braun

It will free man from the remaining chains, the chains of gravity which still tie him to this planet. — Wernher Von Braun

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Jim Butcher

I mean, when you think about it, jet travel is pretty freaking remarkable. You get in a plane, it defies the gravity of an entire planet by exploiting a loophole with air pressure, and it flies across distances that would take months or years to cross by any means of travel that has been significant for more than a century or three. You hurtle above the earth at enough speed to kill you instantly should you bump into something, and you can only breathe because someone built you a really good tin can that has seams tight enough to hold in a decent amount of air. Hundreds of millions of man-hours of work and struggle and research, blood, sweat, tears, and lives have gone into the history of air travel, and it has totally revolutionized the face of our planet and societies. But get on any flight in the country, and I absolutely promise you that you will find someone who, in the face of all that incredible achievement, will be willing to complain about the drinks. The drinks, people. — Jim Butcher

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Valentine Glass

More than that, the thought rattled uncomfortably in my child brain that I would one day become one of them. My body then was sexless. Though I had seen the curves of adults, I couldn't fathom the chrysalis that would turn my featureless body into something with heft and gravity, curves and the inclination to use them. — Valentine Glass

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Isaac Newton

He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God. — Isaac Newton

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Chris Hadfield

Other anatomical changes associated with long-duration space flight are definitely negative: the immune system weakens, the heart shrinks because it doesn't have to strain against gravity, eyesight tends to degrade, sometimes markedly (no one's exactly sure why yet). The spine lengthens as the little sacs of fluid between the vertebrae expand, and bone mass decreases as the body sheds calcium. Without gravity, we don't need muscle and bone mass to support our own weight, which is what makes life in space so much fun but also so inherently bad for the human body, long-term. — Chris Hadfield

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Steven Chu

My physics teacher, Thomas Miner was particularly gifted. To this day, I remember how he introduced the subject of physics. He told us we were going to learn how to deal with very simple questions such as how a body falls due to the acceleration of gravity. — Steven Chu

You Are My Gravity Quotes By William Shakespeare

With purpose to be dressed in an opinion of wisdom gravity profound conceit as who should say 'I am Sir Oracle and when I ope my lips let no dog bark.' 1.1 — William Shakespeare

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Jean Baudrillard

The only weapon of power, its only strategy against this defection, is to reinject the real and the referential everywhere, to persuade us of the reality of the social, of the gravity of the economy and the finalities of production. — Jean Baudrillard

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Lola Montez

Exercise, not philosophically and with religious gravity undertaken, but with the wild and romping activities of a spirited girl who runs up and down as if her veins were full of wine. — Lola Montez

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Toba Beta

Smartass Disciple: Master, tell me what is it beyond this universe ?
Master of Stupidity: No 'space' in no 'gravity'. No 'thing' in spaceless. — Toba Beta

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Marianne Williamson

The scientific revolution proved that there are objective, discernible laws of physical phenomena. Take gravity, for instance. You don't exactly have faith in the law of gravity so much as you just know that the law is the law. Now we are learning that there are objective, discernible laws of non-physical phenomena. These two sets of laws are parallel. Externally, the universe supports our physical survival. Photosynthesis in plants and plankton in the ocean produce oxygen, which we need in order to breathe. Internally the universe also supports our survival. Emotionally and psychologically the internal equivalent to oxygen, what we need in order to survive, is love. And human relationships exist to produce love. — Marianne Williamson

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Clayton Christensen

But actually theory is very practical. Gravity is a theory, for example. It allows you to predict that if you step off a cliff you will fall; you don't have to collect data on that. — Clayton Christensen

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Marianne Moore

I am governed by the pull of the sentence as the pull of fabric is governed by gravity. — Marianne Moore

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Richard Jackson

The heart sags. My footprints forget me.
I don't think anything will ever be the same.
This is the edge of the cliff and you can't move,
can't jump. Everything is vertical. With binoculars
you can see where you'll be in an hour. Raindrops
collect on the lens. A fine mist. It hides us.
It drifts into clocks. Gravity presses your hands.
Some hurts never get said. Some get smuggled. — Richard Jackson

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The exact orbit of Earth is controlled by the Sun's mass and the mass of all remaining planets. An object's mass and its distance is all we need to know to completely determine the effects of its gravity on Earth. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Peter Mayle

Gu himself presides over the room- a genial, noisy man with the widest, jauntiest, must luxuriant and ambitious mustache I have ever seen, permanently fighting gravity and the razor in its attempts to make contact with Gu's eyebrows. — Peter Mayle

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Joseph Banks

Mr Humphry Davy is a lively and talented man, and a thorough chemist ... — Joseph Banks

You Are My Gravity Quotes By Stefan Zweig

The great masses always and at once respond to the force of gravity in the direction of the powers that be. — Stefan Zweig