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You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Elaine S. Dalton

I see the angel Moroni, standing atop the temple, as a shining symbol of [our] faith. I love Moroni, because in a degenerate society, he remained pure and true. He is my hero. He stood alone. I feel somehow he stands atop the temple today, beckoning us to have courage, to remember who we are and to be worthy to enter the holy temple, to 'arise and shine forth,' to stand above the worldly clamor and to, as Isaiah prophesied, 'Come to the mountain of the Lord'-the holy temple. — Elaine S. Dalton

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Alice Hoffman

At first it appeared as if something with wings had fallen from above ... perhaps an angel who had faltered then drowned, in tears of this poor tired world. — Alice Hoffman

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Henry Ward Beecher

The man who perceives life only with his eye, his ear, his hand, and his tongue, is but little higher than the ox or an intelligent dog; but he who has imagination sees things around and above him, as the angels see them. — Henry Ward Beecher

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Joanne Owen

Death continues to stalk the streets, stealing the souls of our children as they sleep. We're running out of fingers to close their eyes, voices to bless their souls, hands to dig their graves. Poisonous fumes from their unburied bodies contaminate the alleys, and the ghosts of those who have been buried rise nightly. Their tiny forms dance above their tombstones, an agonising reminder that we've failed them. — Joanne Owen

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Joseph Smith Jr.

And the angel said unto me: Behold the formation of a church which is most abominable above all other churches, which slayeth the saints of God, yea, and tortureth them and bindeth them down, and yoketh them with a yoke of iron, and bringeth them down into captivity. — Joseph Smith Jr.

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Charles Le Gai Eaton

Certain mystical philosophers have personified Destiny, and from this point of view each man's personal destiny is his archetype or "other self"
his "angel"
with whom he must be reunited if he is to rise above his fragmentary identity as a worldling and become whole, as he is (and always has been) in the mind of God. — Charles Le Gai Eaton

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Michael Chabon

Knowing he had done wrong, prepared to make amends, settle his business. Determined to return to Brokeland, open the doors wide to the angel of retail death, and run the place into the ground all by himself, if that was what it took-but to fail calmly, to fail with style, to fail above all with that true dignity, unknown to his wife or his partner, which lay in never tripping out, never showing offense or hurt to those who had offended or hurt you. — Michael Chabon

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Kim Cormack

In the woods lay a bleeding angel in all her glory. Her arms posed gracefully above her head and her hair soaked in the mud, the blood and feces in which she lay. Dying, fading into the other realm, her form christened by the rain as though the trees had begun to weep upon her in sadness for the brutality she had endured. (The Children of Ankh series) — Kim Cormack

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Wallace Stevens

And what's above is in the past
As sure as all the angels are. — Wallace Stevens

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By C.M. Stunich

The light above Turner kicks on, just that one light, bathing him in brightness. I fall in love along with the rest of the people there, gazing at an angel fallen from heaven, celestially beautiful, ethereally tragic. His blue-black hair shimmers like dark feathers on a dancing demon, and his body is absolute perfection in that suit. — C.M. Stunich

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By David Dudley Field II

To have the power of forgetting, for the time, self, friends, interests, relationship; and to think of doing right toward another, a stranger, an enemy, perhaps, is to have that which men can share only with the angels, and with Him who is above men and angels. — David Dudley Field II

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Elizabeth Gaskell

She freshens me up above a bit. Who'd ha thought that face - as bright and as strong as the angel I dream of - could have known the sorrow she speaks on? I wonder how she'll sin. All on us must sing. — Elizabeth Gaskell

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Mary Todd Lincoln

He (Abraham Lincoln) said he wanted to visit the Holy Land and see those places hallowed by the footprints of the Saviour. He was saying there was no city he so much desired to see as Jerusalem. And with the words half spoken on his tongue, the bullet of the assassin entered the brain, and the soul of the great and good President was carried by the angels to the New Jerusalem above. — Mary Todd Lincoln

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By John Milton

These are thy glorious works Parent of Good, Almighty, thine this universal Frame, Thus wondrous fair; thy self how wondrous then! Unspeakable, who sitst above these Heavens To us invisible or dimly seen In these thy lowest works, yet these declare Thy goodness beyond thought, and Power Divine: Speak ye who best can tell, ye Sons of light, Angels, for ye behold him, and with songs And choral symphonies, Day without Night, Circle his Throne rejoicing, ye in Heav'n, On Earth join all ye Creatures to extoll Him first, him last, him midst, and without end. — John Milton

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Patti Smith

Wisdom was a teapot, pouring from above. Desolation angels, served it up with love. — Patti Smith

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Martin Luther

I put the Scriptures above all the sayings of the fathers, angels, men and devils. Here I take my stand. — Martin Luther

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Justin Bieber

My friends say I'm a fool to think that you're the one for me, I guess I'm just a sucker for love. (love love) 'Cause honsetly the truth is that you know I'm never leaving, 'cause your my angel sent from above. (bove bove) Me and you can do no wrong. My money is yours give you a lil more 'cause I love ya, love ya. With me girl is where you belong ...
-Love Me — Justin Bieber

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Jean Cocteau

A man's truest self realizations might require him, above all, to learn to close his eyes: to let himself be taken unawares, to follow his dark angel, to risk his illegal instincts. — Jean Cocteau

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

You're what I want. No other angel, or man, will ever stand above you in my esteem, in my regard, or in my love. — Amy A. Bartol

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By George Eliot

Two angels guide
The path of man, both aged and yet young.
As angels are, ripening through endless years,
On one he leans: some call her Memory,
And some Tradition; and her voice is sweet,
With deep mysterious accords: the other,
Floating above, holds down a lamp with streams
A light divine and searching on the earth,
Compelling eyes and footsteps. Memory yields,
Yet clings with loving check, and shines anew,
Reflecting all the rays of that bright lamp
Our angel Reason holds. We had not walked
But for Tradition; we walk evermore
To higher paths by brightening Reason's lamp. — George Eliot

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Martin Buber

The biblical passage which says of Abraham and the three visiting angels: "And He stood over them under the tree and they did eat" is interpreted by Rabbi Zusya to the effect that man stands above the angels, because he knows something unknown to them, namely, that eating may be hallowed by the eater's intention ... Any natural act, if hallowed, leads to God, and nature needs man for what no angel can perform on it, namely, its hallowing. — Martin Buber

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Alain De Botton

There is not much talk about the clouds that are visible up here. No one seems to think it remarkable that somewhere above an ocean we are flying past a vast white candy-floss island that would have made a perfect seat for an angel or even God himself in a painting by Piero della Francesca. In the cabin, no one stands up to announce with requisite emphasis that if we look out the window, we will see that we are flying over a cloud, a matter that would have detained Leonardo and Poussin, Claude and Constable. — Alain De Botton

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Thomas Hardy

Angel, who was filling the vats with his handful, suddenly ceased, and laid his hands flat upon hers. Her sleeves were rolled far above the elbow, and bending lower he kissed the inside vein of her soft arm. — Thomas Hardy

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Aiden Wilson Tozer

The spiritual man habitually makes eternity-judgments instead of time-judgments. By faith he rises above the tug of earth and the flow of time and learns to think and feel as one who has already left the world and gone to join the innumerable company of angels and the general assembly and Church of the First-born which are written in heaven. Such a man would rather be useful than famous and would rather serve than be served. And all this must be by the operation of the Holy Spirit within him. No man can become spiritual by himself. Only the free Spirit can make a man spiritual. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Susan Smith

Angels came down that day, and said it was their time, They wrapped HIM/HER in their wings of love, to protect them for their climb, to take HIM/HER to our lord above, Where they will be safe in gods hands. — Susan Smith

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Susan Ee

Against the wounded sky, a lone angel circles above us. No, not an angel. Light glints off curved metal on one of the edges of his wings. They are not shaped like a bird's wings. It's a giant bat-wing shape. My heart speeds up with my need to shout out to him. Could — Susan Ee

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Martina Mcbride

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel — Martina Mcbride

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Melanie Dickerson

He was nearly asleep when he heard a voice, a melody so unearthly and beautiful he glanced up at the sky, expecting to see heaven opened and an angel of music. But all he saw were a few stars winking above him through the leaves. — Melanie Dickerson

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By Caedmon

The fiend with all his comrades Fell then from heaven above, Through as long as three nights and days, The angels form heaven into hell; And them all the Lord transformed to devils, Because they his deed and word Would not revere. — Caedmon

You Are My Angel From Above Quotes By John Milton

Then there was war in heaven. But it was not angels. It was that small golden zeppelin, like a long oval world, high up. It seemed as if the cosmic order were gone, as if there had come a new order, a new heavens above us: and as if the world in anger were trying to revoke it. — John Milton