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Top Y F X Six Sigma Quotes

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By John Novak

With Lean Six Sigma, the tools are the easy part, changing organizational culture is the hard part. — John Novak

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Jack Welch

Control your own Destiny or somebody else will — Jack Welch

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Karen Martin

If you want engagement, you must engage. — Karen Martin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Karen Martin

Chaos is the enemy of any organization the strives to be outstanding. — Karen Martin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Jack Welch

Six Sigma is a quality program that, when all is said and done, improves your customers' experience, lowers your costs, and builds better leaders. — Jack Welch

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Thomas Pyzdek

Stated simply, an Excel spreadsheet, or more likely a proliferation of these spreadsheets, is ill-suited for the longer-term data management and analysis required by Six Sigma teams. — Thomas Pyzdek

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Karen Martin

Chaos is NOT a condition of doing business. — Karen Martin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Peter S. Pande

So much has happened since the first publication of The Six Sigma Way, and it has been rewarding to find that much of what was in the book then still holds true. At the same time, the opportunity to reflect on how organizations have used, or misused, Six Sigma had offered a lot of new insights. We're pleased that this updated book will offer some real benefit to individuals and organizations still focused on driving continuous improvement today. — Peter S. Pande

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Peter Fader

Charging everyone the same thing and treating everyone the same way, as retailers do today, is 'Six Sigma' thinking which is great for producing widgets on a production line, but it makes no sense in a world where customers are inherently different. — Peter Fader

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By J. August Richards

In the 'Angel' days, all there was was a community that was like a chat room. If you were looking for feedback, you had to look for it. — J. August Richards

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Craig Ferguson

It's Earth Day today. Let me tell you something about polar bears. They're endangered but you have to be careful because a polar bear is one of the few animals that will stalk a human. If you go to where polar bears live, it might stalk you and when you're on the plane going home, it might be behind you reading. — Craig Ferguson

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Seth Godin

Perfect is an illusion, one that was created to maintain the status quo. The Six Sigma charade is largely about hiding from change, because change is never perfect. Change means reinvention, and until something is reinvented, we have no idea what the spec is. — Seth Godin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Erin Hunter

warriors. "So will I," mewed Dustpelt. — Erin Hunter

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Louise Penny

That's what I believe," said Ruth. "Peter didn't. Here was a man who was given everything. Talent, love, a peaceful place to live and create. And all he had to do was appreciate it." "And if he didn't?" "He would remain stone. And the deities would turn on him. They do, you know. They're generous, but they demand gratitude. — Louise Penny

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Miroslav Volf

In the minds of most people, Christianity is supposed to be about love of God and neighbor (even though it is true that at the heart of Christianity does not lie human love at all, but God's love for humanity24 — Miroslav Volf

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Antonya Nelson

You own a dog with the knowledge that it will move through the stages of existence in fast forward, providing you with a lesson about your own life passages if you let it. — Antonya Nelson

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By David Brock

The right can distort anything it wants. — David Brock

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Komrade Komura

Losing it in the backseat with a can of beer and a blunt, virginity is of no value. I never celebrated my time before chocolate either. — Komrade Komura

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Taiichi Ohno

Kaizen should be done when times are good or when the company is profitable, since your efforts to streamline and make improvements when the company is poor are limited to reduction in staff. Even if you try to go lean and cut out the fat to improve business performance, when your business is in a very difficult position financially there is no fat to be cut. If you are cutting out muscle, which you need, then you cannot say that your efforts to become lean are succeeding.The most important thing about doing kaizen is to do kaizen when times are good, the economy is strong, and the company is profitable — Taiichi Ohno

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By John Henry Patterson

If you plan your work, you will not find yourself standing on the corner wondering where to go next. — John Henry Patterson

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Seth Godin

This is like the Six Sigma approach to quality. Six Sigma refers to the quest for continuous improvement, ultimately leading to 3.4 defects per million units. The problem is that once you're heading down this road, there's no room left for amazing improvements and remarkable innovations. Either you rolled ten strikes or you didn't. Organizations that earn dramatic success always do it in markets where asymptotes don't exist, or where they can be shattered. If you could figure out how to bowl 320, that would be amazing. Until that happens, pick a different sport if you want to be a linchpin. — Seth Godin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

When you are finished changing, you're finished. — Benjamin Franklin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Karen Martin

When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. — Karen Martin

Y F X Six Sigma Quotes By Daniel Suarez

Look, cell phone geolocation data shows very few clustering anomalies for this hour and climate. And that's holding up pretty much across all major metro areas. It's gone down six percentage points since news of the Karachi workshop hit the Web, and it's trending downward. If people are protesting, they aren't doing it in the streets." He circled his finger over a few clusters of dots. "Some potential protest knots in Portland and Austin, but defiance-related tag cloud groupings in social media put us within the three-sigma rule - meaning roughly sixty-eight percent of the values lie within one standard deviation of the mean. — Daniel Suarez