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Top X File Quotes

X File Quotes By Donna Augustine

I'd title them and file them away as this or that. Everything they did was then filtered through that title, whether it was accurate or not. — Donna Augustine

X File Quotes By Morgan Parker

It's not real. Love is a product of habit and routine. If you break that habit and change those routines, the person you've loved and lost and can't live without suddenly becomes an easy memory to file in the back of your mind . In other words, love isn't a heart condition. It's not even an emotional one. It's just a four-letter word we use when we want to control someone else and ruin their life if we ever decide to walk out on them — Morgan Parker

X File Quotes By Machtelt Garrels

On a UNIX system, everything is a file; if something is not a file, it is a process. — Machtelt Garrels

X File Quotes By Cyma Rizwaan Khan

He's been looking at my file. So the question has to be right there on the tip of his tongue right about now, waiting to be spoken. But he keeps up the 'act professional' charade, makes it feel like he sees this kind of thing all the time, but in reality he's having a little fun with it. I'm the story he's going to tell at a bar after making my name anonymous. I'm the case study that's going to become dinner conversation when he takes some rich bitch out next week. He's going to do it to make himself look well-balanced, prove how normal he is in a world full of weirdoes. In short, he's going to look 'normal' at my expense. — Cyma Rizwaan Khan

X File Quotes By John Ortberg

The life of Abraham Lincoln is by most accounts an amazing study in character formation. Yet he was notoriously disorganized; he even had a file in his law office labeled If you can't find it anywhere else, try looking here. — John Ortberg

X File Quotes By Cynthia Leitich Smith

Bridget adds, "Did Anyone bring a weapon?"
"Confiscated," Zach admits for both of us.
Vesper holds up her metal fingernail file. "They didn't take this."
We're dealing with the forces of evil," I point out. "Not the TSA. — Cynthia Leitich Smith

X File Quotes By Richelle Mead

It was something of a mystery how a couple of teenage girls had managed to escape detection for two years, especially when one of them was a privileged Moroi princess and the other a delinquent dhampir with a disciplinary file so long that it broke school records. — Richelle Mead

X File Quotes By Larry Wall

Just don't create a file called. — Larry Wall

X File Quotes By Jim Rohn

Don't use your mind for a filing cabinet. Use your mind to work out problems and find answers; file away good ideas in your journal. — Jim Rohn

X File Quotes By Heinrich Muller

You are a very interesting case, General. Do you know what fat file of evidence we have against you here? — Heinrich Muller

X File Quotes By Woody Allen

Even if God exists, he's done such a terrible job, it's a wonder people don't get together and file a class action suit against him. — Woody Allen

X File Quotes By Naomi Klein

In its 2013 annual report on "Global Risks," the World Economic Forum (host of the annual superelite gathering in Davos), stated plainly, "Although the Alaskan village of Kivalina - which faces being 'wiped out' by the changing climate - was unsuccessful in its attempts to file a US$ 400 million lawsuit against oil and coal companies, future plaintiffs may be more successful. Five decades ago, the U.S. tobacco industry would not have suspected that in 1997 it would agree to pay $368 billion in health-related damages. — Naomi Klein

X File Quotes By Christopher Farnsworth

Questions?" Cade asked, pointing at the file where Zach had stuffed it into his messenger bag.
"Yeah," Zach said. "Any chance I can go back to D.C.?"
"Any useful questions?"
"Do you think it's really the Boogeyman that killed Brent? You think it's back?"
"I sincerely hope not."
"When you say things like that, I start to cry a little on the inside. — Christopher Farnsworth

X File Quotes By Kim Dotcom

Providing 'freemium' cloud storage to society is not a crime. What will Hollywood do when smartphones and tablets can wirelessly transfer a movie file within milliseconds? — Kim Dotcom

X File Quotes By Peteris Krumins

To base64-encode the whole file, use this: perl -MMIME::Base64 -0777 -ne 'print encode_base64($_)' file Here, the -0777 argument together with -n causes Perl to slurp the whole file into the $_ variable. Next, the file is base64-encoded and printed. (If Perl didn't slurp the entire file, it would be encoded line by line, and you'd end up with a mess.) — Peteris Krumins

X File Quotes By Terry Pratchett

The only superstition I have is that I must start a new book on the same day that I finish the last one, even if it's just a few notes in a file. I dread not having work in progress. — Terry Pratchett

X File Quotes By Nalo Hopkinson

It's the thing I struggle with every day: the mental diligence and stamina needed to sit in front of the computer, open the file, start writing and to keep doing so, word after word, until I've created the next story. A combination of learning disability and chronic health issues make that the hardest thing for me. — Nalo Hopkinson

X File Quotes By Linus Torvalds

I think Leopard is a much better system [than Windows Vista] ... but OS X in some ways is actually worse than Windows to program for. Their file system is complete and utter crap, which is scary. — Linus Torvalds

X File Quotes By Ben Stiller

I'm Jewish, but my mom's Catholic, so the guilt area is covered. I have the highest expectations, along with the lowest. I tried to put as much of myself as possible in Reality Bites, but in terms of my humor, I'm still trying to figure out what my sensibility is. It's a process, really. I don't feel like I have a very clear idea of what I'm supposed to be, or even of how people perceive me, except that I got put into this Generation X file. — Ben Stiller

X File Quotes By Eric Sennevoight

After we're feasted down to white sticks and it's all covered in lions and trees and whatever the monkeys become prod the ground with a toe, staring down with glittering eyes at the guts of a wristwatch. After the bonfires and sun worship and they grow brains and can x-ray the ground. They can figure all this out, file it away. List my name with an asterisk after it, a footnote at the bottom phrasing my presence here in short, dull terminology. — Eric Sennevoight

X File Quotes By Charlie Benante

I don't like streaming. I hate all that crap. I'd rather be a fan and have the piece in front of you where you could read the liner notes and everything about it instead of just consume. Enjoy it that way. It's just a digital file. — Charlie Benante

X File Quotes By Austin Kleon

What Now? Talk a walk Start your swipe file Go to the library Buy a notebook and use it Get yourself a calendar Start your logbook Give a copy of this book away Start a blog Take a nap — Austin Kleon

X File Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Away, down below now, single file on the path, comes a woman with four girls in tow, all of them in shirtwaist dresses. Seen from above this way they are pale, doomed blossoms, bound to appeal to your sympathies. Be careful. Later on you'll have to decide what sympathy they deserve. — Barbara Kingsolver

X File Quotes By Samuel Rutherford

O, what I owe to the file, the hammer, and the furnace of the Lord Jesus! I know that he is no idle husbandman - he purposes a crop. — Samuel Rutherford

X File Quotes By William Gurnall

A minister, without boldness, is like a smooth file, a knife without an edge, a sentinel that is afraid to let off his gun. If men will be bold in sin, ministers must be bold to reprove. — William Gurnall

X File Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

My morning begins with trying not to get up before the sun rises. But when I do, it's because my head is too full of words, and I just need to get to my desk and start dumping them into a file. I always wake with sentences pouring into my head. — Barbara Kingsolver

X File Quotes By Deb Caletti

Our memories and the events of our lives are untidy things. We wish that we could file them away and shut the door, or we wish the opposite - that they would stay with us forever. You want to banish the remembrance of a tight hold on your ankle, a rope under a bed, the amber-colored medicine bottles of your father, the door your mother slams after a night of too much wine and jealousy. You want to keep close to you always that first sweet kiss, a maple leaf, that growing sense of yourself; you want to hold the sight of your dying father on that last boat trip, the calm you remember as your mother held you. Her voice. — Deb Caletti

X File Quotes By Anna Journey

My obsessions tend to cluster, so I often have families of poems in which only a couple of them make it to the book. It can be satisfying to banish poems to my "crappy poems" file. — Anna Journey

X File Quotes By Karin Slaughter

A few years after you disappeared, a postal worker named Ben Carver was sentenced to death for murdering six young men. (He is a homosexual, which, according to Huckleberry, means he is not attracted to murdering young women.) Rumors have it that Carver cannibalized some of his victims, but there was never a trial, so the more salacious details were not made public. I found Carver's name in the sheriff's file ten months ago, the fifth anniversary of your disappearance. The letter was written on Georgia Department of Corrections stationery and signed by the warden. He was informing the sheriff that Ben Carver, a death row inmate, had mentioned to one of the prison guards that he might have some information pertaining to your disappearance. — Karin Slaughter

X File Quotes By Steve Bartlett

This filing spike is a result of bad information being pushed on people, and then they file for bankruptcy out of fear. — Steve Bartlett

X File Quotes By Don DeLillo

Once you start a file, Delphine, it's just a matter of time before the material comes pouring in. Notes, lists, photos, rumors. Every bit and piece and whisper in the world that doesn't have a life until someone comes along to collect it. It's all been waiting just for you. — Don DeLillo

X File Quotes By Doug Larson

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. — Doug Larson

X File Quotes By Dave Cutler

My first operating system project was to build a real-time system called RSX-11M that ran on Digital's PDP-11 16-bit series of minicomputers ... a multitasking operating system that would run in 32 KB of memory with a hierarchical file system, application swapping, real-time scheduling, and a set of development utilities. The operating system and utilities were to run on the entire line of PDP-11 platforms, from the very small systems up through the PDP-11/70 which had memory-mapping hardware and supported up to 4 MB of memory. — Dave Cutler

X File Quotes By Janet Evanovich

I checked my pocketbook to make sure I had the essentials... beeper, tissues, hair spray, flashlight, cuffs, lipstick, gun with bullets, recharged cell phone, recharged stun gun, hairbrush, gum, pepper spray, nail file. Was I a kick-ass bounty hunter, or what?"(Three to get deadly)Janet evanovich — Janet Evanovich

X File Quotes By Mary Jo Putney

I don't usually look back. When I make foolish decisions, I file the consequences under lessons learned and tell myself not to be stupid in the same way again. — Mary Jo Putney

X File Quotes By Lemony Snicket

E!" Klaus cried. "E as in Exit!" The Baudelaires ran down E as in Exit, but when they reached the last
cabinet, the row was becoming F as in Falling File Cabinets, G as in Go the Other Way! and H as in How
in the World Are We Going to Escape? — Lemony Snicket