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Top Wow Factor Quotes

Wow Factor Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

It always felt good typing up a review on a book I enjoyed and I went all out, finding bizarre pictures to emphasis the wow factor. I preffered ones with cute kittens and llamas. And Dean Winchester. Hitting 'publish post' cracked a smile. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Wow Factor Quotes By Daryn Kagan

I think it's particularly fun not being a full-time showbiz reporter because you still have the 'Oh, wow!' factor when you go out on the red carpet and there are these big stars that are standing there. But if you're doing this day in and day out, it becomes a little blase. — Daryn Kagan

Wow Factor Quotes By Amanda Young

You're missing the wow factor."

Garrett snickered. "Did you really just say wow factor?"

"Oh, whatever. What are you, twelve?"

"Twelve inches, baby." Garrett winked.

Miller laughed and rolled his eyes. "In your dreams, buddy. — Amanda Young

Wow Factor Quotes By Tony Evans

Any job that allows me to use my pure water cleaning system and water fed pole is one I love. The wow factor for the customer after we [New View Window Cleaning] are done and they can't believe what we did with "just water and a brush" is something I never tire of. — Tony Evans

Wow Factor Quotes By Kalpa Das

I looked at the girl serving refreshments to the guests, with a smile on her face. She was in her teens. She had put on an orange coloured churidar, with a yellow dupatta and had a frame on her eyes,making her chubby face pretty. I felt nothing special about her. That '; wow!' factor was not there. Seconds later, I realised she stepped towards me and served me with a glass of juice and walked away. No talks, no smile, no eye to eye contact and definitely not love at first sight — Kalpa Das

Wow Factor Quotes By Casey Neistat

I don't really care for or that much about Chat Roulette. I think the phenomenon of it and like the first wow factor which was so absolutely insane about Chat Roulette. Certainly that's what inspired me to make that movie but I think that's true for everyone that used Chat Roulette which is why it was such an explosion. Now it's just kind of disappeared. You don't hear much about it anymore. — Casey Neistat

Wow Factor Quotes By Billy Mays

Is it demonstratable? Does it have that wow factor? Is it easy to use? Is it priced right? — Billy Mays

Wow Factor Quotes By Megalyn Echikunwoke

I've been to strip clubs where the dancers have these whole routines that they create just for the wow factor and to say, 'Look how strong and physically fit I am.' Most women couldn't do it, and it's not necessarily sexual. It's just a performance. — Megalyn Echikunwoke

Wow Factor Quotes By Ernie J Zelinski

What Is Your WOW Factor? This applies to both the service that you provide to the world and the way you market it. Make it edgy, make it snappy, and make it punchy. Even make it raunchy - but make it different! Real different! — Ernie J Zelinski

Wow Factor Quotes By Lorenzo Di Bonaventura

As a filmmaker you have to keep asking yourself the question are we really going to impress them [audience] either by the wow factor, the intelligence factor, the I didn't see that coming factor? — Lorenzo Di Bonaventura