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Top Worst Boyfriend Quotes

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Emily Ratajkowski

I always have Aquaphor which is just for like chapped lips, especially in the wintertime when you're traveling a lot. That's just the worst combination of things. And always a really good pair of jeans. Something vintage-y, a little loose and boyfriend-y, but not over the top. They're just comfortable but could still be dressed up or down. — Emily Ratajkowski

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Richard Bachman

We are going to understand all about the difference between people and pieces of paper in a file, and the difference between doing your job and getting jobbed ... — Richard Bachman

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Gwen Cooper

What happened was that I caught a glimpse of something I desperately needed to believe in at that point in my life. I wanted to believe there could be something within you that was so essential and so courageous that nothing - no boyfriend, no employer, no trauma - could tarnish or rob you of it. And if you had that kind of unbreakable core, not only would it always be yours, but even in your darkest moments others would see it in you, and help you out before the worse came to the absolute worst. — Gwen Cooper

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Frithjof Schuon

When people want to be rid of Heaven it is logical to start by creating an atmosphere in which spiritual things appear out of place; in order to be able to declare successfully that God is unreal they have to construct around man a false reality, a reality that is inevitably inhuman because only the inhuman can exclude God. What is involved is a falsification of the imagination and so its destruction. — Frithjof Schuon

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Carol Ryrie Brink

Pioneer children were always having mishaps, but they were expected to know how to use their heads in emergencies. — Carol Ryrie Brink

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By A. Giannoccaro

I am not the worst thing that can happen to you, but I will be the last. ~Caesar~ The Goodbye Man. — A. Giannoccaro

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Rachel Caine

Really? Is he running for Worst Boyfriend Ever?"
"In the subcategory of Completely Awesome. — Rachel Caine

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Mark Twain

Jim said that bees won't sting idiots, but I didn't believe that, because I tried them lots of times myself and they wouldn't sting me. — Mark Twain

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Bear Grylls

Whether it is the wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, family or friends, so often those closest to us are the ones who get the worst of us. It is as if we feel that they are the only ones we can be grumpy with, and we save our best for our guests or for work. But this is a recipe for struggle. The smart man and woman save the best for those they love. If we show our loved ones the most gratitude every day, then life will smile on us in return. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude: three words to help you thrive. Trust me. — Bear Grylls

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Mary Ann Rivers

I love you. I couldn't be more of a mess right now, but I can't believe I haven't told you because I have, for so long now, and it's like I don't have anything else to give you, anyway. Not time. Not my full attention. Not the kind of boyfriend you deserve. But my heart, such as it is, you do have that. I am struck by my previous reluctance for regret, as if regret were the worst possible consequence of living. — Mary Ann Rivers

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Nick Saban

I don't control what people put on dot-com or anything else. So I'm just telling you there's no significance, in my opinion, about this, about me, about any interest that I have in anything other than being the coach here. — Nick Saban

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Sierra Simone

Once, I'd made the mistake of not trusting. When I found Poppy kissing her ex-boyfriend, I'd assumed the worst and left the scene without even trying to talk to her. She'd done it as a purposeful attempt to drive us apart, unable to bear the guilt of being the catalyst for my schism from the clergy. If I had trusted her, if I had stayed, we could have had another year together. Instead, I'd run away, believing that she was unfaithful, and we'd spent a year miserably apart. — Sierra Simone

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Unknown

Deep inside where nothing's fine, I've lost my mind — Unknown

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Jayde Scott

You haven't told her?" Cass shouted. "You're the worst boyfriend ever! — Jayde Scott

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

It needs to be said. I didn't have the strongest stomach. I wasn't the type of guy who could hold your hair while you puked and not be affected. Did that make me the worst possible boyfriend ever? Maybe. It's entirely possible I'd throw you a towel and run out of the room gagging. I know it's romantic to women - oh, my gosh, he's so sweet he held my hair while I puked up last night's hot dog and enough rum and Diet Coke to kill Captain Jack Sparrow! Seriously? What do you women read? How the hell is that romantic? Give me one reason. One. Just one. I don't even need three. Oh, wow, silence, big shock. You wanna know why? Because it's gross. Because if I had long hair and I were leaning over the toilet, God, you would not, ever, in your right mind waltz into the bathroom, put it in a ponytail, rub my back, wipe my mouth, and think, Wow, I really love this guy, oh, look a cracker! — Rachel Van Dyken

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Chelsea Handler

Jessica Simpson attended boyfriend Tony Romo's football game. The Cowboys quarterback had the worst game of his career. It's a bad year for the name Simpson. Even O. J. is pissed - he feels like they're making his name look bad. — Chelsea Handler

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Ancient handmaiden. The door opened directly — L.M. Montgomery

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Jane Goodall

Well, in some ways we're not successful at all. We're destroying our home. That's not a bit successful. — Jane Goodall

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Emma: I tried so hard.
Jules: In the battle? Emma, you did everything you could ...
Emma: Not in the battle. To make you not love me. I tried.
Jules: Is it that awful? Having me love you?
Emma: It was the best thing in the world. And then it was the worst. And I didn't even have a chance ...
Jules: You're going to have to learn to live with it. Even if it horrifies you. Even if it makes you sick. Just like I'm going to have to live with whatever other boyfriend you have, because we are forever no matter how, Emma, no matter what you want to call what we have, we will always be us.
Emma: There won't be any other boyfriends. What you said before, about thinking and obsessing and wanting only one thing. That's how I fel you you.
Jules, say somethin, please...
Jules: Julian. I want you to call me Julian. Only ever that. — Cassandra Clare

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Dustin Hoffman

The better you are as a parent, the richer the nest you've built, the more difficult it is for your kids to leave. So they have to invent things to dislike about you. And they're brilliant at it. — Dustin Hoffman

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Jim Bouton

The pitching coach was bugged by the author's technique because he had never seen anyone do it before, and besides, it wasn't the coach's idea. — Jim Bouton

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Lauren Willig

There's nothing like competing for your boyfriend's attention with an emotionally needy sibling to make you feel like the worst sort of evil psycho-bitch. — Lauren Willig

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Laurie London

He was much older and had the physique of someone who spent all his time behind a computer. The only way he'd have a six-pack was if he'd added it on Photoshop. — Laurie London

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Kelly Oram

The worst part is, he's been extra sweet because he's trying to make everything okay again. If he weren't a serial killer, he'd be the perfect boyfriend — Kelly Oram

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Shonda Rhimes

Standing around like Wonder Woman in the morning can make people think you are more amazing at lunchtime. Crazy. But true. How awesome is that? — Shonda Rhimes

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Power isn't free. Energy isn't free. It has to be earned. — Lauren Oliver

Worst Boyfriend Quotes By Francois Truffaut

Three films a day, three books a week and records of great music would be enough to make me happy to the day I die. — Francois Truffaut