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Top World Economic Forum Quotes

World Economic Forum Quotes By Klaus Schwab

When the World Economic Forum was established in 1971, the global population was four billion, of which 50% lived in poverty. — Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum Quotes By Naomi Klein

In its 2013 annual report on "Global Risks," the World Economic Forum (host of the annual superelite gathering in Davos), stated plainly, "Although the Alaskan village of Kivalina - which faces being 'wiped out' by the changing climate - was unsuccessful in its attempts to file a US$ 400 million lawsuit against oil and coal companies, future plaintiffs may be more successful. Five decades ago, the U.S. tobacco industry would not have suspected that in 1997 it would agree to pay $368 billion in health-related damages. — Naomi Klein

World Economic Forum Quotes By Robert Scoble

My favorite conference so far has been Davos, the World Economic Forum. The people there were really incredible. — Robert Scoble

World Economic Forum Quotes By Timothy Noah

There is no better example of social and economic policy discussion as an idle pastime for the rich than the World Economic Forum at Davos. These guys make the millionaire schmoozers at the Aspen Ideas Festival look like short-order cooks. — Timothy Noah

World Economic Forum Quotes By Ray LaHood

Public spending on infrastructure has fallen to its lowest level since 1947. And the U.S., which used to have the finest infrastructure in the world, is now ranked 16th according to the World Economic Forum, behind Iceland, Spain, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. — Ray LaHood

World Economic Forum Quotes By Michelle Bachelet

The 2010 global gender gap report by the World Economic Forum shows that countries with better gender equality have faster-growing, more competitive economies. — Michelle Bachelet

World Economic Forum Quotes By Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I should like to repeat what I stated recently in the Jeddah Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia: It won't be the religion, but rather the world-view of some of its followers that shall be made current. — Recep Tayyip Erdogan