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Working Stiff Quotes By Sinclair Lewis

Doremus was amazed, felt a little apologetic over his failure to have appreciated this new-found paragon, as he sat in American Legion Hall and heard Shad bellowing: "I don't pretend to be anything but a plain working-stiff, but there's forty million workers like me, and we know that Senator Windrip is the first statesman in years that thinks of what guys like us need before he thinks one doggone thing about politics. Come on, you bozos! The swell folks tell you to not be selfish! Walt Trowbridge tells you to not be selfish! Well, be selfish, and vote for the one man that's willing to give you something - give you something! - and not just grab off every cent and every hour of work that he can get! — Sinclair Lewis

Working Stiff Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

As a general rule, when something gets elevated to apple-pie status in the hierarchy of American values, you have to suspect that its actual monetary value is skidding toward zero. Take motherhood: nobody ever thought of putting it on a moral pedestal until some brash feminists pointed out, about a century ago, that the pay is lousy and the career ladder nonexistent. Same thing with work: would we be so reverent about the 'work ethic' if it wasn't for the fact that the average working stiff's hourly pay is shrinking, year by year ... — Barbara Ehrenreich

Working Stiff Quotes By Gus Van Sant

No construction stiff working overtime takes more stress and straining than we did just to stay high. — Gus Van Sant

Working Stiff Quotes By Doug Stanhope

I watched 60 Minutes ... and they showed this woman, she's in every kind of..thing like that. 'This woman', they say, 'she lost her first four children
died from malnutrition
and, now, she's afraid that her new six-month-old newborn twins will suffer the same fate' ... Who's going to step in and say ... 'kick her in the cunt 'til it doesn't work', 'that woman is a sociopath! that is a sick human being!' ... How much of a sociopath do you need to be? That is the slow ritual torture-murder of children, one after another! At what point does cause-and-effect not kick in? How many bulb-headed skeletons have to go stiff in your arms?! ... 'what? this one's not working ... oh, well let's try again', one after another. At what point do you not go 'I think this is bad'? ... How many kids are you going to fuckin' kill, lady? ... If you impregnate someone under those conditions, they should abort the parents! that's sick! — Doug Stanhope

Working Stiff Quotes By Robert Galbraith

Yet here she sat on the sofa, working rather than dealing with the subject that seemed to fill the small flat, pressing against the walls, keeping the atmosphere perpetually stiff with tension. Commentators — Robert Galbraith

Working Stiff Quotes By Franka Potente

I think working with Johnny Depp was very intimidating. It was my fault though. I mean he's a total cool nice, nice guy, but I was just so, I don't know, overpowered by his presence. Like he's a very mystic person. He's older so I never really warmed up around him. I was so stiff. — Franka Potente

Working Stiff Quotes By Stephanie Kwolek

I was working with these very long-chain ... extended-chain polymers, where you had a lot of benzene rings in them ... Transforming a polymer solution from a liquid to a fiber requires a process called spinning ... We spun it and it spun beautifully. It [Kevlar] was very strong and very stiff-unlike anything we had made before. I knew that I had made a discovery. I didn't shout "Eureka!" but I was very excited, as was the whole laboratory excited, and management was excited, because we were looking for something new. Something different. And this was it. — Stephanie Kwolek

Working Stiff Quotes By Peter O'Toole

I'm a working stiff, baby, just like everybody else. — Peter O'Toole

Working Stiff Quotes By Harry Bridges

I'm a working stiff. I just happened to be around at the right time, and nobody else wanted the job. — Harry Bridges

Working Stiff Quotes By Ricardo Semler

The purpose of work is to make the worker - whether a working stiff or a CEO - feel good about life. — Ricardo Semler

Working Stiff Quotes By Mark Fuhrman

If you're a big celebrity, you get money to be private. I'm just a working stiff. I don't get bodyguards or alarm systems. — Mark Fuhrman

Working Stiff Quotes By Steven Pressfield

The Muse honors the working stiff. — Steven Pressfield

Working Stiff Quotes By Jon Kalman Stefansson

He wants to accomplish something in life, learn languages, see the world, read a thousand books, he wants to discover whether there is any core, but sometimes it's hard to think and read when one is stiff and sore after a difficult fishing voyage, wet and cold after twelve hours' working in the meadows, when his thoughts can be so heavy that he can hardly lift them, then it's a long way to the core. — Jon Kalman Stefansson

Working Stiff Quotes By Tracey Ullman

The working classes in England were always sentimental, and the Irish and Scots and Welsh. The upper-class English are the stiff-upper-lipped ones. And the middle class. They're the ones who are crippled emotionally because they can't move up, and they're desperate not to move down. — Tracey Ullman

Working Stiff Quotes By Stephen King

To me, the greatest thing in the world is downloading TV shows on iTunes because there are no commercials, and yet if I were a working stiff, I could never afford to do this. But I don't even think about money. — Stephen King