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Woody Buzz Quotes & Sayings

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Top Woody Buzz Quotes

Woody Buzz Quotes By Diarmaid MacCulloch

The most highly promoted of all was William Laud, who directed Church affairs as Bishop of London from 1628, although he had to wait for Canterbury until Archbishop Abbot had the good taste to die, in 1633. Laud was prominent in a royal regime which after 1629 ceased to trouble itself with meeting Parliament and instead tried to sort out England's problems with royal proclamations, Privy Council orders and the decisions of law courts. Its enemies sarcastically named the period 'Thorough', and looked back on it as the 'Eleven Years' Tyranny — Diarmaid MacCulloch

Woody Buzz Quotes By Jonathan Kozol

Let's concede that we have decided to let our children grow up in two separate nations, and lead two separate kinds of lives. If, on the other hand, we have the courage to rise to this challenge to name what's happening within our inner-city schools, then we also need the courage to be activist and go out and fight like hell to change it. — Jonathan Kozol

Woody Buzz Quotes By Daniel Jacobs

Anytime I am spending time with my son. We went to a theme party recently and it was Toy Story. He was Buzz Lightyear, I was Woody and his mom dressed like Woody's wife. — Daniel Jacobs

Woody Buzz Quotes By Jamie Ford

I am what you made me, Father. — Jamie Ford

Woody Buzz Quotes By Walt Disney Company

You're flying Buzz! No Woody we're falling in style! — Walt Disney Company

Woody Buzz Quotes By Christine Feehan

What? What's so funny? Some idiot tried to put a stake through your heart, and he didn't even hit the darn thing!"
For which I am grateful. And I am even more grateful that you rescued me. I did not like being imprisoned and in such pain. — Christine Feehan

Woody Buzz Quotes By Judd Nelson

I don't know if it matters what country you're from, size of the city you're from, urban or rural, there are people that are hurting each other everywhere. — Judd Nelson

Woody Buzz Quotes By Greg Graffin

Dont take Portlandia too personally - Its just a stupid TV show — Greg Graffin

Woody Buzz Quotes By Terry Pratchett

A true beanie should have a propellor on the top. — Terry Pratchett

Woody Buzz Quotes By Buzz Osborne

We don't need another Woody. Even Bob Dylan knew he couldn't be Woody Guthrie ... I like Woody Guthrie fine, but I don't need the 50th generation version of it. — Buzz Osborne

Woody Buzz Quotes By Bob Bergen

I will tell you that the ego in me would love to play the lead. I would have loved to have been Buzz Lightyear, or Woody in "Toy Story," "Toy Story 2" but they hire celebrities for that, well-known people. — Bob Bergen

Woody Buzz Quotes By Sophia Loren

I was born wise. Street-wise, people-wise, self-wise. This wisdom was my birthright. — Sophia Loren