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Top Wiz And Kush Quotes

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

Impersonal things that dominate our time and imagination offer extravagant promises of control and knowledge. But they also squeeze all sense of mystery and wonder and reverence out of our lives. — Eugene H. Peterson

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

Real destiny takes everything - the last drop of blood, and strip out your veins to be sure - and gives it back doubled. Quadrupled. A thousand-fold! But you can't give halves. You have to give it all. I know. I swear. I've come back from the dead to speak the truth to you. Real destiny gives you a mountain of life, and puts you on top of it. — Lois McMaster Bujold

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Ur

If that monster is your Darkness, then I have reason to fight it. — Ur

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Paula Deen

Down South, even our vegetables have some pig hidden somewhere in it. A vegetable isn't a vegetable without a little ham hock. — Paula Deen

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Someone pried open his eyelid and rudely flashed a light in his eye that made his headache pound even harder. Groaning, he flinched, moving his head away. Gently, the doctor turned his head back and held it in place while he continued to test the dilation of his eye. Good thing Caillen's arms were strapped down or the man would be bleeding over the intrusion and that light would be shining out of an orifice the gods had never meant to hold it. "He's — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Rick Yancey

She stays away from his dreams, as if she knows not to go there, because dreams are not real but feel more than real when you're dreaming them. She loves him too much to do that. — Rick Yancey

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Christ, was he going to die in public, in a pleasure garden, in the company of a sodomite spy dressed like a rooster? — Diana Gabaldon

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Morrissey

I have found the best way to avoid ending your life as a bitter wreck is to start out as one. — Morrissey

Wiz And Kush Quotes By Timothy Shay Arthur

No substance in nature, as far as yet known, has, when it reaches the brain, such power to induce mental and moral changes of a disastrous character as alcohol. Its transforming power is marvelous, and often appalling. It seems to open a way of entrance into the soul for all classes of foolish, insane or malignant spirits, who, so long as it remains in contact with the brain, are able to hold possession. — Timothy Shay Arthur