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Top Winnebago Quotes

Winnebago Quotes By Jon Stewart

You know, I've always wanted to be a young Charles Kuralt. I started in this business with just a Winnebago and a dream. — Jon Stewart

Winnebago Quotes By Amy Wallen

Purple and orange weren't two colors Ruby would ever put together and she couldn't for the life f her understand how this Lord God of theirs could have come up with the combination, but He had, and there they were in the sky outside the Winnebago's windshield. — Amy Wallen

Winnebago Quotes By Magan Vernon

Someone told me at the beginning of that summer that I would come face-to-face with death because of a Romeo and Juliet romance, I would never have believed it. But it wasn't like that summer went at all like I had planned in the first place. The Columbia recruiter sat across from me, her dark bushy eyebrows rising as high as they could go while she stared down at my application. "So, Alex, I see that you don't have any extracurricular activities." I shrugged. I was sitting in one of those uncomfortable orange plastic chairs in the guidance counselor's office, wishing I could just disappear. I was the first student in all of Winnebago High School's history to have a recruiter from an Ivy League school visit. By the way she looked at our tiny school with its ancient, chipped walls and rusted lockers, I could see why nobody had wanted to visit in the past. — Magan Vernon

Winnebago Quotes By Harold Ramis

Where's the great pay? Where's the travel? Where's the Winnebago, Goddamnit! — Harold Ramis

Winnebago Quotes By Ross Kemp

If you offer me a job sitting in a Winnebago with make-up girls and free food, I'm probably going to take it. — Ross Kemp

Winnebago Quotes By Alecia Whitaker

His green-flecked brown eyes twinkle, and we laugh together, easy and light. He opens the door for me, and I say goodbye, floating over to where my family waits in our Winnebago. And I can't tell you if my feet actually touch the ground, because at this very moment, this Bird, well, she flies. — Alecia Whitaker

Winnebago Quotes By Ira Sachs

My father moved out to Park City in in the mid-'70s and lived in a Winnebago behind a hippie joint called Utah Coal & Lumber that was one of only two or three restaurants at that time. Park City was a sleepy little mining town, with not a condo in sight. — Ira Sachs

Winnebago Quotes By Robin Alexander

How do you wash your clothes?" "Sally has a small washer and dryer." "Sally?" Selene said. "Who is that?" "The Winnebago we're traveling in. Long story, but my dad likes to name inanimate objects." "Ah, that makes perfect sense. The copier at our office is named Hateful Bitch. — Robin Alexander

Winnebago Quotes By Frank Zappa

She lives in Mojave in a Winnebago. His name is Bobby, he looks like a potato. — Frank Zappa

Winnebago Quotes By Harry Crews

Joe Lon and Willard slipped out of their shirts. Willard flipped over and walked around in the dirt on his hands. Joe Lon took the bottle of whiskey out of his back pocket, set it carefully on the step of the Winnebago, checking out Susan Gender's red pants again as he did. Then he went into a steady handstand and did six dips, his nose just short of the dirt each time he went down. They both came off their hands and looked at Duffy.
"I'm impressed," said Duffy, shortly. "What the hell are you, gymnasts?"
"Drunks," said Joe Lon picking up the bottle. — Harry Crews

Winnebago Quotes By David McCullough

One August morning at Blair House, he read in the papers that the body of an American soldier killed in action, Sergeant John Rice, had been brought home for burial in Sioux City, Iowa, but that at the last moment, as the casket was to be lowered into the grave, officials of the Sioux City Memorial Park had stopped the ceremony because Sergeant Rice, a Winnebago Indian, was not "a member of the Caucasian race" and burial was therefore denied. Outraged, Truman picked up the phone. Within minutes, by telephone and telegram, it was arranged that Sergeant Rice would be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors and that an Air Force plane was on the way to bring his widow and three children to Washington. That, as President, was the least he could do. — David McCullough