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Top Wine Helps Quotes

Wine Helps Quotes By Kaza Kingsley

Ahh, I know." Dr. Shandy looked relieved. "Some of this wine will be just the right thing. Have some."
"Will it help?" Jam asked.
"Well, no, it never actually helps. But it's a really nice vintage. — Kaza Kingsley

Wine Helps Quotes By Matt Berninger

I've never quite felt totally comfortable up on stage. I've gotten more comfortable, but drinking wine is a crutch that gives me a little courage. It helps me lose a little bit of the self-consciousness and the awareness of how awkward it is standing on a stage with lights and a bunch of people looking at you while you sing love songs. — Matt Berninger

Wine Helps Quotes By Susanna Phillips

Sometimes, going to see one opera is hard because you don't know the genre. Good opera is like good wine. There are so many varieties, and it helps to inform you about what you like when you see a lot. — Susanna Phillips

Wine Helps Quotes By Garth Stein

More wine helps; it takes the edge off the despair. — Garth Stein

Wine Helps Quotes By Aristophanes

Do you dare to accuse wine of clouding the reason? Quote me more marvelous effects than those of wine. Look! when a man drinks, he is rich, everything he touches succeeds, he gains lawsuits, is happy and helps his friends. Come, bring hither quick a flagon of wine, that I may soak my brain and get an ingenious idea. — Aristophanes

Wine Helps Quotes By Maimonides

It is well known among physicians that the best of the nourishing foods is the one that the Moslem religion forbids, i.e., Wine. It contains much good and light nourishment. It is rapidly digested and helps to digest other foods. — Maimonides

Wine Helps Quotes By Robert Herrick

Let my muse
Fail of thy former helps, and only use
Her inadulterate strength. What's done by me
Hereafter shall smell of the lamp, not thee. — Robert Herrick

Wine Helps Quotes By Karl Welzein

I had a few glasses of wine at lunch. just the little bottle Sutter Home 4-pack from the party store. Kept it light. It's European, helps you relax, and lets you digest your food properly. Plus. I paired it with a new Artisan Bread sandwich from Quiznos. It's inspired by Europe. So good. Ate it in my car. Europeans love to dine outside. — Karl Welzein

Wine Helps Quotes By Robert Louis Stevenson

The secret to a happiness is a small ego. And a big wallet. Good wine helps, too. But that's not really a secret, is it? — Robert Louis Stevenson

Wine Helps Quotes By Jim Harrison

The only advice I can give to aspiring writers is don't do it unless you're willing to give your whole life to it. Red wine and garlic also helps.
Jim Harrison