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Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Nalini Singh

Thick lashes lifted, a moment of pure clarity in the dark gray as Noah wrapped his arm around her waist. "Meant to ask you to marry me, put the ring in the plant soil, but gardener made me drunk. He's so small. What happened?" — Nalini Singh

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Zoe Chant

How about this then." Chase shifted on the bed. Even without looking, Connie knew he was leaning over earnestly, his brilliant, lying black eyes full of sincerity. "I've missed you desperately. I'm overjoyed to find you again. Will you marry me? — Zoe Chant

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Lisa Cooke

I believe the way to solve this dilemma is if you marry me, so I'll always be close by."

Love swelled up in her heart. "I think I can manage that."

"Good, 'cause the way I've got it figured, it's the only way I can stay somewhere in the same vicinity as my balls."

~Dryer and Charlotte — Lisa Cooke

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Patricia C. Wrede

Mendanbar took a deep breath. "You could stay here. At the castle, I mean. With me." This wasn't coming out at all the way he had wanted it to, but it was too late to stop now. He hurried on, "As Queen of the Enchanted Forest, if you think you would like that. I would."
"Would you, really?"
"Yes," Mendanbar said, looking down. "I love you, and - and - "
"And you should have said that to begin with," Cimorene interrupted, putting her arms around him.
Mendanbar looked up, and the expression on her face made his heart begin to pound.
"Just to be sure I have this right," Cimorene went on with a blinding smile, "did you just ask me to marry you?"
"Yes," Mendanbar said. "At least, that's what I meant."
"Good. I will."
Mendanbar tried to find something to say, but he was too happy to think. He leaned forward two inches and kissed Cimorene, and discovered that he didn't need to say anything at all. — Patricia C. Wrede

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Gerald Morris

I can't make flowery speeches," Sir Kai began, "and I wouldn't even if I could. I won't whimper at your feet like these callow puppies that call themselves knights these days, and I don't write poetry or play the damned rebec. I don't intend to change my manners or my way of life, but if you'll have me, Connoire, I'd be obliged if you'd marry me."
The incredulous silence that struck the watching crowd was so profound that Piers could hear the peep of a chickadee in the distant forest. Lady Connoire's expression did not change. Taking a deep breath, she said, "I don't like flowery speeches, and if you ever make one to me, I'll just laugh at you. I despise simpering poems, I hate the squealing of a rebec, and we'll see whether you'll change your manners or not. I'll marry you. — Gerald Morris

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Young man, the fact that she did not accept your proposal for a relationship does not define why you should hate her. She may not become your BRIDE, but she can be the BRIDGE you have to cross to the other side with your dreams! — Israelmore Ayivor

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Rhys absorbed that with chagrin. "No one has ever accused me of being a romantic," he said ruefully.
"If you were, how would you propose?"
He thought for a moment. "I would begin by teaching you a Welsh word. Hiraeth There's no equivalent in English."
"Hiraeth," she repeated, trying to pronounce it with a tapped R, as he had.
"Aye. It's a longing for something that was lost, or never existed. You feel it for a person or a place, or a time in your life ... it's a sadness of the soul. Hiraeth calls to a Welshman even when he's closest to happiness, reminding him that he's incomplete."
Her brow knit with concern. "Do you feel that way?"
"Since the day I was born." He looked down into her small, lovely face. "But not when I'm with you. That's why I want to marry you. — Lisa Kleypas

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Prashant Chopra

Will you marry me?, I let my soul go ... to go meet hers, through her eyes. — Prashant Chopra

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

I don't know which is worse - to have somebody you DON'T like ask you to marry him or NOT have some one you DO like. Both are rather unpleasant. — L.M. Montgomery

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Alice Randall

Debt Chauffeur, that's my name for him now, wants to marry me. He asked me down on bended knee, and I would have been honored - except he wants us to live in London, and he wants me to live white. I crowed at that. I laughed so hard and not a tear came. He couldn't understand it. I don't often think on how white I look; it's always been a question of how colored I feel, and I feel plenty colored. He said that no one in London will know that I'm supposed to be colored. And I said I am colored, colored black, the way I talk, the way I cook, the way I do most everything, and he said but you don't have to be. — Alice Randall

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Emma Richler

Marry me, Rachel.'

'Not yet.'

'Tomorrow, Rachel. Marry me.'

'Maybe tomorrow.'

'There is no common blood between us. Say it,' pleads Zachariah.

'There is no common blood between us,' murmurs Rachel.

'I am not your brother.'

'I know.'

He traces her face with his swollen fingers, across the brow bones and down the zygomatics, and along the jaw from earlobe to chin, sweeping away the brine as he goes.

'I am your Wolff,' he says.

'And I am your Wolff,' she replies.

Let the day begin. — Emma Richler

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

I'm not letting you go after this." He raised his head. "Marry me, Phoebe, please. Damn the courtship. Damn your brother. Damn the waiting. I can't ... I can't breathe when you're not with me. I love you with all my cynical heart. Be my wife and teach me to laugh and let me buy you beer and ride with me on the beaches of Cornwall. Be my love and my wife forevermore." (Captain James Trevellion) — Elizabeth Hoyt

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Dorothy Koomson

So are you going to marry me or what?
He smiled that smile that had been making me feel something like drunk these past few months, and I felt all my sensibility and reason start to beat their wings as they prepared to fly away. Again. — Dorothy Koomson

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Christine Feehan

Sebastian it is. You can tell me what a patron saint is later, since I have no knowledge of such things. Sebastian Kane.
"Sebastian Kane Cannon. You're going to marry me and use my last name, right?"
"Is that supposed to be a proposal? — Christine Feehan

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

I know you think I was pressured into binding myself with you before, but that's not true,I always intended to marry you, kitten. — Jeaniene Frost

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Of course you can have a true Shadowhunter name," Will said. "You can have mine."
Tessa stared at him, all black and white against the black-and-white snow and stone. "Your name?"
Will took a step toward her, till they stood face-to-face. Then he reached to take her hand and slid off her glove, which he put into his pocket. He held her bare hand in his, his fingers curved around hers. His hand was warm and callused, and his touch made her shiver. His eyes were steady and blue; they were everything that Will was: true and tender, sharp and witty, loving and kind. "Marry me," he said. "Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be called Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it. — Cassandra Clare

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Jennifer Ashley

I assume we'll make a stop in London?" Ainsley asked. "I can't imagine you'd run straight through to Paris tonight, would you? If I could find a room at a respectable hotel, I can sort through my things and decide what I truly need to take. Isabella thought the lot, but I think she is optimistic."
Cameron unstuck his tongue from the roof of his mouth. "We'll stop in London," he said, his voice gruff. "Not in a hotel. In Hart's house; he keeps it ready. In the morning, we'll marry. — Jennifer Ashley

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Marry me, Kiara," he blurts out in front of everyone.
"Why?" she asks, challenging him.
"Because I love you," he says, walking up to her and bending down on one knee while he takes her hand in his, "and I want to go to sleep with you every night and wake up seein' your face every mornin', I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to fix cars with you and eat your crappy tofu tacos that you think are Mexican. I want to climb mountains with you and be challenged by you, I want to argue with you just so we can have crazy hot makeup sex. Marry me, because without you I'd be six feet under ... and because I love your family like they're my own ... and because you're my best friend and I want to grow old with you." He starts tearing up, and it's shocking because I've never seen him cry. "Marry me, Kiara Westford, because when I got shot the only thing I was thinkin' about was comin' back here and makin' you my wife. Say yes, chica. — Simone Elkeles

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By John Fowles

Ask me to marry you."

"Will you marry me?"

"No. — John Fowles

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I was so happy to be out of there. "Barabas, if you weren't batting
for the other team, I'd marry you."

He grinned. "If I weren't batting for the other team, I would accept your
proposal. You had me at 'No comment.' If all my clients were this smart, my
life would be much easier. Much, much easier. — Ilona Andrews

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Daphne Du Maurier

Either you go to America with Mrs. Van Hopper or you come home to Manderley with me."
"Do you mean you want a secretary or something?"
"No, I'm asking you to marry me, you little fool. — Daphne Du Maurier

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

Now I'll just have to do without."
She raised her eyebrows. "I'm sorry?"
Then Maximus did something very strange: he went on one knee before her.
"This isn't right at all," he said, continuing to glare as if he found it all her fault.
She sat up. "What are you doing?"
"Artemis Greaves, will you do me the honor of - "
"Are you insane?" she demanded. "What of your father? Your conviction that you must marry for the dukedom?"
"My father is dead," he said softly. "And I've decided the dukedom can go hang."
"But - "
"Hush," he snapped. "I'm trying to propose to you properly even without my mother's necklace."
"But why?" she asked ...
"I know that this is rather disappointing," he said. "But I intend to make you respectable. — Elizabeth Hoyt

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Philippa Gregory

I sit on the bed and kick off my shoes, and he kneels before me and takes the riding boots, holding one open for my bare foot. I hesitate; it is such an intimate gesture between a young woman and a man. His smiling upward glance tells me that he understands my hesitation but is ignoring it. I point my toe and he holds the boot, I slide my foot in and he pulls the boot over my calf. He takes the soft leather ties and fastens the boot, at my ankle, then at my calf, and then just below my knee. He looks up at me, his hand gently on my toe. I can feel the warmth of his hand through the soft leather. I imagine my toes curling in pleasure at his touch.

'Anne, will you marry me?' he asks simply, as he kneels before me. — Philippa Gregory

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Erich Segal

I mean, imagine for a second Olivero Barretto, some nice Italian kid from down the block in Cranston, Rhode Island. He comes to see Mr. Cavilleri, a wage-earning pastry chef of that city, and says, "I would like to marry your only daughter, Jennifer." What would the old man's first question be? (He would not question Barretto's love, since to know Jenny is to love Jenny; it's a universal truth). No, Mr. Cavilleri would say something like, "Barretto, how are you going to support her? — Erich Segal

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Ian McEwan

When she found a place of her own
and packed her bags he asked her to marry him. She kissed him, and quoted in his ear,
He married a woman to stop her getting away, Now she's there all day. — Ian McEwan

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Brenda Joyce

She tugged warningly on his shirt. "I am serious! Are you going to marry me, Sean? Finally?"

He smiled, and the light of his smile filled his eyes. "Damn it, Elle! Will you not let me take the lead? Ladies do not propose marriage!"

~Sean O'Neill & Eleanor de Warenne — Brenda Joyce

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Dear Miss Independent,
I've decided that of all the women I've ever known, you are the only one I will ever love more than hunting, fishing, football, and power tools.
You may not know this, but the other time I asked you to marry me, the night I put the crib together, I meant it. Even though I knew you weren't ready.
God, I hope you're ready now.
Marry me, Ella. Because no matter where you go or what you do, I'll love you every day for the rest of my life.
- Jack — Lisa Kleypas

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Yangsze Choo

I don't keep mistresses; it's far too much trouble. I'm offering to marry you, although I might regret it. And if you think the Lim family disapproved of your marriage, wait until you meet mine. — Yangsze Choo

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Ilona Andrews

You want to get married? I'll marry you right now. Is the gnome a preacher, because I'll do it."
"That's a hell of a proposal."
"What did he say?" Astamur asked.
"He wants me to marry him."
Astamur relayed it. Atsany waved his pipe and Astamur translated back. Ha!
"What?" Curran Snarled.
"Atsany says you're not ready for marriage. You don't have the right temperament for it."
Curran struggled with that for a second
"Let me know if your head's going to explode, so I can duck. — Ilona Andrews

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

I'm sure I'm very grateful to you, Philip. I'm very much flattered at your proposal.'
'Oh, don't talk rot. You will marry me, won't you?'
'D'you think we should be happy?'
'No. But what does that matter? — W. Somerset Maugham

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Julie Garwood

What did you say to the messenger, mi'lady? Do you remember the exact words of your last proposal?"
She recognized Quinlan's voice behind her.
How in thunder could she possibly remember? Hadn't any of them been listening?
She couldn't turn to face Quinlan because their leader still had hold of her, and he didn't seem to be the
least bit inclined to let go.
"I probably said, 'Will you marry me?'"
Connor smiled. He pulled her toward him, lowered his head, and kissed her just
long enough to stun her.
He lifted his head then, looked into her eyes, and finally spoke to her.
"Yes, Brenna. I will marry you. — Julie Garwood

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Elizabeth Norris

So your perfect proposal, what would it be?" Ben asks. "Seriously?" ... "I don't know. It would just be the two of us, and I guess I'd want him to say something honest, not overly romantic, not something that would make a great story to tell his friends. I'd just want him to lean over ... " As I say it, I lean slightly toward Ben, close enough that I can feel the warmth of his body radiating into the empty space between us, and drop the volume of my voice. " ... and say 'Janelle Tenner, fucking marry me. — Elizabeth Norris

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Julie Garwood

As a matter of fact, she has refused to marry me."
"So when's the wedding?" Ramsey asked. — Julie Garwood

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Ally Broadfield

You are making this fuss because I did not issue a proper proposal?
Very well." He began to kneel and she grasped a fistful of his hair
and yanked him back to a standing position.

He yelped and rubbed his head. "Even you cannot deny that your
background and family connections are less than desirable, yet I am
still willing to do the honorable thing and marry you. — Ally Broadfield

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Abigail Roux

Two days ago, I was trying to decide how to ask him to marry me," Zane whispered. "Tonight I'm trying to figure out if I can even love someone like him. — Abigail Roux

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Maggie Osborne

Say yes, Jenny. Promise you'll marry me. Promise you'll still be here, driving me crazy and loving me when we're little and old and surrounded by grandchildren. Promise that you'll let me love you until I take my last breath. Promise. — Maggie Osborne

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Wendy Higgins

He froze. "I . . ." Then, as he searched my face with wonder, he slid from his seat and down to one knee. "My sweet, lovely Anna. I love you . . . and I want to marry you. But only if you want to. Do you? I mean, will you? Marry me?"
Be still my heart. His proposal was so adorably awkward that I had to laugh, sliding out of my chair so I could face him on my knees, too. I grabbed his face and kissed him for saying exactly what I needed to hear. We kissed once, twice, three times before he pulled back.
"Does it always take this long for someone to answer? It's making me bloody nervous."
I looked into his eyes. "Yes, Kai. I'll marry you. — Wendy Higgins

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Richelle Mead

Angeline made a few more attempts to break away, but when it became clear she couldn't, those around us began whistling and cheering. A few moments later, that dark and furious look vanished from Angeline's face, replaced by resignation. I eyed her warily, not about to let down my guard.
"Fine," she said. "I guess it's okay. Go ahead."
"Huh? What's okay?" I demanded.
"It's okay if you marry my brother."
(Next chapter)
"It's not funny!"
"You're right,"agreed Sydney, laughing hysterically. "It's not funny. It's hilarious. — Richelle Mead

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Linda Weaver Clarke

Rick smiled mischievously and said, "I think I'm going to learn 'Kisses sweeter than wine'. It's a fun one."
Amelia laughed. "What it about?"
"It's about a guy who falls in love with this girl who has kisses sweeter than wine. As you know, folk songs have a story to tell. Well, he asked her to marry him. At first she wouldn't accept his proposal, so he had to beg and plead with her."
"Why didn't she want to marry him?"
"I think she was worried about how it would change her life. She'd been on her own for quite some time and she had to get used to the idea."
Amelia bit her lip and glanced down at her lap. With curiosity, she asked, "Did she finally accept his proposal?"
"Yup. It just took her a while to realize he was the best thing that ever happened to her." Rick grinned. "She sort of reminds me of someone else I know. — Linda Weaver Clarke

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Anne Stuart

It's a good thing you're an aging orphan," he murmured, gently pushing the hair away from her face. "I don't have to wait around to get anyone's permission."
"Permission for what, you rat bastard?" she said.
"Such language, dragon. I'm afraid you're going to have to marry me. — Anne Stuart

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By E.L. James

Abruptly, Elliot startles us all by standing and pulling his chair back so it scrapes across the tile floor. All eyes turn to him. He gazes down at Kate for one moment and then drops to one knee beside her.
Oh. My. God.
He reaches for her hand, and silence settles like a blanket over the entire restaurant as everyone stops eating, stops talking, stops walking, and stares.
"My beautiful Kate, I love you. Your grace, your beauty, and your fiery spirit have no equal, and you have captured my heart. Spend your life with me. Marry me."
Holy shit! — E.L. James

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Aya Ling

If the Beast gave me a library like he gave to Belle, I'd marry him too. — Aya Ling

Will You Marry Me Proposal Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

I never thought much about public displays of "Will you marry me?" It seems more like putting on a show for others rather than an intimate, private and special moment between two people. — Donna Lynn Hope