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White Blood Cells Quotes By Francis Collins

To get our universe, with all of its potential for complexities or any kind of potential for any kind of life-form, everything has to be precisely defined on this knife edge of improbability ... . [Y]ou have to see the hands of a creator who set the parameters to be just so because the creator was interested in something a little more complicated than random particles. — Francis Collins

White Blood Cells Quotes By Jerry Heller

He never liked me. So I never liked him. A long time ago I made a decision that made things a lot simpler for me: I wasn't going to like someone who didn't like me. If someone had a problem with me, I wouldn't argue with him or try to change his mind. If he demonstrated he didn't like me, I came to the conclusion that life was too short, so fuck him. This included quite a few people I ran across in the music business, as well as my own brother and the whole nation of France. I wasn't going to turn into Sally Field ("You like me! You really like me!"), but I wasn't going to waste my time with assholes, either. — Jerry Heller

White Blood Cells Quotes By G. Willow Wilson

The force that played havoc with the cortisol in my blood was the same force that helped my body recover; if I felt better one day and worse the next, it was unchanged. It chose no side. It gave the girl next to me in the hospital pneumonia; it also gave her white blood cells that would resist the infection. And the atoms in those cells, and the nuclei in those atoms, the same bits of carbon that were being spun into new planets in some corner of space without a name. My insignificance had become unspeakably beautiful to me. That unified force was a god too massive, too inhuman, to resist with the atheism in which I had been brought up. I became a zealot without a religion. — G. Willow Wilson

White Blood Cells Quotes By Christopher J. Nolan

ARIADNE: Why are they looking at me?
COBB: Because you're changing things. My subconscious feels that someone else is creating the world. The more you change things, the quicker the projections converge on you.
ARIADNE: Converge?
COBB: They feel the foreign nature of the dreamer, and attack-like white blood cells fighting an infection.
ARIADNE: They're going to attack us?
COBB: Just you, actually. — Christopher J. Nolan

White Blood Cells Quotes By L.J. Hayward

When my world gets reset to zero, my starting post is blood. Specifically, the elements of it, the working compounds that make it what it is. Red cells, white cells, DNA, plasma full of proteins, enzymes, antibodies, minerals, electrolytes - all the things that when poked and prodded right tell you just about everything you want to know about a person. Fascinating stuff, and a little freaky, when you think about it. Blood was where I returned to after the accident that smashed my knee. It was where I went when I got out of prison. It was where I was when Mercy fell into my lap. Now it seemed, blood was my whole reason for being. — L.J. Hayward

White Blood Cells Quotes By Jean Ingelow

And old affront will stir the heart Through years of rankling pain. — Jean Ingelow

White Blood Cells Quotes By Martin Lawrence

You can be cool and at the same time respect your woman, who will hopefully become your wife, who will hopefully become the mother of your kids. America needs to get back to family values. — Martin Lawrence

White Blood Cells Quotes By Marcy Blesy

History: *The owner noticed a soft, oozing mass on the head. *Mr. Snooze has been fighting with another cat recently. Assessment: *Mr. Snooze has a low grade fever. *There is an abscess on his head. An abscess is a pocket of pus that forms near an old bite or scratch wound. It is a collection of bacteria, white blood cells, and red blood cells. In other words, an abscess is an infected area under the skin. This abscess is draining. Treatment Plan: *If the abscess was not already draining, the doctor would have to sedate the cat and then surgically get the abscess to drain. If an abscess does not drain, it will be difficult to treat even with a medication. *Mr. Snooze is sent home with an oral antibiotic. This will help the cat fight off the bacteria that are causing the infection. *The owner is instructed to "hot pack" the wound multiple times a day. The — Marcy Blesy

White Blood Cells Quotes By Christopher Moore

Not unlike the toaster, I control darkness. — Christopher Moore

White Blood Cells Quotes By Rick Riordan

When they ran up to him, Percy said, 'Hey,' like they were just meeting for lunch or something.
'You're alive!' Frank marveled.
Percy frowned. 'The fall? That was nothing. I fell twice that far from the St. Louis Arch.'
'You did what?' Hazel asked. — Rick Riordan

White Blood Cells Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

At the snowy summit of all these things, however, is the fact that you simply cannot go about locking your siblings in towers when they misbehave. It is unseemly and betrays a sad lack of creativity. — Catherynne M Valente

White Blood Cells Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

Turned into a horrific mistake. Lucy Willis had observed that folic acid, if administered to nutrient-deprived patients, could restore the normal genesis of blood. Farber wondered whether administering folic acid to children with leukemia might also restore normalcy to their blood. Following that tenuous trail, he obtained some synthetic folic acid, recruited a cohort of leukemic children, and started injecting folic acid into them. In the months that passed, Farber found that folic acid, far from stopping the progression of leukemia, actually accelerated it. In one patient, the white cell count nearly doubled. In another, the leukemia cells exploded into the bloodstream and sent fingerlings of malignant cells to infiltrate the skin. Farber stopped the experiment in a hurry. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

White Blood Cells Quotes By Daniel G. Amen

Complete Blood Count (blood test) - This test checks the health of your blood, including red and white blood cells. People with low blood count can feel anxious and tired, and they can have significant memory problems. — Daniel G. Amen

White Blood Cells Quotes By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

What I have is P.H. positive chronic myeloid leukemia, which is an aberration in your white blood cells. — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

White Blood Cells Quotes By Jacqueline Ripstein

Through depression and many other dark low emotions, our Light dims and our immune system declines along with it. White blood cells are the physical Light of our body.
Colors can be used to heal, restore and to uplift us. — Jacqueline Ripstein

White Blood Cells Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

I knew - but I did know that I had crossed 700 The border. Everything I loved was lost But no aorta could report regret. A sun of rubber was convulsed and set; And blood-black nothingness began to spin A system of cells interlinked within Cells interlinked within cells interlinked Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct Against the dark, a tall white fountain played. I — Vladimir Nabokov

White Blood Cells Quotes By Benson Bruno

When a lack of white blood cells exposes the horizon of being, one has to make a choice. To cloister yourself away in a germ-free environment, alive but alone, or to embrace the woman you love and catch your death of cold at the marriage ceremony? What a great show. It's inner-directed script was unmatched by any other soap opera. — Benson Bruno

White Blood Cells Quotes By Michael Lebowitz

Filters out bacteria and parasites from the blood and lymph that have been killed by white blood cells. 5) Acts as a reservoir for blood and platelets that can be released when needed (blood loss, infection, hemorrhage, and strenuous exercise). These are released via signals of epinephrine from the adrenals and sympathetics. It has been found that splenic tissue can sometimes regenerate after removal of the spleen. Howard Pearson at Yale University School of Medicine found that 13 of 22 children who had their spleens removed due to trauma had evidence of forming new splenic tissue within 1-8 years. It is hypothesized that a few old spleen cells left behind from the surgery triggered the regeneration. — Michael Lebowitz

White Blood Cells Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

Leukemia was a malignant proliferation of white cells in the blood. It was cancer in a molten, liquid form. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

White Blood Cells Quotes By Rich Goldhaber

There are many different types of white blood cells circulating in our blood: neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes, and lymphocytes, and they all have different functions. One type of lymphocyte is called a Natural Killer cell. These rare cells circulating in our bodies have the ability to attack tumors and other foreign protein. — Rich Goldhaber

White Blood Cells Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Take a deep breath and feel the joy of life. Open your eyes and see the beauty of a dancing leaf. — Debasish Mridha

White Blood Cells Quotes By Scott Belsky

Our ability to extinguish new ideas is critical to productivity and to our capacity to scale existing projects. In a team setting, the skeptics - the ones who always question ideas first rather than falling in love with them - are the white blood cells. — Scott Belsky

White Blood Cells Quotes By Paul Monette

I must've gone out for dinner with Al and Bernice, and I must've been full of reassurance and interstitial data. All the blood work was normal so far, but I don't recall if an actual T-cell test was taken, or if we knew the results before the verdict. The T cells are a subset of the white blood count. Infection with the — Paul Monette

White Blood Cells Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

Leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells - cancer in one of its most explosive, violent incarnations. As one nurse on the wards often liked to remind her patients, with this disease even a paper cut is an emergency. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

White Blood Cells Quotes By Jed Diamond

Here's how it works. Your immune system protects you from all kinds of nasty bugs and helps repair tissue that has been damaged by injury or surgery. When a problem develops somewhere, your body does the equivalent of calling 911. The alarm sounds, and the immune system springs into action. The first responders, the white blood cells, travel to the site of the problem. As weapons, some of the cells released a shower of powerful free radicals (called an oxidative burst) that aids in the destruction of invading microorganisms and damaged tissue. — Jed Diamond

White Blood Cells Quotes By Isabel Wilkerson

That night, as he bounded up the steps and out of the church basement, nobody in the room could have imagined that they had just seen the man who, a decade from now, would become the first black president of the United States. NEW — Isabel Wilkerson

White Blood Cells Quotes By Arianna Huffington

Gratitude works its magic by serving as an antidote to negative emotions. It's like white blood cells for the soul, protecting us from cynicism, entitlement, anger, and resignation. — Arianna Huffington