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What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Frederick Buechner

Much as we wish, not one of us can bring back yesterday or shape tomorrow. Only today is ours, and it will not be ours for long, and once it is gone it will never in all time be ours again. Thou only knowest what it holds in store for us, yet even we know something of what it will hold. The chance to speak the truth, to show mercy, to ease another's burden. The chance to resist evil, to remember all the good times and good people of our past, to be brave, to be strong, to be glad. — Frederick Buechner

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Kazuo Koike

A tiger of a rather and a wolf of a brother. Sandwiched between the two, I wonder what my tomorrow holds. — Kazuo Koike

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Lisa Tawn Bergren

Fear and worry are the antithesis of faith, are they not?
Every time I give in to concern about tomorrow, even my next hour, I rob this hour, this day if strength, peace. The Maker holds all my days. Do I trust him with them or not? — Lisa Tawn Bergren

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Robert H. Schuller

When an opportunity comes, it holds possibilities. And when you move away from it or don't sense it or grasp it, you're really throwing away your future; you're throwing away your tomorrow. — Robert H. Schuller

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Barbara Mandrell

I don't know what the future holds, but I know that God holds tomorrow, so it is exciting. Even when I have hard things happen, He loves me so big, so much. I come through it and I grow from it, because He has got me. — Barbara Mandrell

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Ericka Davis

I am tomorrow I wonder what the future holds. I hear rippling water that soothes me when things are not calm. I see the word success, big and bold. I want to see the world. I am Tomorrow I claim I already have what I know is yet to come. I feel apprehensive because change is something that I have to endure. I touch a black pen and make beautiful, vivid colors. I worry about inflation, war, revolution, a car, self-destruction, hate, hidden prejudices, my fate. I cry when I think I won't see my mom anymore. I AM TOMORROW I understand that tomorrow is not promised. I say live like you're trying to get your name on his list. I dream that I am happy, prosperous, and loved. I try to meet the world and greet them with a smile on my face. I hope that the weight on my shoulders will take off and fly like a dove. I am tomorrow — Ericka Davis

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Samantha Young

You are so fucking sexy." He peppered kisses along my jaw ... "The things I'm going to do to you, babe. I'm going to make you mine, every single piece of you." Our eyes locked, his filled with sexual promise. "No holds barred, Grace. Not with me. I'm going to fuck you like there's no tomorrow, and you're going to let me."
... His voice lowered and he leaned down to brush his mouth softly over mine. "But right now I'm going to make love to you. — Samantha Young

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Anonymous

We ought also to learn, beginning early, that we don't always succeed. A good batting average in baseball is .300; a good batting average in life is a great deal lower than that. Life holds many more defeats than victories for all of us. Shouldn't we get used to this early? We should learn, too, to aim higher than we think we can hit. "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?" What we fail to do today, we, or someone, may do tomorrow. Our failure may pave the way for someone else's success. — Anonymous

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Joyce Meyer

You don't need to know what tomorrow holds; all you need to know is the One who holds tomorrow. — Joyce Meyer

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Veronica Roth

He wanted you to be the small, quiet girl from Abnegation," Four says softly. "He hurt you because your strength made him feel weak. No other reason."
I nod and try to believe him.
"The others won't be as jealous if you show some vulnerability. Even if it isn't real."
"You think I have to pretend to be vulnerable?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.
"Yes,I do." He takes the ice pack from me, his fingers brushing mine, and holds it against my head himself. I put my hand down, too eager to relax my arm to object. Four stands up. I stare at the hem of his T-shirt.
Sometimes I see him as just another person, and sometimes I feel the sight of him in my gut, like a deep ache.
"You're going to want to march into breakfast tomorrow and show your attackers they had no effect on you," he adds, "but you should let that bruise on your cheek show, and keep your head down."
The idea nauseates me. — Veronica Roth

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Jinxx

The only certainty is that we never know what tomorrow holds. We live for today, life is short, so let's enjoy it together while we can. — Jinxx

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Rick Yancey

It's almost dawn. You can feel it coming. The world holds its breath, because there's really no guarantee that the sun will rise. That there was a yesterday doesn't mean there will be a tomorrow. — Rick Yancey

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Henri Nouwen

When I trust deeply that today God is truly with me and holds me safe in a divine embrace, guiding every one of my steps I can let go of my anxious need to know how tomorrow will look, or what will happen next month or next year. I can be fully where I am and pay attention to the many signs of God's love within me and around me. — Henri Nouwen

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Garrison Keillor

Forget what you learned about poetry in school. (That it's complex, opaque, a problem to be solved in 1500 words by tomorrow.) Poetry is the last preserve of honest speech and the outspoken heart. It holds the cadence of common life. It has a passion for truth and justice and liberty; it is a buoy to people in ordinary trouble: to a friend whose life has gone skidding into the meridian, who has been struck by bad news, who is frying eggs and hash browns and has whiny child clinging to his pant leg. — Garrison Keillor

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Never save the best for later. You don't know what tomorrow holds. — Paulo Coelho

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

Wait until tomorrow to find what tomorrow holds. — Madeleine L'Engle

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By David S. Mark

Forget yesterday ... Tomorrow still holds happy surprises for us. — David S. Mark

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Woodrow Kroll

Immediate, glad obedience to God sets our course on the sea of happiness. Disobedience drops anchor in the sea of despair.Godly living means no regrets about yesterday, no embarrassments today, no schemes for tomorrow. Trust and let the One who holds both the past and future be your Guide for the present. — Woodrow Kroll

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Truth Devour

Every cloud has a silver lining. The edge of light that shines brightest holds a sliver of hope for a bright today & an even better tomorrow. — Truth Devour

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Jesse Jackson

If you don't know what tomorrow holds, you need to know who holds tomorrow! — Jesse Jackson

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Russell Westbrook

Every day when I get on the floor I give it my all and play because you never know what tomorrow holds. — Russell Westbrook

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Nancy Boutilier

Dressed to Live

Today is my newest garment.

Let me put it on
with ceremony.
Let me step into the day
as if to bathe in the passing hours.
Let me tuck in the loose ends
with precision.

Today is my newest garment.

Let me wear it as if it holds
my head high,
as if it can carry me
on its shoulders,
as if it will protect me
from the howl.

Today is my newest garment.

Let me fill my pockets.
Let them bulge with riches:
light on the wide sidewalk,
kind words from a stranger,
things perched, newly born,
carefully placed, aging gracefully.

Today is my newest garment.

At night
let me disrobe
grateful and whole,
knowing that
I will dress again. — Nancy Boutilier

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Martin Guevara Urbina

I look forward to seeing you in the "jungle" as our warriors meet and join the battle drum that calls for unity in the struggle for breaking the chains of modern slavery - like the butterflies flying the skies and the birds over the seas, all are welcomed for both ear and eye - promises of victory are high, for even if unattainable today, tomorrow still holds the torch and dream, like fire of paradise, glory of life, glory of eternity! — Martin Guevara Urbina

What Tomorrow Holds Quotes By Meena Sarine

Since I will never know what the future holds, I choose to live my life expecting great things — Meena Sarine