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What Motivates You Quotes By Bo Schembechler

If you do not like people, you will not take the time to get to know them, and if you don't get to know them, you will have no idea what scares them, what inspires them, what motivates them. — Bo Schembechler

What Motivates You Quotes By Susan Meissner

... love and fear can sometimes feel the same, but each will lead a person to take different actions. When a decision h as to be made, fear usually motivates me to choose what is best for me, whereas love motivates me to choose what is best for another person. Fear urges me to hang on, white knuckled, to what is mine, while love can actually lead me to let go.... when you hold something you love tightly to your chest for fear of losing it, you actually risk crushing it against you. — Susan Meissner

What Motivates You Quotes By C. John Miller

Our natural tendency is to judge and condemn others. But here we find that, because of the cross we've been freed from God's curse and liberated as sons and daughters. We are now free to humble ourselves and walk along with someone who is erring, even if they've sinned in a way that may be very terrible. When you bear each other's burdens, what you are carrying is the burden of the other person's sin. What motivates you is your compassion. You come alongside the sinner, not trying to crush them, but putting your arm around him or her as much as you can, as if to say, "Jesus loves you, so do I, and we want you to know this. — C. John Miller

What Motivates You Quotes By Henry Giroux

Getting ahead cannot be the only motive that motivates people. You have to imagine what a good life is. — Henry Giroux

What Motivates You Quotes By Mike Massimino

I think he was trying to tell us that life is not about achieving one great thing, because once that thing is over, life keeps going. What motivates you then? The important thing is having a passion, something you love doing, and the greatest joy in the world is that you get to wake up every day and do it. — Mike Massimino

What Motivates You Quotes By Jonas Salk

As a child I was not interested in science. I was merely interested in things human, the human side of nature, if you like, and I continue to be interested in that. That's what motivates me. — Jonas Salk

What Motivates You Quotes By Peter Bowerman

2) Asking For The Order Doesn't Motivate People To Buy. What motivates people to buy is when they get that you "get" them - that you understand their world, and have shown how your product/service will impact their company in ways important to them. In most cases, the salesperson that wins the deal isn't the one with the best product or lowest price, but the one who best articulates the customer's point of view. — Peter Bowerman

What Motivates You Quotes By Anthony Fauci

When you think in terms of public service, I heard so much about what Mother Theresa had done in her life. And I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet her and talk to her a lot about what motivates her and what drives her. And that, to me, is a person that really is an extraordinary role model. — Anthony Fauci

What Motivates You Quotes By Candy Crowley

It's important to know what motivates you, not what motivates somebody else. — Candy Crowley

What Motivates You Quotes By Jane McGonigal

If you are a gamer, it's time to get over any regret you might feel about spending so much time playing games. You have not been wasting your time. You have been building up a wealth of virtual experience that, as the first half of this book will show you, can teach you about your true self: what your core strengths are, what really motivates you, and what make you happiest. — Jane McGonigal

What Motivates You Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

What job a fascinating view does, apart from fascinating you? It does this: It perfectly motivates you to love existence much more than you can love! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

What Motivates You Quotes By Joanie Connell

Being in touch with your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what motivates you, will help you be more successful in your job. — Joanie Connell

What Motivates You Quotes By Sandra Bernhard

I think bravery is when you're willing to really put yourself on the line and maybe lose out, financially - and be able to say exactly what motivates you and what inspires you and what you find completely unacceptable in humanity and in culture. — Sandra Bernhard

What Motivates You Quotes By Samantha Young

For the longest time my company is what got me up in the morning. It was what motivated me every second of every day. Since the moment you started working for me, you are what has gotten me up in the morning. You are what motivates me every second of every day. And still I want more from you. Tomorrow the day is all ours, because I want to talk to you about something. — Samantha Young

What Motivates You Quotes By Robin Farina

You really have to get to know the person's mental state. You have to understand what drives them and what motivates them. — Robin Farina

What Motivates You Quotes By Annette Bening

What really motivates you to try to work things out as an actor is in large part fear, because you want to get into that narrative and bring the audience along. — Annette Bening

What Motivates You Quotes By Eve Arnold

It doesn't matter if you use a box camera or you use a Leica; the important thing is what motivates you when you are photographing. — Eve Arnold

What Motivates You Quotes By Farshad Asl

Enthusiastic people take action rather than setting up roadblocks or distractions. What helps grow enthusiasm and build momentum is having a clear vision of what motivates you, which will help you remain focused. — Farshad Asl

What Motivates You Quotes By Christina Aguilera

Nothing is ever a setback. If anything, it just motivates you for what's next. — Christina Aguilera

What Motivates You Quotes By Gloria Feldt

What ticks you off enough to get involved in efforts to better the lot of women? What motivates you to action? — Gloria Feldt

What Motivates You Quotes By Ayn Rand

A whim is an emotion whose cause you neither know nor care to discover. Now what does it mean, to act on whim? It means that a man acts like a zombie, without any knowledge of what he deals with, what he wants to accomplish, or what motivates him. It means that a man acts in a state of temporary insanity. Is this what you call juicy or colorful? I think the only juice that can come out of such a situation is blood. To act against the facts of reality can result only in destruction. — Ayn Rand

What Motivates You Quotes By Mike Nichols

The whole point about laughter is it's like mercury: you can't catch it, you can't catch what motivates it - that's why it's funny. — Mike Nichols

What Motivates You Quotes By Robert Crumb

The work itself is what motivates me. I like my own stuff, you know? I like the way it looks. I do it to please myself first. — Robert Crumb

What Motivates You Quotes By Morgan Wootten

It's often been said that you learn more from losing than you do from winning. I think, if you're wise, you learn from both. You learn a lot from a loss. You learn what is it that we're not doing to get to where we want to go. It really gets your attention and it really motivates the work ethic of your team when you're not doing well. — Morgan Wootten

What Motivates You Quotes By Dave Harvey

What motivates Olympic athletes to train for years for one event - in some cases, for just seconds of actual competition? It's the same thing that kept my friend Pete nosing around old bookstores for years. It's the same thing that makes a person venture out of a comfortable job to start a new business. We see it in the artist who spends day after day in a studio chipping away at a block of stone. Look closely and you'll find it in the shopper who passes up the good deal in search of the best deal. It's one of the things that makes us most human. We consciously pursue what we value. It's not simply a matter of being driven by biology or genetics or environmental conditioning to satisfy instinctive cravings. Rather, we perceive something, prize it at a certain value, then pursue it according to that assigned value because we were created that way. This ability to perceive, prize, and pursue is part of our essential humanness, and it's the essence of ambition. — Dave Harvey

What Motivates You Quotes By Frederick Lenz

What motivates someone who's become wealthy to go out and work in the ghetto with those who are poor? What motivates one who has perfect health to go and work with the sick? If you understand - then you understand the root and cause of all existence. — Frederick Lenz

What Motivates You Quotes By Dirk Van Loon

You must: Learn to understand what motivates the people you want to influence. Become an expert at communication. Know how to make people like you. Learn how to inspire people. — Dirk Van Loon

What Motivates You Quotes By Matt Chandler

So what does it look like to live a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ? It looks like walking with, loving with, and doing life with those who are different from you. What binds you together is Christ. It looks like striving together to make Christ known. What motivates you is Christ. And it looks like standing with courage against all oppressors, natural or supernatural. What secures you is Christ. — Matt Chandler

What Motivates You Quotes By Cicely Tyson

You never know what motivates you. — Cicely Tyson

What Motivates You Quotes By Amaka Imani Nkosazana

You have everything within you to do great things in this world. Maybe, you are inspired to sing a song, write a book or poems, create art in various forms. Or you may decide to find a cure for disease, end world hunger, prevent abuse, or take a stand politically. The question is how to begin the process of fulfilling your vision. Start where you are and use the resources you have to build from there. Inspiration is what motivates you to achieve your remarkable ideas. Also it takes time and dedication to excel to the next level. — Amaka Imani Nkosazana

What Motivates You Quotes By Nelly Ben Hayoun

I believe that, by taking an extreme approach, you really get the public to actively engage with a cause or a research ,and that is what motivates me with space exploration. — Nelly Ben Hayoun

What Motivates You Quotes By Tom Brady

It's just part of whatever motivates guys and whatever they say. Ultimately it comes down to how well you play. What I've learned over the years, a lot of guys talk. What you need to do is go out there and play, back it up. They've been able to back it up, so that's why it works for them. Hopefully we can go out there and do our talking on the field. — Tom Brady

What Motivates You Quotes By Michael Vick

It's good to have critics because that's what motivates you and helps you take your game to another level, They talked about Michael Jordan and said he didn't have a jump shot. They say the same thing about me ? I can't throw the football and all that. Say whatever you want about me. It makes me strive harder. — Michael Vick

What Motivates You Quotes By Joseph Sugarman

If it is your assignment to write copy for a product or service that you really don't have a feel for, then you have a great deal of studying to do to make sure you understand who your customer is and what motivates him or her. — Joseph Sugarman

What Motivates You Quotes By Scott Belsky

Whether it means prizing the value of lessons learned, building games into your creative process, or getting gifts upon certain milestones of achievement, self-derived rewards make a big difference ... You cannot ignore or completely escape the deeply ingrained short-term reward system within you. But you can become aware of what really motivates you and then tweak your incentives to sustain your long-term pursuits. — Scott Belsky

What Motivates You Quotes By Chuck Schumer

You have to walk in the other guy's moccasins. You have to think what they think. If you want to bring somebody onto your side, you have to figure out what motivates them. What do they need? — Chuck Schumer

What Motivates You Quotes By Marvin Hagler

There are a lot of things and in order to be at the top and maintain your focus you have to have something that motivates you. For me, it was what I perceived as a lack of respect from the boxing world as well as the media, which made me want to work so hard and be great. — Marvin Hagler

What Motivates You Quotes By Peter Guber

Being true to yourself involves showing and sharing emotion. The spirit that motivates most great storytellers is 'I want you to feel what I feel,' and the effective narrative is designed to make this happen. That's how the information is bound to the experience and rendered unforgettable. — Peter Guber

What Motivates You Quotes By Geneen Roth

When you decide that you need to lose twenty pounds because you are disgusting at this weight or that you need to meditate every day or go to church on Sundays because you will go to hell if you don't, you are making life decisions while you are being whipped with chains. The Voice-induced decisions - those made from shame and force, guilt or deprivation, cannot be trusted. They do not last because they are based on fear of consequences instead of longing for truth. Instead, ask yourself what you love. Without fear of consequences, without force or shame or guilt. What motivates you to be kind, to take care of your body, your spirit, others, the earth? Trust the longing, trust the love that can be translated into action without the threat of punishment. Trust that you will not destroy what matters most. Give yourself that much. — Geneen Roth

What Motivates You Quotes By Wayne Dyer

If you're always in a hurry, always trying to get ahead of the other guy, or someone else's performance is what motivates you, then that person is in control of you. — Wayne Dyer

What Motivates You Quotes By Nia Long

I can tell you it makes a big difference to have a director who is collaborative. What motivates a character in my mind could be completely different from what the director's thinking. You have to have those conversations ahead of time and throughout the process. It affects the performance. — Nia Long

What Motivates You Quotes By Carol Higgins Clark

The acting background helped a lot when I started writing. I was training for it. In acting class they teach you about the stakes in a scene (and) what motivates characters. When you bring a scene to class - as an actor with your scene partner - you have to do everything. There's no producer, set decorator or anything like that. You and you partner have to do everything and that's kind of like facing the blank page as a writer. — Carol Higgins Clark

What Motivates You Quotes By Martin Yan

I think a lot of times it's not money that's the primary motivation factor; it's the passion for your job and the professional and personal satisfaction that you get out of doing what you do that motivates you. — Martin Yan

What Motivates You Quotes By Rand Paul

If you hear me out, I believe you'll discover that what motivates me more than any other issue is the defense of everyone's rights. — Rand Paul

What Motivates You Quotes By Wendy Kopp

People think of teachers who are born to teach, and you think of all these charismatic folks. Some of the most successful teachers are some of the least charismatic, interestingly. But they have a gift of figuring out what motivates people. — Wendy Kopp

What Motivates You Quotes By Don Johnson

If the material is inspiring and motivates you, then it doesn't really matter what it is. — Don Johnson

What Motivates You Quotes By Marv Wolfman

With villains you always have to understand what motivates them. Most people don't just think they're evil. They believe or know they are doing the right thing because of the circumstances they find themselves in. Or they are overwhelmed by circumstances and can't stop what they'll do next. — Marv Wolfman

What Motivates You Quotes By Karen Finney

I think part of running for president, people want to know who you are, what influenced you, what motivates you, not just where you stand on issues but what is in your heart and what were things in your life that led you to believe the things you believe in, and fight for. — Karen Finney

What Motivates You Quotes By DeVon Franklin

No matter what you watch, it has an impact. So, why not use this medium to bring great stories to millions of people around the world with the goal of not only entertaining them but inspiring them. That's what motivates me. That's why I get up every day. — DeVon Franklin

What Motivates You Quotes By Farshad Asl

So what motivates you more? The fear of failure or the fantastic feeling of achieving your dreams? — Farshad Asl

What Motivates You Quotes By Jack Campbell

You're not fighting for abstractions. No one does. Humans pay lip service to that, to big causes and great purposes, but any politician of any skill soon learns that what really motivates people is the small, personal things. Close friends, family, the small area they call home. They wrap those things around ideals and call them precious, but they're precious for the smallest and closest of reasons. Soldiers may swear to fight for their flag, but they really fight because of the soldiers next to them. — Jack Campbell