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Top Weingart Quotes

Weingart Quotes By Wolfgang Weingart

What's the use of being legible, when nothing inspires you to take notice of it? — Wolfgang Weingart

Weingart Quotes By Nicanor Parra

A poem should improve on the blank page. — Nicanor Parra

Weingart Quotes By Kimberly Giles

And an attitude of trust and seeing your personal trials as a perfect part of your process of becoming will always serve you, especially since the only other option is fear, bitterness, and anger, and those emotions don't serve you at all. — Kimberly Giles

Weingart Quotes By Wolfgang Weingart

Electronic equipment replaces neither Eyes, Hands, nor Heart. — Wolfgang Weingart

Weingart Quotes By Carl Hiaasen

Whether he's still a threat to innocent doors remains to be seen. By — Carl Hiaasen

Weingart Quotes By Fyodor Dostoevsky

There were moments when I hated everybody I came across, innocent or guilty, and looked at them as thieves who were robbing me of my life with impunity. The most unbearable misfortune is when you yourself become unjust, malignant, vile; you realize it, you even reproach yourself - but you just can't help it. — Fyodor Dostoevsky

Weingart Quotes By Wolfgang Weingart

Anyone who uses Helvetica knows nothing about typefaces. — Wolfgang Weingart

Weingart Quotes By Wolfgang Weingart

For me, typography is a triangular relationship between design idea, typographic elements, and printing technique. — Wolfgang Weingart

Weingart Quotes By Kate Bornstein

The real problem devolves around class lines once again: it's the street hormones that folks without insurance, or folks who are too young for prescriptions without parental okay, use. Sometimes those hormones can be pretty rough. — Kate Bornstein

Weingart Quotes By Mordecai Roshwald

Divided we live, united we die! — Mordecai Roshwald

Weingart Quotes By Wolfgang Weingart

The simpler the assignment, the more difficult the solution. — Wolfgang Weingart

Weingart Quotes By Frank Butler

Bishops are like umpires. You have to have them to call the close decisions. — Frank Butler

Weingart Quotes By Santosh Kalwar

I beg your pardon; I am drunk without a drink. English wine & words are vulnerable to every man. — Santosh Kalwar

Weingart Quotes By Marlen Esparza

I used to be so aggressive, but after a while I started learning. It's not that I know how to adapt, but I know all styles of fighting so I can change my style of fighting to whatever it needs to be. That just comes from years of training and a lot of sparring partners. — Marlen Esparza

Weingart Quotes By Wolfgang Weingart

Berthold is still a good typeface, but even Berthold has some less than attractive features, and then I just cut them off because I didn't like them. — Wolfgang Weingart