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Web Page Quotes By Larry Page

Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would understand everything on the Web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We're nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on. — Larry Page

Web Page Quotes By Unknown

*clicks page 2 of google search results* the deep web — Unknown

Web Page Quotes By Charles M. Heyworth

To describe an emotion is to feel with words. To communicate a moment of existence is to bridge the eternal and the temporal with an intellectual engagement of body, soul, spirit, and mind. To write, therefore is to entangle the mysteries of the universe in a collection of words, a web of ideas, a single drop of ink on a page. — Charles M. Heyworth

Web Page Quotes By John C. Dvorak

People are only concerned about the next party, meeting up for casual sex, finding a job as a Web page designer, or getting a new apartment. — John C. Dvorak

Web Page Quotes By Richard Stallman

For personal reasons, I do not browse the web from my computer. (I also have not net connection much of the time.) To look at page I send mail to a demon which runs wget and mails the page back to me. It is very efficient use of my time, but it is slow in real time. — Richard Stallman

Web Page Quotes By William J. Clinton

When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web ... Now even my cat has its own page. — William J. Clinton

Web Page Quotes By Emmanuel Goldstein

Be very careful. We suggest getting a book on HTML to avoid becoming a real legend in the hacker world. Putting up a web page before you know how to put up a web page is generally a very bad idea. The .gov sites are an exception. — Emmanuel Goldstein

Web Page Quotes By Barton Gellman

Ghostery lets you spy on the spies in your computer. For each web page you visit, this extension uncloaks some - but not all - of the invisible tracking software that is working behind the scenes. — Barton Gellman

Web Page Quotes By Brian Solis

Twitter is your window to relevance , but Facebook is your home page for the Social Web — Brian Solis

Web Page Quotes By Jason Chaffetz

CNN has given me a platform to share my experiences. My Web site, YouTube Channel and Facebook page have exposed me to thousands of voters who share my concerns. My lack of seniority has not impeded my ability to communicate in any way. — Jason Chaffetz

Web Page Quotes By Arianna Huffington

HuffPost serves as a starter page for news consumers, a place to find, and be directed to, the best content available on the Web. We consistently link out directly to other sites - often from our top-of-the-page headline. — Arianna Huffington

Web Page Quotes By Tim Berners-Lee

It was really hard explaining the Web before people just got used to it because they didn't even have words like click and jump and page. — Tim Berners-Lee

Web Page Quotes By Rodney Page

The campaign website was funded by Armistead, and he personally authored the content. He was determined that the campaign's values and goals would fit on one page. The website developer, who was experienced with political campaigns, was opposed to this. He lobbied for detailed policy statements and explanations, which was the conventional approach. But Armistead disagreed. The website developer thus learned that day that core principles were more important than thousands of words of speculative verbiage. — Rodney Page

Web Page Quotes By Sean Platt

Our first CTA is usually for another purchase: either the next book or a bundle of multiple books. After that we'll have a call to join our e-mail list in order to get upcoming books free or at a discount. We often follow with a third CTA that contains either a list of our other books or (preferably) a link to a web page with that list (seeing as we can update the webpage easily but don't want to update all of our books' CTAs). Somewhere in there we usually try adding a request for the reader to leave a review for the book they've just read. — Sean Platt

Web Page Quotes By Neal Boortz

Absolutely no bedwetting liberals or race warlords were harmed or mistreated in the creation of this web page - though the temptation was certainly very tough to resist. — Neal Boortz

Web Page Quotes By Clifford Stoll

If you don't have an E-mail address, you're in the Netherworld. If you don't have your own World Wide Web page, you're a nobody. — Clifford Stoll

Web Page Quotes By Richard Stallman

Facebook mistreats its users. Facebook is not your friend; it is a surveillance engine. For instance, if you browse the Web and you see a 'like' button in some page or some other site that has been displayed from Facebook. Therefore, Facebook knows that your machine visited that page. — Richard Stallman

Web Page Quotes By Anne Carson

Prowling the meanings of a word, prowling the history of a person, no use expecting a flood of light. Human words have no main switch. But all those little kidnaps in the dark. And then the luminous, big, shivering, discandied, unrepentant, barking web of them that hangs in your mind when you turn back to the page you were trying to translate ... — Anne Carson

Web Page Quotes By Larry Page

The Web is a vast collection of completely uncontrolled heterogeneous documents. — Larry Page

Web Page Quotes By D.A. Pupa

Life's unpredictable patterns had a strange way of forming a connected web. — D.A. Pupa

Web Page Quotes By Ashton Kutcher

After 'Punk'd,' my company Katalyst did a deal with AOL to produce short-form content for the Web. At that time it was a different game. If you got front-page coverage on any popular website, you could probably get a push. — Ashton Kutcher

Web Page Quotes By Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

With the explosion of technology over the last 15+ years, we are in the process of a complete paradigm shift in regards to how we communicate in our marketing, public relations and advertising. Social Media has forever changed the way businesses and customers communicate and the beauty of it is that, through your channels, you can reach your audience directly and at lightning speed. Social Media has also changed the way customers make their buying decisions. Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, have made it easy to find and connect with others who share similar interests, to read product reviews and to connect with potential clients. Within these networks there is an amazing and wide open space for your unique voice to be heard. As the web interacts with us in more personal ways and with greater portability, there is no time better than the present to engage with and rally your community. — Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

Web Page Quotes By A. Ashley Straker

Every scrape, site, range and page; every game, download, hack, song, movie and virrie on the Web. Everything on your phone. Everything on your 'puta. Even the content directories of your cupboards. Almost every system has been brute-forced; passwords cracked, firewalls breached. Nothing has been left untouched. — A. Ashley Straker

Web Page Quotes By Gregory Benford

There was a blithe certainty that came from first comprehending the full Einstein field equations, arabesques of Greek letters clinging tenuously to the page, a gossamer web. They seemed insubstantial when you first saw them, a string of squiggles. Yet to follow the delicate tensors as they contracted, as the superscripts paired with subscripts, collapsing mathematically into concrete classical entities - potential; mass; forces vectoring in a curved geometry - that was a sublime experience. The iron fist of the real, inside the velvet glove of airy mathematics. — Gregory Benford

Web Page Quotes By Rob Manuel

Twitch is a platform. Switch it on, and you'll find thousands of channels of pure gameplay rolling around with people talking in the background. Dig a little deeper, and you'll also find people talking on camera, with sets built like an actual talk show, and schedules of events posted at the bottom of the web page. — Rob Manuel

Web Page Quotes By Glenn Beck

The Common Core State Standards Initiative, as it's officially known, is the product of three private organizations, two of which have official-sounding names: the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). The third private group is Achieve Inc., which boasts on its Web page that it helped take the idea of nationalized learning standards from a radical proposal into a national agenda. — Glenn Beck

Web Page Quotes By Tim Berners-Lee

In '93 to '94, every browser had its own flavor of HTML. So it was very difficult to know what you could put in a Web page and reliably have most of your readership see it. — Tim Berners-Lee

Web Page Quotes By Jesse Jackson

If you and I got on an airplane, you're going to L.A., Los Angeles, and I'm going to Senegal, we get there about the same time. The world is just that small. So a world that is so tightly bound by science and technology and now Internet and the web page, that world is too small for bullies. It has no room in that world for arrogance. — Jesse Jackson

Web Page Quotes By Patrick Leahy

I'm addicted to the Internet. I admit it. It has transformed the way I work as a senator, communicate with my children, and keep tabs on news and cultural developments ... The Internet is a more direct communications link between legislators and their constituents ... I constantly work at fusing my Senate work into my office home page to make it as useful, timely, and user-friendly as possible for Vermonters and others who may visit ... I look at my Web site, as my 24-hour virtual office, where visitors can send me an e-mail or search for the information they need anytime, day or night. — Patrick Leahy

Web Page Quotes By Robert Duchnik

In my experience, requirements change quite often, or new situations will arise that weren't anticipated at the start of the project. If the situation can be addressed with a plugin, I just whip open the standalone plugin page, make the updates and pop the new plugin back in. Because the plugin is self-contained, it's easy to recreate the problem, fix it, and get it back into the codebase. — Robert Duchnik

Web Page Quotes By Adam D'Angelo

The Internet was supposed to allow anyone to set up a web page and share their knowledge with the world. But in practice, it's too difficult and takes too long, and almost no one does it. — Adam D'Angelo

Web Page Quotes By Colin Rule

for e-commerce websites looking to integrate ODR into their services, don't hide this assurance on a page three clicks away from the homepage. The benefits won't be reaped if the notification of the availability of ODR is not announced on the top levels. Put a sidebar on the customer service page, put it in the privacy policy, or even put a little news item on the homepage. Choose the Web seals you subscribe to and display carefully. Sign up for a seal that has a broader trust-in-transactions connotation, — Colin Rule

Web Page Quotes By Charlene Li

It's the same reason why someone has a Web page or why people feel comfortable going on reality TV. — Charlene Li

Web Page Quotes By Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia is the #5 site on the Web and serves 450 million different people every month - with billions of page views. — Jimmy Wales

Web Page Quotes By Michael Shermer

In comparison, Google is brilliant because it uses an algorithm that ranks Web pages by the number of links to them, with those links themselves valued by the number of links to their page of origin. — Michael Shermer

Web Page Quotes By Stan Czubernat

I love to discuss WWI American Trench Watches. If you have a question about one of my books, a Waltham Trench Watch or an Elgin Trench Watch drop me a line through my web page at LRF Antique Watches. I'll do my best to get back with you quickly! — Stan Czubernat

Web Page Quotes By Ken McCarthy

When people go to a web page, the thing that they want more than anything else is instant clarity. — Ken McCarthy

Web Page Quotes By Ward Cunningham

Why have a locked wiki when you can instead just post static Web pages? — Ward Cunningham

Web Page Quotes By David Amerland

A pair of eyes attached to a human brain can quickly make sense of the content presented on a web page and decide whether it has the answer it's looking for or not in ways that a computer can't. Until now. — David Amerland

Web Page Quotes By Barack Obama

[ ... ] we must start by inspiring our children with a sense of purpose ... by nurturing their imagination so that they may dream big and then work hard to reach those dreams. Too often, our children spend hours playing Playstation without ever finding out how to build Playstation. They watch television but never wonder how it's put together. They surf web page after web page on the Internet, but are never taught how to design one. — Barack Obama

Web Page Quotes By Mike McCue

Journalism is being pushed into a space where I don't think it should ever go, where it's trying to support the monetization model of the Web by driving page views. So what you have is a drop-off of long-form journalism, because long-form pieces are harder to monetize. — Mike McCue

Web Page Quotes By Carl Bohner

button (for example, if you're reading a book or viewing a web page), simply tap your finger in the middle of the screen and a bar will pop up on the bottom of the screen that has the Home button on it. To access your Favorites, tap the star in the bottom right of any page (we'll go into detail about the Favorites a little later). Here's what the Favorites icon looks like: The Status Bar — Carl Bohner

Web Page Quotes By Adam D'Angelo

When you look at Google, its job is to find you the perfect web page. There are a lot of cases when you want to know something and a list of websites isn't ideal. — Adam D'Angelo

Web Page Quotes By Nancy Gibbs

The one problem with the Internet for journalists who like doing long form is that any story that's going to involve 16 screens on the web page ... that's asking a lot of people. — Nancy Gibbs

Web Page Quotes By James Surowiecki

This intelligence, or what I'll call "the wisdom of crowds," is at work in the world in many different guises. It's the reason the Internet search engine Google can scan a billion Web pages and find the one page that has the exact piece of information you were looking for. It's the reason it's so hard to make money betting on NFL games, and it helps explain why, for the past fifteen years, a few hundred amateur traders in the middle of Iowa have done a better job of predicting election results than Gallup polls have. — James Surowiecki

Web Page Quotes By Brandon Collins

The last option is to just clip a selection from a page. Simply highlight a bunch of stuff on a page with your mouse, then hit the web clipper icon. It will get ready to only grab the content (pictures, text, etc) that you have highlighted. — Brandon Collins

Web Page Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Look- what I'm getting at is no matter who or what you're dealing with, people build up meaning between themselves and the things around them. The important thing is whether this comes about naturally or not. Being bright has nothing to do with it. What matters is that you see things with your own eyes... There's always going to be a connection between you, Mr. Nakata, and the things you deal with. Just like there's a connection between eel and rice bowls. And as the web of these connections spreads out, a relationship between you, Mr. Nakata, and capitalists and the proletariat naturally develops.
~page 189 — Haruki Murakami

Web Page Quotes By William J. Clinton

Four years ago nobody but nuclear physicists had ever heard of the Internet. Today even my cat, Socks, has his own web page. I'm amazed at that. I meet kids all the time, been talking to my cat on the Internet. — William J. Clinton

Web Page Quotes By Clifford Stoll

Merely that I have a World Wide Web page does not give me any power, any abilities, nor any status in the real world. — Clifford Stoll

Web Page Quotes By Brian Pinkerton

The handwritten pages make for fun giveaways. If someone reviews one of my books online, like on Amazon or Goodreads, they can notify me through my web site, and I'll send them an original page. They can see my creative process in all its scribbly glory. — Brian Pinkerton

Web Page Quotes By John Battelle

Nearly all web publications are driven by the display model, which is in turn driven by page views. But we all know the web is shifting, thanks to mobile devices and the walled gardens they erect. The new landscape of the web is far more complicated, and new products must emerge. — John Battelle

Web Page Quotes By Larry Page

It's quite complicated and sounds circular, but we've worked out a way of calculate a Web site's importance. — Larry Page

Web Page Quotes By John Battelle

The beauty of the innovation that flows from the open web is that no one has to ask for permission, get a credential, or win a Disrupt or Launch award to go prove their idea is worthy. They just ... put up a page on the web, iterate, iterate, iterate ... and eventually, a Facebook emerges. — John Battelle

Web Page Quotes By Dave Barry

Entire new continent can emerge from the ocean in the time it takes for a Web page to show up on your screen. Contrary to what you may have heard, the Internet does not operate at the speed of light; it operates at the speed of the DMV. — Dave Barry

Web Page Quotes By John Battelle

Advertising and content have always been bound together - in print, on television, and on the web. Sure, you can skip the ad - just flip the page, or press 'ffwd' on your DVR. But great advertising, as I've long argued, adds value to the content ecosystem, and has as much a right to be in the conversation as does the publisher and the consumer. — John Battelle

Web Page Quotes By Jay Baer

Every page of content you've created could be the first interaction with your web site.Think of every page as a home page. — Jay Baer

Web Page Quotes By Tim Berners-Lee

Anyone who slaps a "this page is best viewed with Browser X" label on a Web page appears to be yearning for the bad old days, before the Web, when you had very little chance of reading a document written on another computer, another word processor, or another network. — Tim Berners-Lee