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Top We Gonna Party Quotes

We Gonna Party Quotes By Janis Joplin

I gotta go on doin' it the way I see it ... I got no choice but to take it like I see it. I'm here to have a party while I'm on this earth ... I'm gettin' it now, today. I don't even know where I'm gonna be twenty years from now, so I'm just gonna keep on rockin', cause if I start saving up bits and pieces of me ... man, there ain't gonna be nothing left for Janis. — Janis Joplin

We Gonna Party Quotes By Cambria Hebert

This party is lame!" Braeden said loudly. "WOLVES, party at my dorm!" he yelled.
People cheered.
"Dude, how the fuck are you gonna fit all these people in your tiny-ass room?"
He grinned. "Sure as hell will be fun to try."
Out in front of the Omega house, there was hardly anyone around; they were all too busy in the back, checking out the drama. We were silent a moment. Then Braeden said, "You don't need them. You got more than enough talent to bring in the NFL on your own."
"Fuck," I muttered. "When did everything get so damn complicated?"
"When your life became about more than just football."
"You sound like Yoda." I grinned.
"It's the beer."
- Braeden & Romeo — Cambria Hebert

We Gonna Party Quotes By Charles Evers

I'm a Republican and I'm gonna stay a Republican because they need somebody like me to stay in the Party and keep hammering away. — Charles Evers

We Gonna Party Quotes By Lino Rulli

Everybody is called to become a saint. Not everybody's gonna be canonized by the Church ... The only thing about being canonized is you're already dead so you don't even get to go to the party. — Lino Rulli

We Gonna Party Quotes By Lupe Fiasco

The party lines don't change, that's what makes them a party and you'd be a fool to think that just because there's a black man in there it's not gonna change the real foundation of the system. Especially when you look at his largest contributor to his campaign, AIG, one of the culprits in the economic meltdown itself. — Lupe Fiasco

We Gonna Party Quotes By Kurupt

All my shows is about a party. We party from the door then we get into the gig, get back to the middle then we gonna party at the end. It's all a good time. — Kurupt

We Gonna Party Quotes By Fred Hampton

We've got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don't fight racism with racism. We're gonna fight racism with solidarity. — Fred Hampton

We Gonna Party Quotes By Rafael Cruz

The Democrat is the party that's gonna keep you poor! — Rafael Cruz

We Gonna Party Quotes By Wiz Khalifa

No driving, no sleeping. Live it up like it's the weekend, when the DJ play the right song gonna drink, gonna party all night long — Wiz Khalifa

We Gonna Party Quotes By Kevin Nealon

When I would see my friends with their kids, I was envious that you can use children to get out of just about anything. If you don't feel like going to a dinner party, you could say, 'My kid's sick. I can't make it.' Who's gonna argue with you? — Kevin Nealon

We Gonna Party Quotes By Eddie Cochran

We'll really have a party, but we gotta put a guard outside, if the folks come home I'm afraid they gonna have my hide. — Eddie Cochran

We Gonna Party Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Ohmigod, i'm so gonna kill Tracy for this. I didn't like Ada even before that bitch hooked up with Vic. But this party is so bad, if ex-prisoners of war attended it, they'd reminisce nostalgically about the days shit was shoved up their fingernails Camille muttered. — Kristen Ashley

We Gonna Party Quotes By Jill Stein

The corporate-powered parties are not gonna do it for us, not the greater or the lesser evil. We have to do it for ourselves. And the minute we stand up and stand together, we are unstoppable. — Jill Stein

We Gonna Party Quotes By Nathan Myhrvold

There is a one-in-300 chance that Earth will be struck on March 16, 2880, by an asteroid large enough to destroy civilization and possibly cause the extinction of the human race. But, on the bright side, Prince could re-release his hit song with the new refrain 'We're gonna party like its twenty-eight seventy-nine.' — Nathan Myhrvold

We Gonna Party Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Baby, you stare at my dick any longer, Miss Mildred's gonna have to send out a search party."
... "I was staring at your hip muscles," I corrected.
"Whatever," he muttered, his lips now smiling too, then louder, "just sayin', anything in that vicinity, your eyes on it, it'll get thoughts on its own."
"So noted," I mumbled. — Kristen Ashley

We Gonna Party Quotes By Jay McLean

Run back upstairs and change, girly," Dad says, but he's smiling.
"You're lucky," I tell him. "I'm seventeen and going to my first high school party."
His eyebrows rise. "Are you gonna drink?"
I grab my keys off the counter. "Do you want me to lie?"
"Then no. I'm not drinking."
"That's my girl. — Jay McLean

We Gonna Party Quotes By Anthony Scaramucci

A lot of unpredictable things happened in the Republican party, but I think the notion that we're gonna demonize Donald Trump or we're gonna mischaracterize him is completely unfair. — Anthony Scaramucci

We Gonna Party Quotes By Zach Braff

Once both gay marriage and marijuana are finally legal, those of you against them are not invited to the really fun parties I'm gonna throw. — Zach Braff

We Gonna Party Quotes By H. G. Bissinger

I'm gonna party, see how intoxicated I can get and how many rules I can flaunt. That's my motto. — H. G. Bissinger

We Gonna Party Quotes By Rick Riordan

Welcome, praetor!" he said. "You need any giants' faces smashed while you're in town, just let me know." "Thanks, Terminus," Percy said. "I'll keep that in mind." "Yes, good. Your praetor's cape is an inch too low on the left. There - that's better. Where is my assistant? Julia!" The little girl ran out from behind the pedestal. She was wearing a green dress tonight, and her hair was still in pigtails. When she smiled, Percy saw that her front teeth were starting to come in. She held up a box full of party hats. Percy tried to decline, but Julia gave him the big adoring eyes. "Ah, sure," he said. "I'll take the blue crown." She offered Hazel a gold pirate hat. "I'm gonna be Percy Jackson when I grow up," she told Hazel solemnly. Hazel smiled and ruffled her hair. "That's a good thing to be, Julia." "Although," Frank said, picking out a hat shaped like a polar bear's head, "Frank Zhang would be good too." "Frank!" Hazel said. — Rick Riordan

We Gonna Party Quotes By James Toney

My talent speaks for itself, I ain't gotta answer nobody else's questions. I'm going home, we're gonna have a party! — James Toney

We Gonna Party Quotes By Russell T. Davies

I saw the Fall of Troy! World War Five! I was pushing boxes at the Boston Tea Party! Now I'm gonna die in a dungeon ... [disgustedly] in Cardiff! — Russell T. Davies

We Gonna Party Quotes By Joan Rivers

I've learned: When you get older, who cares? I don't mince words, I don't hold back. What are you gonna do to me? Fire me? It's been done. Threaten to commit suicide? Done. Take away my show? Done! Not invite to me to the Vanity Fair party? I've never been invited! If I ever saw the invitation, I'd use it as toilet paper. — Joan Rivers

We Gonna Party Quotes By David Bowie

The sun machine is coming down, and we're gonna have a party. — David Bowie

We Gonna Party Quotes By Peter Fonda

We wanna' be free! We wanna' be free to do what we wanna' do. We wanna' be free to ride. We wanna' be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man! And we wanna' get loaded. And we wanna' have a good time. And that's what we are gonna' do. We are gonna' have a good time ... We are gonna' have a party. — Peter Fonda

We Gonna Party Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

[ Democrat Party] believe that there's gonna be mass appreciation and love and everybody's gonna be getting along. — Rush Limbaugh

We Gonna Party Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The Democrat Party were gonna show Hillary Clinton gratitude. There might even be some people who actually think she's gonna be a good president, too. But for the most part it was they owed her. They owed her big time. They still do, and so does he. — Rush Limbaugh

We Gonna Party Quotes By Brendon Urie

'Victorious' for me was a chance to write a song exactly how I was feeling - I was feeling triumphant, I was feeling like I could do anything as long as I've got the people that I love by my side. We're gonna go out and conquer it, and party, and just be awesome. — Brendon Urie

We Gonna Party Quotes By Bo Brown

We are not past racism. It took us 500 and however many years to get us where we are; it's not gonna change in one day or in one election. We made a step maybe, which they'll try and take away from us as soon as they can. But I mean what the fuck is the Tea Party about? It's not about "tea"; it ain't about "trans", either. — Bo Brown

We Gonna Party Quotes By Jen Sincero

The Big Snooze is like an overprotective Italian mother who not only doesn't want you to ever go outside, but who wants you to live with her forever. Her intentions are good, but fully fear-based. As long as you stay inside the familiar, risk-free zone of your present reality, the Big Snooze is content, but should you try and sneak past her to attend the rockin' party outside, your overprotective, controlling mother is going to claw, scratch, scream, bite, hurl her body in front of your rapidly approaching new life - basically she's going to do whatever she can to stop you. And it ain't gonna be pretty. — Jen Sincero

We Gonna Party Quotes By Marco Rubio

That may not be a majority position in my party, but that's down the road. You can't even begin that process until you prove to people - not just pass a law that says you're gonna bring illegal immigration under control. You're gonna have to do it and prove to people that it's working. — Marco Rubio

We Gonna Party Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The Democrats need poor, dependent people if they're gonna stay in business. And if we don't have enough poverty at home, we'll import it. That's what our open-borders policy is: It's about importing poverty and importing the number of potential registered voters for the Democrat party. — Rush Limbaugh

We Gonna Party Quotes By Jhonen Vasquez

Dear Die-ary, I stared, motionless, before the mirror. As always, I stayed until I'm convinced that there is no glass, nothing, separating me from the room I see on the other side. I imagine that everything is different over there. Better. There are people, in that world, who I would like. But, like always, my hand hits the glass. I know that if I'd only waited just one more second ... Shit. I'm gonna go kill a party clown. — Jhonen Vasquez

We Gonna Party Quotes By Cindi Madsen

You went to a party, did a keg stand, and got so drunk you forgot half the night. Congrats on this amazing milestone in your life." He squeezed my leg. "What are you gonna do next?"
"Uh, Disneyland? — Cindi Madsen

We Gonna Party Quotes By Donald Trump

I had a massive victory over Ted [Cruz], it turned out. Remember Indiana was gonna be the change? I was gonna win New York, I was gonna win, then Indiana? But Indiana was a landslide. You gotta get over it. You know, at some point you gotta get over it. Otherwise we're gonna have three or four new Supreme Court justices that are going to be a disaster for the Republican Party. — Donald Trump

We Gonna Party Quotes By John Connolly

So what you gonna do?"

"Push a stick into the beehive and rustle up some bees. The Larousses are hosting a party today. I think we should avail ourselves of their hospitality."

"We got an invite?"

"Has not having one ever stopped us before?"

"No, but sometimes I just like to be invited to shit, you know what I'm sayin', instead of havin' to bust in, get threatened, irritate the nice white folks, put the fear of the black man on them."

He paused, seemed to think for a while about what he had just said, then brightened.

"Sounds good, doesn't it?" I said.

"Real good," he agreed. — John Connolly