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We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

I've overcome a lot - sexual abuse, death of a loved one, bad parents and experienced life. My nature is such I not only survived all this but I have thrived. I've always been psychologically ambitious in that I've never been willing to settle emotionally for anything less then what's needed. I've wanted more then that from life. — Augusten Burroughs

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Wilma Rudolph

When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome. — Wilma Rudolph

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Harper Lee

Cal had told her all girls had it, it was natural as breathing,, it was a sign they were growing up, and they had it until they were in their fifties. At the time, Jean Louise was so overcome with despair at the prospect of being too old to enjoy anything when it would finally be over, she refrained from pursuing the subject. — Harper Lee

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Rhonda Byrne

Every person has their own unique circumstances to overcome, but every single person has the opportunity to achieve anything - and change everything. — Rhonda Byrne

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Dalai Lama

The real enemy of happiness is the mind's fixations and delusions ... If you have the right mind, you can overcome anything - you can be happy, no matter what. — Dalai Lama

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Benjamin Hoff

The play-it-safe pessimists of the world never accomplish much of anything, because they don't look clearly and objectively at situations, they don't recognize or believe in their own abilities to overcome even the smallest amount of risk. — Benjamin Hoff

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Matthew Donnelly

Why is it that such a basic education such as not quitting or not giving up is always continued to be taught? When we drive to a destination and hit a stop light or a train do we turn back around no because we will never arrive to that destination pretty easy concept to understand for everyone.

There are many more basic examples that are "Basic" but the real reason is that 99.9% of most understand basic concepts but we don't listen to our intuition. We know action, consistency, not quitting are basic to success.

Once Fear, Anxiety, Love, Laziness, lack of focus and ambition are overcome by our strength of intuition then we can achieve anything that we want. — Matthew Donnelly

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Starla Huchton

We all eventually find that life is a series of adjustments, but anything can be overcome when there is love around you. Once can be strong on their own, but there is greater strength in knowing when to rely on others. — Starla Huchton

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Sheryl Swoopes

Be positive and work hard. I think it's possible to overcome anything, if you're willing to work at it. — Sheryl Swoopes

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By James Frain

Every project has its things to be overcome, but I didn't find that there was anything particularly impossible about what we were doing - it was all quite exciting. — James Frain

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

The power of prayer can never be overrated. They who cannot serve God by preaching need not regret. If a man can but pray he can do anything. He who knows how to overcome with God in prayer has Heaven and earth at his disposal. — Charles Spurgeon

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By C.L. Werner

Only one advantage still remained to Mandred, an edge that Vrrmik could never take from him. The soldiers who marched behind his banner were men and it was the hearts of men that beat within their breasts, hearts that could be moved to selflessness, could be stirred to valour and fired with courage. However numerous Vrrmik's horde, they were skaven, they were cringing beasts driven by fear and greed, incapable of believing in anything more vital than their own skins. Terror and avarice were the forces that drove them on, but such things could only stretch so far, overcome only so much. Mandred's troops could endure more than Vrrmik's monsters. That was the one strength the skaven could never equal. — C.L. Werner

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Norman Vincent Peale

Any fact facing us, however difficult, even seemingly hopeless, is not so important as our attitude towards that fact. How you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You may permit a fact to overwhelm you mentally before you deal with it actually. On the other hand, a confident and optimistic thought pattern can overcome or modify the fact altogether. — Norman Vincent Peale

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Mark Owens

Visualize the conversations your friends have about how they all knew you'd never be able to make it. Imagine having to explain quitting to every single person who knew you were going to BUD/S. You have to face them. You have to live with many of them. Imagine trying to find a way to overcome the shame of failing. How long is it going to take for them to stop thinking of you as a failure, a quitter, a pussy? How long until anyone takes anything you say seriously again? Visualize being sent to a crappy ship, an undesignated Seaman. Imagine, if you will, a life below deck where you spend 18 hours chipping paint and repainting the spot you chipped. Imagine not seeing the sun for days or weeks at a time. This picture is worse than anything in BUD/S. Experience the shame and humiliation of quitting once in your head. Feel how much you hate yourself for giving up on your dream. Then never, ever, ever experience it in real life. — Mark Owens

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Marcia Moore

Yes," some objectors declare, "I would like to expand my consciousness, but I feel that I must do it for myself."
To this, our usual reply is that doing everything for oneself can be an unbearably limiting factor as well as an exercise in egotism. What if we had to weave all our own clothes, grow our own food, make our own paper and so forth? In actuality we accomplish hardly anything without external instruments, tools or technological aids. Our manifest interdependence attests to nature's determination to force us to overcome isolationist tendencies. Even our two most essential physiological functions, eating and breathing, serve as constant reminders that in every respect we are obliged to use what lies outside of the confines of the bodily organism.
In the end, we do nothing alone and everything by our selves. — Marcia Moore

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Eloisa James

It was just that - Gabby's common sense came to the rescue. Quill was an uncommonly handsome man. His eyes made her feel weak in the knees and warm in the belly. / The problem, Gabby rationalized, is that Father never allowed me to have anything to do with men. So now I am overcome by the species in general. — Eloisa James

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Bill Walsh

When you stand and overcome a significant setback, you'll find an increasing inner confidence and self-assurance that has been created by conquering defeat. Absorbing and overcoming this kind of punishment engenders a sober, steely toughness that results in a hardened sense of independence and a personal belief that you can take on anything, survive and win. — Bill Walsh

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

If you can endure anything, you can become anything. — Michael Bassey Johnson

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Anonymous

Don't let your problems push you. Let your dreams lead you! The lens you choose to view the world determines how you feel about yourself and everything around you. Optimism attracts goodness into our lives and gives us strength to overcome obstacles. You can't live a positive life with a negative attitude. Heaven on earth is not a place we must find, it is a choice we must make. Let every day be a love you can feel. Let every day be a dream you can touch. Let every day be a reason to live. Life is too short to be anything but positive! — Anonymous

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Ned Vizzini

I eat not because I want to, not because I have to overcome anything, not to prove myself to anyone, but because it's there. I eat because that's what people do. And somehow when the food is put in front of you by an institution, when there's a large gray force behind it and you don't have to thank anyone for it, you have the animal instinct to make it disappear, — Ned Vizzini

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Adam Hamilton

The devil can't make you do anything! Resistance is not futile. You can overcome temptation. Where — Adam Hamilton

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Charles Eisenstein

You can't just do whatever you feel like." "You can't just do anything you want." "You have to learn self-restraint." "You're only interested in gratifying your desires." "You don't care about anything but your own pleasure." Can you hear the judgmentality in these admonitions? Can you see how they reproduce the mentality of domination that runs our civilization? Goodness comes through conquest. Health comes through conquering bacteria. Agriculture is improved by eliminating pests. Society is made safe by winning the war on crime. On my walk today, students accosted me, asking if I wanted to join the "fight" against pediatric cancer. There are so many fights, crusades, campaigns, so many calls to overcome the enemy by force. No wonder we apply the same strategy to ourselves. Thus it is that the inner devastation of the Western psyche matches exactly the outer devastation it has wreaked upon the planet. Wouldn't you like to be part of a different kind of revolution? — Charles Eisenstein

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By David Baldacci

I want you to know that if I could've stayed with you I would have. I fought as hard as I could. I will never understand why I had to be taken from you so soon, but I have accepted it. Yet I want you to know that there is nothing more important to me than you. I loved you from the moment I saw you. And the happiest day of my life was when you agreed to share your life with mine. I promised that I would always be there for you. And my love for you is so strong that even though I won't be there physically, I will be there in every other way. I will watch over you. I will be there if you need to talk. I will never stop loving you. Not even death is powerful enough to overcome my feelings for you. My love for you, Lizzie, is stronger than anything. — David Baldacci

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By T.H. White

He did not himself believe in the supernatural, but the thing happened, and he proposed to tell it as simply as possible. It was stupid of him to say that it shook his faith in mundane affairs, for it was just as mundane as anything else. Indeed the really frightening part about it was the horribly tangible atmosphere in which it took place. None of the outlines wavered in the least. The creature would have been less remarkable if it had been less natural. It seemed to overcome the usual laws without being immune to them. ("The Troll") — T.H. White

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Lamar Odom

Either you can do it or you can't. I think I can overcome anything I put my mind to. — Lamar Odom

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Saint Augustine

To seek the greatest good is to live well, and to live well is nothing other than to love God with the whole heart, the whole soul, and the whole mind: It is therefore obvious that this love must be kept whole and uncorrupt, that is temperance; it should not be overcome with difficulties, that is fortitude, it must not be subservient to anything else, that is justice; it must discriminate among things so as not to be deceived by falsity or fraud, that is prudence. — Saint Augustine

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Hiromu Arakawa

There's no such thing as a painless lesson, they just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary; you can't gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can endure that pain, and walk away from it you'll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle. Yea, a heart made fullmetal. — Hiromu Arakawa

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Peace Pilgrim

It is through solving problems correctly that we grow spiritually. We are never given a burden unless we have the capacity to overcome it. If a great problem is set before you, this merely indicates that you have the great inner strength to solve a great problem. There is never really anything to be discouraged about, because difficulties are opportunities for inner growth, and the greater the difficulty the greater the opportunity for growth. — Peace Pilgrim

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes

Love is a power too strong to be overcome by anything but flight. — Miguel De Cervantes

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Ernest Holmes

We have within us, a power that is greater than anything we shall ever contact in the outer, a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied and at peace, healed and prosperous, in a new light, and in a new life. — Ernest Holmes

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Be inspired; you have seen another day! Smile; you have another chance! Take a step; you can do it again! Move; you can't continue like this! Do something for that is all life is about! Impact makers take steps. Impact makers face challenges. Impact makers overcome challenges. Each day is a new day to have a different view of the real purpose why we live. Each day is another chance to add take a step towards a great end. Each day is another day to choose courage or fear! Each day is another moment of time to dare tactically or to do anything! When you wake up, do something! Make each day count! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Abraham Hicks

Anything you do to overcome or prevent, causes a spotlight on the every thing you are wanting to overcome and prevent. You cannot take enough action to compensate for the Energy that you're flowing. — Abraham Hicks

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Alexandra Petri

As long as you are forced to be a woman first instead of a person, by default, you need to be a feminist. That's it. Men are people, women are women? Screw that. Screw that. I am sick of having words aimed to shut me up. I am sick of having to be anything other than a person first. Zounds! I enjoy being a girl, whatever that means. For me, that meant Star Wars figurines, mounds of books, skirts and flats. It meant Civil War reenacting and best girlfriends I'd give a kidney to and best guy friends I'd ruin a liver with and making messes and cleaning up some of them and still not knowing how to apply eye shadow. That's being a girl. That's being a person. It's the same damn thing. I wish Rush had just called me an idiot. I'm happy to be called an idiot! On the day when someone on the Internet calls me an idiot first and ugly second, I will set down my feminist battle flag and heave a great sigh. Then I will pick it back up and keep climbing. There are many more mountains to overcome. — Alexandra Petri

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Anne Marie Gazzolo

Bilbo and Frodo overcome the objections of the Baggins side of themselves in order to embrace the Quests that await them. Sometimes we have the same struggles as they do. The Took in us wants to pursue dreams, and the Baggins part wants to stay safe and conventional. Too often we heed the negative thinking that convinces us that we do not have the time, money, energy, or opportunity to make our desires come true. We think we have too many other obligations blocking our way. Sometimes we also saddle ourselves with the false guilt that tells us it is not right to do anything for ourselves, especially if we have a family to take care of first. We must not abandon our true responsibilities, of course, but would it not be better if we could fulfill them in a way that fed our soul and not just our pocketbook and got us excited about going to work rather than dreading the drudgery? — Anne Marie Gazzolo

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Tasha Hoggatt

You must never doubt your ability to achieve anything, become anything, overcome anything and inspire everything. — Tasha Hoggatt

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Gloria Estefan

And, because of the life that I shared with these two amazing women [her mother and maternal grandmother] and the hardships and struggles that I saw them overcome, I learned an invaluable lesson: and that is that women can do anything we set our minds to ... and then some! — Gloria Estefan

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Tom Cunningham

As important as finding the Why behind your Purpose and Goals is knowing the Who. We will often do more and endure more for people we love than we will endure for ourselves. Find your Why and your Who and you will endure and overcome anything. — Tom Cunningham

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Robert Greene

In our culture we tend to equate thinking and intellectual powers with success and achievement. In many ways, however, it is an emotional quality that separates those who master a field from the many who simply work at a job. Our levels of desire, patience, persistence, and confidence end up playing a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers. Feeling motivated and energized, we can overcome almost anything. Feeling bored and restless, our minds shut off and we become increasingly passive. — Robert Greene

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Frederick Lenz

If you learn to lead your life strategically and strongly, you can overcome the opposition. But running away, you never overcome anything. The pathway to enlightenment is for the warrior, the samurai. — Frederick Lenz

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Ian Moore

When people are determined they can overcome anything. — Ian Moore

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Horace Mann

Habit can overcome anything but instinct, and can greatly modify even that. — Horace Mann

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Arianna Huffington

Through the stories of women I admire, and, above all, through my own experience with my daughters, again and again I encounter moments of extraordinary strength, courage, and resilience, when fears are confronted, even overcome, and anything seems possible. — Arianna Huffington

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Steve Nash

I want my kids to have passion for life, to really have a passion for life. I think when you have a passion for something, you can overcome obstacles, if you float through life without having anything to hold on to or get you fired up emotionally and to focus on, I think it's really hard to overcome things. — Steve Nash

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Sebastian Junger

The coward's fear of death stems in large part from his incapacity to love anything but his own body. The inability to participate in others' lives stands in the way of his developing any inner resources sufficient to overcome the terror of death. - J. Glenn Gary, The Warriors — Sebastian Junger

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Nescio

...He couldn't do anything, so he didn't do anything. And after all, you can't express things by the way you feel them. He had just one wish: to overcome the body, to no longer feel hunger or exhaustion, cold or rain. Those were the great enemies. You always had to eat and sleep, over and over again, you had to get out of the cold, you got wet and tired or miserable. Now look at that water. It has it good: it just ripples and reflects the clouds, it's always changing and yet always stays the same too. Has no problems at all. — Nescio

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Danish Sayanee

Sometimes it is our mistakes that make us the best among men in the world. if we listen to the voices of the world, they speak not to degrade us but to encourage us to overcome that which we have been ultimately blessed with ... for what more could we lose if we never choose to overcome anything? I tell you that you are dead if you are foolish enough to not try. — Danish Sayanee

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Thomas Merton

In the use of force, one simplifies the situation by assuming that the evil to be overcome is clear-cut, definite, and irreversible. Hence there remains but one thing: to eliminate it. Any dialogue with the sinner, any question of the irreversibility of his act, only means faltering and failure. Failure to eliminate evil is itself a defeat. Anything that even remotely risks such defeat is in itself capitulation to evil. The irreversibility of evil then reaches out to contaminate even the tolerant thought of the hesitant crusader who, momentarily, doubts the total evil of the enemy he is about to eliminate. p. 21 — Thomas Merton

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Abi Ketner

You can overcome anything...short of death. — Abi Ketner

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Holley Gerth

Sometimes what we see as wasted time is actually the training ground for what God has in store for us. The lessons we learn and the obstacles we overcome are preparation. Even the rocks you're struggling to climb over today may be the stepping-stones of tomorrow. God never wastes anything. There is great value in where he has led you. And even if you have strayed from his path at times, he's a Redeemer who can transform those mistakes into future benefits to you as well. — Holley Gerth

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Billy Graham

Learn from your disappointments and failures and with God's help seek to overcome them. Ask yourself, could I have done anything to prevent this? Were my hopes and dreams unrealistic, or were my motives wrong?
Is there a new path God wants me to explore? — Billy Graham

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

True healing must come first at the Soul level ... prayer aligns our souls with God ... By aligning ourselves with God - this highest possible state of unconditional love, joy, and wholeness - we can overcome anything, be healed of all afflictions. — Rosemary Ellen Guiley

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Preeti Shenoy

The world is indeed a better place when there is love, friendship, acceptance and hope. Powered by these you can indeed overcome anything including destiny. — Preeti Shenoy

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Joshua Hartzell

Loneliness is something that finds us all when we think about it and when we're by ourselves when we don't want to be. It creeps up when we desperately feel like we need someone special but can't seem to find anything more than a friend that wishes they could help. Sometimes a friend cannot be found when your willing to settle for one. Sometimes it passes quickly, and sometimes it sticks around to try to drive us to insanity. Its like a creature lying in wait to take us at our weakest moment, but only toying with us when we give up to it. In the end it always passes. There is always something to appreciate and someone to cheer us up. We adapt and overcome. Life is a gift with much more to it than a passing emotion. All around us are beautiful things to console us. Life is much more than one feeling. It is as great as we let it be. — Joshua Hartzell

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Mindy Hammond

If he was paralyzed, we'd have to put in ramps and have things altered for wheelchair access; you can get kitchens refitted; bathrooms altered ... I'd get him a really fast wheelchair. It'd be OK. If he couldn't talk, I'd get him a great computer. Anything can be dealt with, everything can be overcome. Just be alive. Just, please God, I beg you, please, please keep him alive for me. — Mindy Hammond

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Frederick Douglass

The louder she screamed, the harder he whipped; and where the blood ran fastest, there he whipped longest. He would whip her to make her scream, and whip her to make her hush; and not until overcome by fatigue, would he cease to swing the blood-clotted cowskin. I remember the first time I ever witnessed this horrible exhibition. I was quite a child, but I well remember it. I never shall forget it whilst I remember anything. It was the first of a long series of outrages, of which I was doomed to be a witness and a participant. It struck me with awful force. It was the blood-stained gate, the entrance to the hell of slavery, through which I was about to pass. — Frederick Douglass

We Can Overcome Anything Quotes By Joyce Meyer

Everyone wants to be an overcomer, but nobody wants anything to overcome. — Joyce Meyer