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We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Curtis Jackson

STREET by 50 is all about giving our fans the finest music experience we possibly can. The response to the limited edition colors so far speaks for itself - the fans want the opportunity to match their headphones to their personal style, and we definitely want to make sure to give them what they want. — Curtis Jackson

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Erik Hollnagel

In accident investigation, as in most other human endeavours, we fall prey to the What-You-Look-For-Is-What-You-Find or WYLFIWYF principle. This is a simple recognition of the fact that assumptions about what we are going to see (What-You-Look-For), to a large extent will determine what we actually find (What-You-Find). (The principle is furthermore not limited to accident investigation, but applies to human perception and cognition in general.) In accident investigations, the guiding assumptions are sometimes explicit, for instance when they are given as a directive or objective.

Erik Hollnagel. The ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off (Kindle Locations 998-1000). Kindle Edition. — Erik Hollnagel

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

But, come on, even the waiting list for that new Prada bag was only a year. No school can be more exclusive than a limited-edition Prada bag, surely? — Sophie Kinsella

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Amy Poehler

Don't treat your heart like an action figure wrapped in plastic and never used. And don't try to give me that nerd argument that your heart is a 'Batman' with a limited-edition silver bat-erang and therefore if it stays in its original packing it increases in value. — Amy Poehler

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Katherine Anne Porter

[On Gertrude Stein's Making of Americans:] I doubt if all the people who should read it will read it for a great while yet, for it is in such a limited edition, and reading it is anyhow a sort of permanent occupation. — Katherine Anne Porter

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

It was painful, exceedingly painful, to know that they were under obligations to a person who could never receive a return ... "
The paper fell. It was a limited edition of Pride and Prejudice. "You, you gave me-"
"Mr. Darcy." Wes whispered in my ear. "As you can see, I also memorized some lines so that you'd swoon. — Rachel Van Dyken

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Conan O'Brien

The White House says they will release the Osama bin Laden death photo. Better yet, they're doing it on a set of limited edition commemorative plates. — Conan O'Brien

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Steven Cuoco

Be your own limited edition. — Steven Cuoco

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Jourdan Dunn

I'm a compulsive sneaker collector, mostly limited edition. — Jourdan Dunn

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Alanea Alder

It's because I'm a 'Limited Edition'. Y'all should be grateful for even knowing me," Meryn huffed. — Alanea Alder

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Henry Rollins

I'm a big fan of the American Tapes label. But that's very hard to keep a grip on that because you blink your eyes and they've released three records, all of which are limited edition, all sold at one show. So you have to follow in drips and drops on eBay, which I do. — Henry Rollins

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Kevin Focke

Life summed up with a marketing slogan: Limited Edition! — Kevin Focke

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Johnnie Dent Jr.

The thing about being powerful is that it may be a limited edition... as the source of the power goes you go; but becoming empowered will last a lifetime. — Johnnie Dent Jr.

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Suresh Raina

I've always wanted to buy a sports car. After the England series, I went up to my dad and said that I wanted to buy a sports car and got his consent. On his birthday, I surprised him by bringing it home. It's a Porsche Boxter Limited Edition, and my family was thrilled to see it. — Suresh Raina

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Joe Meno

I have a number of friends that try to live off their writing, and there's way more pressure for a hit or to write a certain type of book. You can't do a limited-edition short-story book with drawings unless you don't want to eat anything but ramen. — Joe Meno

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Shepard Fairey


We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Ashley Purdy

Being called weird
is like being called
Limited Edition.
Meaning youre
something people
dont see that often. — Ashley Purdy

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Vanessa Place

$20 by Vanessa Place, the first product of VanessaPlace Inc., debuted on May 3, 2013 at Cage, NYC.
The limited edition of $20, available for $50, sold out within the hour.

$20 - Poetry that speaks for itself — Vanessa Place

We Are Limited Edition Quotes By Karl Pilkington

They're limited edition,' she said. 'Listen,' I said 'they're not limited enough. These shouldn't have been made at all. — Karl Pilkington