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Top We Are A Team Relationship Quotes

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Drew Gooden

I'm a social butterfly. Once I get somewhere, I can make myself at ease and start the team bonding and build a relationship with my team, all my teammates, all the coaches, all the coaching staff. — Drew Gooden

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Donald Trump

I had great relationship with the Hispanic - we had a lot of Hispanics in the school actually from different countries, Venezuela, from Brazil, and they all played soccer, and I was on the soccer team, and I developed great relationships with them. — Donald Trump

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Edgar H Schein

we know intuitively and from experience that we work better in a complex interdependent task with someone we know and trust, but we are not prepared to spend the effort, time, and money to ensure that such relationships are built. We value such relationships when they are built as part of the work itself, as in military operations where soldiers form intense personal relationships with their buddies. We admire the loyalty to each other and the heroism that is displayed on behalf of someone with whom one has a relationship, but when we see such deep relationships in a business organization, we consider it unusual. And programs for team building are often the first things cut in the budget when cost issues arise. The — Edgar H Schein

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Mary Whipple

I may be 5 ft. 3 in., but my team makes me feel like I'm 10 feet tall, and it's a beautiful relationship. My teammates rely on me to lead and unite them with my words, and I love that my words make the boat go fast. — Mary Whipple

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Reggie McNeal

Teams use trust as currency. If it is in short supply, then the team is poor. If trust abounds, the members of the team have purchase power with each other to access each others' gifts, talents, energy, creativity, and love. The development of trust then becomes a significant leadership strategy. Trust creates the load limits on the relationship bridges among team members — Reggie McNeal

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By John Wes Townley

Whenever you move to a different team, it's really hard just to get to know each other. The best thing I've found is to just be yourself. They're people like any other people - you just have to get to know them and create that relationship. — John Wes Townley

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Nicky Morgan

It is equally important that we now secure the right deal for Britain - and the next leader must have the skill and credibility to put together the right team to renegotiate our exit from and future relationship with Europe and explain the final terms to the British people. — Nicky Morgan

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Francis Chan

I think most American churchgoers are the soil that chokes the seed because of all the thorns. Thorns are anything that distracts us from God. When we want God and a bunch of other stuff, then that means we have thorns in our soil. A relationship with God simply cannot grow when money, sins, activities, favorite sports teams, addictions, or commitments are piled on top of it. — Francis Chan

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Anonymous

Paul clearly sets forth the foundations of the Christian faith. All people are sinful; Christ died to forgive sin; we are made right with God through faith; this begins a new life with a new relationship with God. Like a sports team that constantly reviews the basics, we will be greatly helped in our faith by keeping close to these foundations. If we study Romans carefully, we will never be at a loss to know what to believe. — Anonymous

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Peter Senge

A unique relationship develops among team members who enter into dialogue regularly. They develop a deep trust that cannot help but carry over to discussions. They develop a richer understanding of the uniqueness of each person's point of view. — Peter Senge

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Rick Riordan

Jason always tried to build a good relationship with his team. He'd learned the hard way that if somebody was going to have your back in a fight, it was better if you found some common ground and trusted each other. But Nico wasn't easy to figure out. — Rick Riordan

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Shay Dawkins

Communication is a major key to building any strong relationship, whether it is the relationship one has with oneself or with others. Sinful communication weakens yourself, weakens those you care about, and thus weakens your team. — Shay Dawkins

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Ruth Searle

What are the problems associated with Asperger syndrome? People with Asperger syndrome describe the following associated problems and feelings: loneliness; despair; feeling isolated; being misunderstood; not being wanted in a team or group; feeling uninterested in relating to others socially and not really caring about it; feeling alone, even in the company of others, or in a relationship with someone; experiencing a feeling of missing out on the social interactions that most people consider to be so important; — Ruth Searle

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Mike Curb

We're thrilled to expand our relationship, knowing that with the great team at the Music Group, Word, and Warner Bros., and with their proven record of excellence, we're looking ahead to an even brighter future for Curb. — Mike Curb

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Kimi Raikkonen

Im winning races, Im still challenging for the world championships, the team is fantastic and I have a great relationship with everybody here - so why would I want to even consider changing? — Kimi Raikkonen

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Elizabeth Berg

I wasn't sure Lorraine and others like her-ones who were so despairing of marriage, ones who were so sure their expectations could never be met-understood that it was these small moments of caretaking that meant the most, that forged the real relationship. The way one pulled the blanket over the sleeping other, the way one prepared a snack for oneself, but made enough to share. Such moments made for the team of two, which made for one's sword and shield. — Elizabeth Berg

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Trish Stratus

And I have the support of the writers: I have a great relationship with the creative team, and they have a good hold of my character and my personality, and they come up with some great stuff, and I'm forever trying to change it up, keep it fresh. — Trish Stratus

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Fletcher Knebel

To start with, there's the alien accent. "Tree" is the number between two and four. "Jeintz" is the name of the New York professional football team. A "fit" is a bottle measuring seven ounces less than a quart. This exotic tongue has no relationship to any of the approved languages at the United Nations, and is only slightly less difficult to master than Urdu. — Fletcher Knebel

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Bill Walton

I lived to play basketball. Growing up as a kid, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics were my favorite team. The way they played, the teamwork, the sacrifice, the commitment, the joy, the camaraderie, the relationship with the fans. — Bill Walton

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Ashish Patel

Efforts are meant to optimize, not to waste. The right time to optimize it is when others are open to giving their buy-ins to participate. — Ashish Patel

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Dawna Markova

When cancer first came into my life, people all around me treated it as the enemy. I was told I had to join the medical team and we'd fight together to defeat it. This was the wrong thing to say to someone who was the last one to be picked for any team. I was much happier sitting on the sidelines and encouraging the other players. I was totally unskilled at defeating anything. So I secretly went my own way and decided that I was free to choose the meaning of the healing experience. I decided I would develop a friendly relationship with the cancer, which was something I was good at. — Dawna Markova

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Sex And The City Episode Guide Team

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that's just fabulous. — Sex And The City Episode Guide Team

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Colin Powell

Even in the grimmest of enterprises there are tension breakers. At one point, the tabloid National Enquirer ran a story headlined "Bush and Saddam Are Cousins" and offered genealogical "proof" that not only was George Bush related to the queen of England, but "Hussein and President Bush share a common ancestry dating back at least to the crusades." This news prompted the President to circulate a memo to the national security team that said, "No decisions I make will be affected by my relationship with Saddam Hussein. The Queen and I would have it no other way. — Colin Powell

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Beverly Kaye

To Do Start with a conversation - a "stay interview." Learn about your talented employees' goals and what they love (or don't love) about their work. Don't stop with one chat. Talk (and listen!) daily, weekly, monthly. Develop a true relationship with every single person you hope to keep on your team. Hold "Alas Clinics" - opportunities to talk with others about talented people who have left your team lately. Why did they go? What role (if any) did you play in their leaving? How can you prevent more unwanted turnover? Think about who might be "loose in the saddle" (about ready to leave you); talk with them soon, and collaborate with them to get more of what they want and need from you, from the team, from their jobs. Go big picture. Ask yourself, "What kind of work environment do I want to create?" Then figure out what you need to do in order to make that vision come alive. Then - go do it! — Beverly Kaye

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Pat MacMillan

Trust is the essential quality in any team relationship. Team members will not work interdependently with anyone they do not trust. And without interdependence there can be no effective division of the task, no leverage of the gifts and skills of individual team members, and therefore, no synergy. No trust, no relationship, no team. — Pat MacMillan

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Karen Traviss

BB didn't say a word. Maybe integrating into Naomi's systems had shut him up for once. Mal decided to keep a watchful eye on the relationship. Everyone was getting on fine: better than fine, in fact, a really close-knit and easy-going team. The last thing they needed was a Spartan saddled with an AI she didn't want. But that wasn't a problem he could solve, given that they were the two most advanced and expensive pieces of defense technology the UNSC had ever produced. They were stuck with each other. — Karen Traviss

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Rajon Rondo

I was always about the team, regardless of our relationship wasn't working out or didn't work out. — Rajon Rondo

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Sean Develin

Happily Ever After, if it exists, is the result of working through adversity, proving who you are as a team. It's not some magical ability to just always hit it off. The early fun in a relationship is always the best. But it's the bullshit that tears at the two of you that proves you are meant for each other. — Sean Develin

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By J. N. HALM

Great companies know that customer relationships in these times call for more than just having a great product (or service) backed by a great sales team. Customers have to be wooed until they fall so deeply in love with your offering that they will ward off advances from potential suitors. No matter how well you perform as a business, there are little things that can cause the relationship with your customers to suffer. The companies, products and/or services that we love are those that "touch" us in the right places at the right times. After all, that is what "romancing" the customer is all about - feeing your way to the customer's heart. — J. N. HALM

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Seth Godin

Once you've engaged with an organization or a relationship or a community, you owe it to your team to start. To initiate. To be the one who makes something happen. To do less is to steal from them. — Seth Godin

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Robert Jackson Bennett

It was toward the middle part of their relationship, though neither she nor Vohannes knew it then. She had found him sitting beneath a tree, watching the rowing team practicing in the Khamarda River, next to the academy. The girls' team had just set their shell in the water and was climbing in. When Shara joined him and sat in his lap, as she often did, she felt a soft lump pressing into her lower back. — Robert Jackson Bennett

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Luis Suarez

I've got a magnificent relationship with Leo (Messi) and Ney (Neymar). They drive the team, with Andres Iniesta as well - what a player. You know if you have a good relationship with them off the pitch it will be that way on the pitch too. They took it as a sign that I had come to help them, not to compete with them. — Luis Suarez

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Dave Barry

Guys care about sports teams. I'm not talking about simply rooting; I'm talking about a relationship that guys develop, a commitment to a sport team that guys take way more seriously than, for example, wedding vows. — Dave Barry

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Aaron Lee Yeager

One of the most curious aspects of human psychology is an omnipresent and persistent habit to seek information from the worst possible sources. When seeking relationship advice, humans speak to their single friends instead of happy couples who have been married for decades. When researching a religion, humans ask ex-members instead of faithful members. When seeking financial advice, humans ask scholars instead of successful entrepreneurs. When discussing complex sociopolitical matters, humans solicit the opinions of actors and models. Anteedan Psychologists have dubbed this curious phenomenon the "Oprah Effect," and had planned on determining the cause, however research ceased after a financial scandal involving the team lead stealing money from the grant and eloping with an exotic dancer named Cinnamon. -A Tourists Guide to Earth, 2nd edition, page 184, Valium Press — Aaron Lee Yeager

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Donita K. Paul

Fine, if you see no reason to worry about bisonbecks who do the bidding of Risto'
he sat down on a log and pulled out his lunch
'or mordakleeps who team up with anything nasty and currently have a wonderful working relationship with that same evil wizard Risto, then why should I worry? Why should we warn Kale?'
Leetu's scowl turned darker.
Dar lifted his sandwich to his mouth, but had one more thing to say before he bit into it. 'Actually, I agree with you. Worrying now over an encounter that might occur later would only ruin our digestion. — Donita K. Paul

We Are A Team Relationship Quotes By Ben Silbermann

I'd never managed anyone before, so I don't have a lot of experience. But I'm lucky - I have a lot of team members who have a really honest relationship with me. — Ben Silbermann