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Ways To Analyze Quotes By A.E. Coppard

To analyze or assess a person's failings or deficiencies,' he declared to himself, 'is useless, not because such blemishes are immovable, but because they affect the mass of beholders in diverse ways. Different minds perceive utterly variant figures in the same being. — A.E. Coppard

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

A young man is the perfect soldier. He has great potential for aggression and a limited critical capacity - or none at all - with which to analyze it and judge how to channel it. Throughout history societies have found ways of using this store of aggression, turning their adolescents into soldiers, cannon fodder with which to conquer their neighbors or defend themselves against their aggressors. — Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Ways To Analyze Quotes By William Thurston

We humans have a wide range of abilities that help us perceive and analyze mathematical content. We perceive abstract notions not just through seeing but also by hearing, by feeling, by our sense of body motion and position. Our geometric and spatial skills are highly trainable, just as in other high-performance activities. In mathematics we can use the modules of our minds in flexible ways - even metaphorically. A whole-mind approach to mathematical thinking is vastly more effective than the common approach that manipulates only symbols. — William Thurston

Ways To Analyze Quotes By William Ellet

The case method is heuristic - a term for self-guided learning that employs analysis to help draw conclusions about a situation. Analysis is derived from a Greek word meaning, "a dissolving." In English, analysis has two closely related definitions: to break something up into its constituent parts; and to study the relationships of the parts to the whole. To analyze a case, you therefore need ways of identifying and understanding important aspects of a situation and what they mean in relation to the overall situation. — William Ellet

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Books can create a depth of story, a background of information and ideas, that televison and movies can't. Sure, the television shows may shock, but only on a superficial level. They'd never risk market share to really explore the issues. They report, but don't analyze or suggest any new ways for living our lives. — Chuck Palahniuk

Ways To Analyze Quotes By John H. Schuh

Staff will need to receive adequate training from IT staff on ways to effectively use databases. Beyond the ability to navigate a database system, staff will need additional skills such as developing queries or using spreadsheets to analyze and present data. In other words, rather than simply concentrating on the business functions that technology supports, student affairs staff should integrate assessment functions into their understanding of technology tools. — John H. Schuh

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Jeff Martin

Music is so hard to talk about in many ways, It communicates beyond what our language can put across, and having to sit there and analyze it and talk about it is a struggle for me. — Jeff Martin

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Paul W. Swets

SUMMARY In this chapter we have focused on three ways to analyze and solve communication problems - through component, transactional, and life-space analysis. Component analysis uses a "snapshot" approach to study the speaker, the message, and the listener. Transactional analysis takes a "motion picture" review of the way communication partners respond to each other (as an Adult, Parent, or Child). Life-space analysis takes a "panoramic" view of the environment or total situation which affects the way a person — Paul W. Swets

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Annie Dillard

All the green in the planted world consists of these whole, rounded chloroplasts wending their ways in water. If you analyze a molecule of chlorophyll itself, what you get is one hundred thirty-six atoms of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen arranged in an exact and complex relationship around a central ring. At the ring's center is a single atom of magnesium. Now: If you remove the atom of magnesium and in its exact place put an atom of iron, you get a molecule of hemoglobin. The iron atom combines with all the other atoms to make red blood, the streaming red dots in the goldfish's tail. — Annie Dillard

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Jennifer Beals

I think that in some ways everybody is like Roger. Everybody thinks that when their friends have a problem, that they know the answer and that it's much easier to analyze the problems of other people than your own. — Jennifer Beals

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Marston Bates

A wise and well-informed humanist has taken the time to look lovingly and wonderingly at the living world around him, and to study the ways in which scientists have tried to analyze the world ... THE BEST INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL HISTORY THAT HAS YET BEEN WRITTEN. — Marston Bates

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Kenny Smith

"Cynicism," like "heresy" and "heterodoxy" and "atheism" and "agnosticism" and "paganism" and "heathenism," is above all else a way for organized orthodoxy's caste of official censors to encyst and segregate and thus neutralize all contrarian forms of seeing and thinking, all (necessarily implicitly) prohibited and repressed ways of exercising disruptive and iconoclastic intuition and intellection (for to analyze and explain these things too openly is to give them publicity and potential cogency when the point is to asphyxiate them). — Kenny Smith

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Lars Peter Hansen

I work on the boundary between economics and statistics in this field called econometrics. Part of my interest is understanding how you use statistics in productive ways to analyze dynamic economic models. — Lars Peter Hansen

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Alison Gopnik

Scientists learn about the world in three ways: They analyze statistical patterns in the data, they do experiments, and they learn from the data and ideas of other scientists. The recent studies show that children also learn in these ways. — Alison Gopnik

Ways To Analyze Quotes By John Wooden

Every person under your supervision is different. They're all different. They're identical in most ways, but not in all ways. You have to study and analyze every individual under your supervision and try to work with them in a way that will be most productive. — John Wooden

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Andy Crouch

The language of worldview tends to imply, to paraphrase the Catholic writer Richard Rohr, that we can think ourselves into new ways of behaving. But that is not the way culture works. Culture helps us behave ourselves into new ways of thinking. The risk in thinking 'worldviewishly' is that we will start to think that the best way to change culture is to analyze it. We will start worldview academies, host worldview seminars, write worldview books. These may have some real value if they help us understand the horizons that our culture shapes, but they cannot substitute for the creation of real cultural goods. And they will subtly tend to produce philosophers rather than plumbers, abstract thinkers instead of artists and artisans. They can create a cultural niche in which 'worldview thinkers' are privileged while other kinds of culture makers are shunted aside. But culture is not changed simply by thinking. — Andy Crouch

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Samuel Johnson

This was among Johnson's most early attainments, for his was not that mere "lip-wisdom which wants experience." He was not the recluse scholar, unacquainted with the world and its ways, but he could from actual survey describe, with equal fidelity, those who sparkled in the highest order of society, and those who struggled with distress in the lower walks of life. His study was peculiarly man: and his comprehensive and generalizing mind led him to analyze the primary elements of human nature, rather than nicely to pourtray the shades of mixed character. — Samuel Johnson

Ways To Analyze Quotes By A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

I have understood now that after feelings of disappointment subside, and one gains perspective, these experiences can change our ways of thinking, and bring us face to face with existential issues. When that happens, we need to embrace the events and analyze how we responded - did we allow them to merely roll over us like waves, or did we dive deeper into the matter and use it to gain insights into ourselves? — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Ways To Analyze Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Continually reorder the mind and the mental structures, the ability to think in prescribed ways, to analyze in prescribed ways, and to stop thought for periods of time. — Frederick Lenz