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Wauwatosa Quotes & Sayings

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Top Wauwatosa Quotes

Wauwatosa Quotes By George Lois

I am in the poison gas business. Advertising should make you choke, make your eyes water, make you feel sick. — George Lois

Wauwatosa Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

Certainlie these things agree, The Priest, the Lawyer, & Death all three: Death takes both the weak and the strong. The lawyer takes from both right and wrong, And the priest from living and dead has his Fee. — Benjamin Franklin

Wauwatosa Quotes By Bill Clegg

Some trees love an ax, a drunk old-timer mumbled one night at the Tap, back when she still went there, and something in what he said rang true, but when she later remembered what he'd said, she disagreed and though instead that the tree gets used to the ax, which has nothing to do with love. It settles into being chipped away at, bit by bit, blade by blade, until it doesn't feel anything anymore, and then, because nothing else can happen, what's left crumbles to dust. — Bill Clegg

Wauwatosa Quotes By Don DeLillo

Bemoan technology all you want. It expands your self-esteem and connects you in your well-pressed suit to the things that slip through the world otherwise unperceived. — Don DeLillo

Wauwatosa Quotes By Stephen Crane

A very little boy stood upon a heap of gravel for the honour of Rum Alley. He was throwing stones at howling urchins from Devil's Row, who were circling madly about the heap and pelting him. His infantile countenance was livid with the fury of battle. His small body was writhing in the delivery of oaths. — Stephen Crane

Wauwatosa Quotes By Ryan Eggold

I'm just a guy who wears TOMS. It's the sad truth. — Ryan Eggold

Wauwatosa Quotes By Julie James

It was time to break out the don't-fuck-with-me face. — Julie James

Wauwatosa Quotes By Kate Madison

Because when you're a 23-year old party girl who has to pee you don't really think about the possibility that your nerdy bouncer friend might suddenly start acting like a trench-coated pedophile who flashes kids at the park. — Kate Madison

Wauwatosa Quotes By Elizabeth Gaskell

I know we differ in our religious opinions; but don't you give me credit for having some, though not the same as yours? — Elizabeth Gaskell

Wauwatosa Quotes By Bill Drayton

All the problems sitting there are an invitation for you to be creative, make use of your skills and resources and find a solution. — Bill Drayton