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Watergate Scandal Quotes By Adrian W. Lilly

Woodward and Bernstein," Jared said from seemingly nowhere.
"They were just two reporters. Yet, they broke the Watergate scandal. They toppled an administration. That's us."
"We're Woodward and Bernstein." Alec said, pointing between him and Jared.
"Woodward, Bernstein, and Lucy," Lucy corrected. — Adrian W. Lilly

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Dick Russell Peter Levenda

Religion, like Watergate, is a scandal that will not go away. — Dick Russell Peter Levenda

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Chris Crutcher

Well, let me make something perfectly clear (as Richard Nixon says on those old news clips about the Watergate scandal, right before he's about to fill the room with fog)I am not immortal. I've spent more than ten hours in the psych ward with Sarah Byrnes
really and truly the toughest person in our solar system
and I'll tell you what, if life can shoot Sarah Byrnes ot of the sky, it can nail me blindfolded. — Chris Crutcher

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Michael Rubbinaccio

he fought hard against corruption in all forms, especially with the Canal Ring (every scandal during this time seems to have the word "ring" attached to it, much like every scandal since Watergate has "gate" attached to it.) — Michael Rubbinaccio

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Helen Thomas

Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly has been disturbed over what he sees as the erosion of presidential powers since the Watergate scandal and has urged Bush to take a stronger stand against what Cheney sees as congressional intrusions into the executive branch. — Helen Thomas

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Marianne Williamson

I think the media has become incredibly corrupt. We used to have a profound tradition of investigative journalism in the United States. Some journalists were real heroes, such as Bob Woodward who helped uncover the Watergate scandal. But today he is leading the opposite charge, trying to bring down the careers of people and score easy victories. In other words, those who used to bust the status quo have now become the status quo. — Marianne Williamson

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Bob Woodward

Watergate is an immensely complicated scandal with a cast of characters as varied as a Tolstoy novel. — Bob Woodward

Watergate Scandal Quotes By David Frum

Somebody bugged Barry Goldwater's apartment during the 1964 election without it triggering a national trauma. The Johnson administration tapped the phones of Nixon supporters in 1968, and again nothing happened. John F. Kennedy regaled reporters with intimate details from the tax returns of wealthy Republican donors, and none of the reporters saw anything amiss. FDR used the Federal Bureau of Investigation to spy on opponents of intervention into World War II
and his targets howled without result. If Watergate could so transform the nation's sense of itself, why did those previous abuses, which were equally well known to the press, not do so? Americans did not lose their faith in institutions because of the Watergate scandal; Watergate became a scandal because Americans were losing faith in their institutions. — David Frum

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Bob Woodward

The source known as Deep Throat provided a kind of road map through the scandal. His one consistent message was that the Watergate burglary was just the tip of the iceberg. — Bob Woodward

Watergate Scandal Quotes By David Wallechinsky

In his book The Shadow Presidents, author Michael Medved relates the extreme disappointment of H.R. Haldeman over his failure to implement his plan to link up all the homes in America by coaxial cable. In Haldeman's words, "There would be two-way communication. Through computer, you could use your television set to order up whatever you wanted. The morning paper, entertainment services, shopping services, coverage of sporting events and public events...Just as Eisenhower linked up the nation's cities by highways so that you could get there, the Nixon legacy would have linked them by cable communication so you wouldn't have to go there." One can almost see the dreamy eyes of Nixon and Haldeman as they sat around discussing a plan that would eliminate the need for newspapers, seemingly oblivious to its Big Brother aspects. Fortunately the Watergate scandal intervened, and Nixon was forced to resign before "the Wired Nation" could be hooked up. — David Wallechinsky

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Chris Matthews

O'Neill was perceptive enough to understand the country had a new leader that it wanted to believe in. After the tragedy of Dallas, after the quicksand of Vietnam, the scandal of Watergate, and the "malaise" of Jimmy Carter, it needed one. — Chris Matthews

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Tom Brokaw

Forty years after the greatest scandal of the American presidency, Elizabeth Drew's account in Washington Journal remains fresh and riveting, instructive and evocative. Her afterword on Nixon's post-Watergate life is equally compelling. — Tom Brokaw

Watergate Scandal Quotes By Pierre Salinger

The French were mystified about the Watergate scandal. — Pierre Salinger