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Top Vision Boards Quotes

Vision Boards Quotes By Philip J. Corso

Image intensifiers, which ultimately became "night vision" Fiber optics Supertenacity fibers Lasers Molecular alignment metallic alloys Integrated circuits and microminiaturization of logic boards HARP (High Altitude Research Project) Project Horizon (moon base) Portable atomic generators (ion propulsion drive) Irradiated food "Third brain" guidance systems (EBE headbands) Particle beams ("Star Wars" antimissile energy weapons) Electromagnetic propulsion systems Depleted uranium projectiles — Philip J. Corso

Vision Boards Quotes By Michael O'Leary

The unions need to be taken on. British Airways is massively over-staffed and has got to get its costs down ... The problem for [chief executive] Willie Walsh is that the board of BA has no spine, no balls and no vision. — Michael O'Leary

Vision Boards Quotes By Brene Brown

By definition, entrepreneurship is vulnerable. It's all about the ability to handle and manage uncertainty. People are constantly changing, budgets change, boards change, and competition means you have to stay nimble and innovative. You have to create a vision and live up to that vision. There is no vision without vulnerability. — Brene Brown

Vision Boards Quotes By Jen Lancaster

I like Oprah. I could sit around and make vision boards all day, but I wouldn't actually get anything done if I were to concentrate on my feelings rather than doing. — Jen Lancaster

Vision Boards Quotes By Ester Dean

I have vision boards, and people think that I put the vision board up and I look at it all the time, but what I do is, when I'm having an emotional time and I'm stressed out or feeling bad, I go to the store and get all the stuff for a vision board. Instead of channeling the negative thoughts or being depressed, I change it around and I start making boards. — Ester Dean

Vision Boards Quotes By Marc Forster

The goal is to align with your core group of collaborators, who understand your vision and aesthetics. I usually show them visual material of what I have in mind, as well as a color spectrum of mood boards. — Marc Forster

Vision Boards Quotes By Ian Somerhalder

Whether it's physically having a visual of what you want to accomplish in front of you, like a running list or a vision board, or mentally visualizing and taking time to meditate, having a vision of what you are running for keeps you from running for the sake of running. — Ian Somerhalder