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Virgle Scarborough Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

The arts put man at the center of the universe, whether he belongs there or not. Military science, on the other hand, treats man as garbage - and his children, and his cities, too. Military science is probably right about the contemptibility of man in the vastness of the universe. Still - I deny that contemptibility, and I beg you to deny it, through the creation of appreciation of art. — Kurt Vonnegut

Virgle Scarborough Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

Shall we make a positive appointment for a particular day and hour?" inquired the count; "only let me warn you that I am proverbial for my punctilious exactitude in keeping my engagements. — Alexandre Dumas

Virgle Scarborough Quotes By Stephen LaBerge

Dreams look real, but they're in your mind, so you realize that the physical world is also a construction, which shows that the mind can affect reality in more ways than you can imagine. — Stephen LaBerge

Virgle Scarborough Quotes By Jamie Oliver

It's just us trying to start a movement where everybody passes on a bit of cooking knowledge. We estimate that one person can potentially affect 180 others very quickly so we're just trying to spread the word. — Jamie Oliver

Virgle Scarborough Quotes By Darcey Steinke

I always think to myself, being human, having crushes now, what is it about that person that I really want? What do they represent? More freedom? Someone to care for me more? It's never really about the person. — Darcey Steinke