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Vineyard Love Quotes By Jeffrey R. Holland

In our own day He has said, "The whole world lieth in sin, and groaneth under darkness and under the bondage of sin." by and large the modern world has not come unto Him, has not accepted the atonement of Jesus Christ, has not received the voice of His prophets, has not made covenants or kept His commandments, has not remembered Him always or claimed the promises of exaltation in the kingdom of heaven. So He has offered us one last covenant, given us one last testament, as part of His final outreach to fallen man. He has offered us one last written witness of His love and His mercy extended for the final time, speaking dispensationally. As one Book of Mormon prophet foresaw it, God is sending laborers into the vineyard one final time, and "then cometh the season and the end." That testament and culminating witness, that "new covenant" offered to the children of men but once more, is the message of the Book of Mormon. — Jeffrey R. Holland

Vineyard Love Quotes By Kahlil Gibran

Let me take you,
daughter of the fields,
to the lovers' vineyard.
The wine we press will quench the fires of longing.

You need not fear, my love,
for never have the stars on high
told what they know.
Night's thick mists swirl in these vineyards;
they will veil our secrets. — Kahlil Gibran

Vineyard Love Quotes By Laura Dave

Saw me. And it seemed like he was going to do the right thing. But then slowly, evenly, he shook his head. "Your father is welcome to stay on and help run the vineyard. He knows that we would love to have him. He knows that was our preference." I stared at him in disbelief. "Wow, just when I thought you might understand. — Laura Dave

Vineyard Love Quotes By Anonymous

DENVER - Some people who prosper in life choose to spend their hard-earned millions on private planes. Some buy a vineyard in Napa to indulge a love of wine. Some collect showpiece cars, or fulfill a dream of hiking Mount — Anonymous

Vineyard Love Quotes By Janet Goodfriend

Because you live to love and love to live/ And because of what your heardrum will give/ Now we might love to live and live to love. — Janet Goodfriend

Vineyard Love Quotes By Katharine Graham

I love Martha's Vineyard, where I have had a house for thirty years. I have loved visiting countries around the world. But I always come home to Washington. — Katharine Graham

Vineyard Love Quotes By Sigrid Undset

We are all bound to work in the vineyard where God is the husbandman. We have all been given our little vineyard, but the way in which we cultivate it is of great importance for the prosperity of our neighbour's vineyard ... In fact all our vineyards are a part of the Lord's great vineyard, the Holy Church, and we are all bound to work here too. — Sigrid Undset

Vineyard Love Quotes By William Styron

In Vineyard Haven, on Martha's Vineyard, mostly I love the soft collision here of harbor and shore, the subtly haunting briny quality that all small towns have when they are situated on the sea — William Styron

Vineyard Love Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Emotionlessly she kissed me in the vineyard and walked off down the row. We turned at a dozen paces, for love is a duel, and looked up at each other for the last time. — Jack Kerouac

Vineyard Love Quotes By Mahmoud Darwish

Be my lover between two wars waged in the mirror, she said.
I don't want to return now to the fortress of my father's house.
Take me to your vineyard.
Let me meet your mother.
Perfume me with basil water.
Arrange me on silver dishes, comb me,
imprison me in your name,
let love kill me. — Mahmoud Darwish