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Top Video Shooting Quotes

Video Shooting Quotes By Zach Braff

One time I considered making a video game about my life where people control a character called 'Zach Braff' and run around being awesome. Then I realized that getting to pretend to be me would be like shooting up heroin for anyone who played it, and I don't want that on my conscience. — Zach Braff

Video Shooting Quotes By Channing Tatum

I do want to take some time and reinvent and get better and maybe get behind the camera a little more. I do want to direct at some point and start failing really early - start shooting videos and then commercials and then hopefully do some narrative. — Channing Tatum

Video Shooting Quotes By Steve Stockman

Great video comes from thinking humans, not equipment. — Steve Stockman

Video Shooting Quotes By Anita Sarkeesian

I am not a fan of video games, I had to learn a lot about them. I would love to play video games, but I don't want to go around shooting people, and ripping off their heads, and it's just gross. — Anita Sarkeesian

Video Shooting Quotes By Lilly Singh

Everything I do with my day is related to Superwoman. I'm either doing conference calls or writing a script or reading a script, editing a video, shooting a video. — Lilly Singh

Video Shooting Quotes By Kendrick Lamar

I've got an extra-specific story about Dr. Dre. I saw him when I was 9 years old in Compton - him and Tupac. They were shooting the second 'California Love' video. My pops had seen him and ran back to the house and got me, put me on his neck, and we stood there watching Dre and Pac in a Bentley. — Kendrick Lamar

Video Shooting Quotes By Dana Brunetti

It's like everybody is shooting something, and everybody's a filmmaker; everybody can shoot a cat video and post it. So the big thing now is - for people that have talent and have something to say, and are creative, and are capable of making something good - is how do they get attention to it? — Dana Brunetti

Video Shooting Quotes By Quentin Tarantino

If you're a film fan, collecting video is sort of like marijuana. Laser discs, they're definitely cocaine. Film prints are heroin, all right? You're shooting smack when you start collecting film prints. So, I kinda got into it in a big way, and I've got a pretty nice collection I'm real proud of. — Quentin Tarantino

Video Shooting Quotes By Wendy White

I play video games. Stars shooting out of trees really don't surprise me. — Wendy White

Video Shooting Quotes By Tim Scott

After watching the video, the senseless shooting and taking of Walter Scott's life was absolutely unnecessary and avoidable. My heart aches for the family and our North Charleston community. I will be watching this case closely. — Tim Scott

Video Shooting Quotes By Tom Bissell

More than any other form of entertainment, video games tend to divide rooms into Us and Them. We are, in effect, admitting that we like to spend our time shooting monsters, and They are, not unreasonably, failing to find the value in that. — Tom Bissell

Video Shooting Quotes By Ian Lamont

Get used to the idea of significant portion of the population walking around with high-speed Internet connections on their person, with sophisticated video cameras built in. They will be shooting all kinds of events all the time. Crime. Crashes. Speeches. Sports. And the footage won't be the short, sanitized and safe versions we usually see on television, courtesy of the old media gatekeepers. The user-generated pictures and video will be raw and real. It will be disturbing, yet illuminating. And it will be shared over the 'Net almost as it happens, and available for everyone to see. — Ian Lamont

Video Shooting Quotes By Darren Aronofsky

I think video games and that stuff should be as violent as possible, but age-appropriate. It should be realistic. When it's not realistic you run into kids running around shooting people and not realizing the consequences. — Darren Aronofsky

Video Shooting Quotes By Hiro Murai

Shooting videos with lots of effects is like shooting a bunch of puzzle pieces. — Hiro Murai

Video Shooting Quotes By Janice Kaplan

Gratitude isn't just a feeling, it's an action. Expressing gratitude by writing in a journal, taking a photo, or shooting a video creates a lasting impression that can bring more gratitude into the world-for children and adults. — Janice Kaplan

Video Shooting Quotes By Christopher Nolan

For the last 10 years, I've felt increasing pressure to stop shooting film and start shooting video, but I've never understood why. It's cheaper to work on film, it's far better looking, it's the technology that's been known and understood for a hundred years, and it's extremely reliable. — Christopher Nolan

Video Shooting Quotes By Atom Egoyan

Once we were in the studio, we realized we were getting certain effects through the shooting of the dramatic scenes on video, shooting off a screen and then getting wave patterns and stuff like that. — Atom Egoyan