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Victim Creator Quotes By Sandor Marai

There's a feeling of shame that is more painful than any other in life; it's the shame felt by the victim who is forced to look his killer in the eyes, as if he were the creature bowing before its creator. — Sandor Marai

Victim Creator Quotes By Deepak Chopra

In every moment you have the choice to be a victim or a creator. — Deepak Chopra

Victim Creator Quotes By Francoise Gilot

It's ludicrous to even talk about (Marquis) de Sade, let alone indulge in all that, when people are being tortured and suffering for real, not for sexual games. I have no interest either in being a victim or in turning others into victims. — Francoise Gilot

Victim Creator Quotes By Juls Amor

We can be a victim or a creator. One takes negative memories to use as a crutch, remain the same and blame. The latter takes negative memories accepting responsibility for choosing the situation to learn, evolve and change. — Juls Amor

Victim Creator Quotes By Bruce H. Lipton

I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial "victim" to my new position as "co-creator" of my destiny. (Prologue, xv) — Bruce H. Lipton

Victim Creator Quotes By Steve Maraboli

There are times in my life when I have been medicine for some while poison for others. I used to think I was a victim of my story until I realized the truth; that I am the creator of my story. I choose what type of person I will be and what type of impact I will leave on others. I will never choose the destructive path of self and outward victimization again. — Steve Maraboli

Victim Creator Quotes By David Emerald Womeldorff

The Coach is the antidote to the Victim's Rescuer in the DDT ... Mainly, a Coach supports, assists, and facilitates the Creator in manifesting a desired outcome. A Coach holds others to be whole, resourceful, and creative ... They help you dig deep inside yourself to gain clarity about what you want to create in your life. — David Emerald Womeldorff

Victim Creator Quotes By David Emerald Womeldorff

Living from the Creator Orientation is actually more challenging. In the Victim Orientation, I didn't have to exercise conscious choice; I just reacted to my circumstances. — David Emerald Womeldorff

Victim Creator Quotes By Alanis Morissette

Looking for approval or blaming others or feeling like a victim. Whenever I feel myself doing that I try to stop and see myself as someone who's a creator in more ways than just what the word typically means. — Alanis Morissette

Victim Creator Quotes By Joe Vitale

I went on to explain that there are at least 3 stages to life, beginning with you as victim, then moving on to you as creator of your life, and ending - if you're lucky - with you be- coming servant to the Divine. — Joe Vitale

Victim Creator Quotes By Jettie Necole

The years passed. Untouched by age, he lived and did as his creator had suggested. Victim after victim, drink after drink, he tried to stop his hunger; however, it did not last for long. The tingling ache of emptiness crawled up from his gut until he could no longer stand it, and soon he would be out on the hunt all over again. He had never felt guilt for his murders. The power inside him reassured that he was above such emotions. Besides, he was the gate that opened their soul to his creator. He fed not only himself, but it. — Jettie Necole