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Vets Quotes By Mike Eruzione

Heroes? Vietnam Vets are heroes. The guys who tried to rescuse our hostages in Iran are heroes. I'm just a hockey player. — Mike Eruzione

Vets Quotes By Rudy Giuliani

Didn't vet Bernard Kerik sufficiently for DHS recommendation. — Rudy Giuliani

Vets Quotes By Carina MacDonald

I have met otherwise educated folks who haven't heard that cooked bones can kill a dog, so perhaps the vets are just being realists. — Carina MacDonald

Vets Quotes By Norman Schwarzkopf

This gulf war syndrome thing is truly unfortunate, and I've met some of the vets who have this. These are my guys, and I feel terrible about it. — Norman Schwarzkopf

Vets Quotes By Farrah Fawcett

I feel like a dog who has been to the vet too many times. — Farrah Fawcett

Vets Quotes By Katy Regnery

I missed you," she said softly, her breath against his cheek making his body harden everywhere.
"You too."
"It's terrible to be this infatuated."
"I agree."
"I haven't felt this alive in years."
"Me either."
"Screw the interview," she said breathlessly. "Let's make out."
He saw stars. Literally. Stars. How was this possibly his life? Beautiful women did not show up on the doorsteps of disabled vets and proposition them.
"Are you an alien?" he asked.
"Not that I know of."
"Are we on Candid Camera?"
She took a quick look around the room. "You never know, but my guess is no."
"Is someone paying you a vast sum of money to make me feel like this?"
She bit her lower lip, as if deep in thought. "Not that I recall, but if a million dollars suddenly hits my account, I'll give you half."
"You must be for real. Fine. You win. Let's go make out. — Katy Regnery

Vets Quotes By Donald Trump

I think I will be a great president having to do with the military and also having to do with taking care of our vets. — Donald Trump

Vets Quotes By J.L. Langley

Outside. Of course, he didn't know any other vets either. — J.L. Langley

Vets Quotes By Jon Oringer

While the scale of our library is certainly attractive to our users, equally important is the quality of the content we provide and our state-of-the-art processing operation that vets every single piece of content that's submitted to ensure only the most suitable content is included. — Jon Oringer

Vets Quotes By Sam Elliott

Any of these Vietnam vets that have been there and know the deal, they don't feel that any Hollywood endeavor about the Vietnam era has ever gotten it right yet. — Sam Elliott

Vets Quotes By Natalie Portman

I've wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, a vet - these are things I've said in interviews. Before that, I wanted to be a mermaid and a fairy — Natalie Portman

Vets Quotes By Nina Berman

I think matching up Vietnam vets with these Iraqi vets would be a really great thing. When soldiers say only other soldiers can understand, that's what they're talking about: what it means to kill. — Nina Berman

Vets Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

I grew up around some great philosophers: they were coal miners and cowboys born in the 1920s. They were also vets of World War II. Listen to your elders, there isn't any better wisdom for you. — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Vets Quotes By Phil Klay

We've got some PTSD vets," Sarah says, making it sound like she's keeping them in jars somewhere. — Phil Klay

Vets Quotes By David Talbot

And this is as good a picture as any of how counterculture communities like the Haight took care of the war's mangled souls: a doctor from a hippie clinic carrying a dying, emaciated soldier in his arms. For decades after the war, up to this very day, right-wing politicians and pundits have spread the libel about how peace activists and hippies greeted returning Vietnam vets with gobs of spit and contempt. — David Talbot

Vets Quotes By Kevin Powers

I think a lot of the guys I know and a lot of people I've talked to, what they want is very often what most people want, a kind of simple life, a livelihood, a family, people who care about them, people they can care about. I think vets on the whole want the same things that everybody else does. — Kevin Powers

Vets Quotes By Donald Trump

We have no borders. Our vets are being treated horribly. Illegal immigration is beyond belief. — Donald Trump

Vets Quotes By Ellen Feldman

The official line is that, after the war, women couldn't wait to leave the offices and assembly lines and government agencies. But the real story was that the economy couldn't have men coming home without women going home, not unless it wanted a lot of unemployed vets. So the problem became unemployed women. "How you gonna keep us down on the farm after we've seen the world,"' she ad-libs to the old World War I tune. 'Enter the women's magazines, and cookbook publishers, and all these advertising agencies carrying on about the scourge of germs in the toilet bowl, and scuffs on the kitchen floor, and, my favorite, house B.O. Enter chicken hash that takes two and a half hours to prepare. I can just hear them sitting around the conference tables. 'That'll keep the gals out of trouble. — Ellen Feldman

Vets Quotes By Austin Stowell

I talked to some vets in L.A. about what they go through and do they think about their experiences a lot. I got a wide array of answers. Some people get very emotional, which is understandable. Two of my best friends growing up are in the armed services, and getting to represent those guys was a big honor for me. — Austin Stowell

Vets Quotes By George Packer

I am reading "The Yellow Birds" by Kevin Powers and "Redeployment" by Phil Klay . Both Powers and Klay are Iraq War vets. Klay's stories are remarkable. — George Packer

Vets Quotes By Kevin Durant

I play because I have fun. The vets of this team, I just wanted to say thanks to them. You guys mean so much to me. I can have a terrible day and walk in the gym and have Hasheem smile at me. That will change my day. — Kevin Durant

Vets Quotes By Matthew Lesko

I've been giving free money seminars for the troops at Walter Reed Hospital and one of the Iraqi War Vets realized that the military wouldn't pay for the dental work he needed. — Matthew Lesko

Vets Quotes By Sebastian Junger

Shared public meaning gives soldiers a context for their losses and their sacrifice that is acknowledged by most of the society. That helps keep at bay the sense of futility and rage that can develop among soldiers during a war that doesn't seem to end. Such public meaning is probably not generated by the kinds of formulaic phrases, such as "Thank you for your service," that many Americans now feel compelled to offer soldiers and vets. Neither is it generated by honoring vets at sporting events, allowing them to board planes first, or giving them minor discounts at stores. If anything, these token acts only deepen the chasm between the military and civilian populations by highlighting the fact that some people serve their country but the vast majority don't. In Israel, where around half of the population serves in the military, reflexively thanking someone for their service makes as little sense as thanking them for paying their taxes. It doesn't cross anyone's mind. — Sebastian Junger

Vets Quotes By Ijosephi Lowly Worm

I hang out with war vets in a hospital they will never leave alive.i was out in the garden with the alzheimers and asked them if god wears pnts, G my adopted father answered immediately,No he wears a G'String. we all laughed so loud it brought the nurses running and then pretended to be discussing a stringed bridge over a river and all sat straight faced. an original thought God wears a G-String. — Ijosephi Lowly Worm

Vets Quotes By Stanley Victor Paskavich

You know being and ex serviceman and a Disabled Gulf War Veteran. You could play Taps on a Jews Harp and I'd still cry — Stanley Victor Paskavich

Vets Quotes By Sander Levin

I was essentially trained by World War II vets who combined a progressive view of life with a deep distrust of anything authoritarian. — Sander Levin

Vets Quotes By Henry Giroux

'American Sniper' is a film that erases history, spectacularizes violence, and reduces war and its aftermath to cheap entertainment, with an underexplained referent to the mental problems many vets live with when they return home from the war. — Henry Giroux

Vets Quotes By Frank Muir

A golf ball is white, dimpled like a bishop's knees, and is the size of small mandarin oranges or those huge pills which vets blow down the throats of constipated cart-horses. — Frank Muir

Vets Quotes By Jamie McCall

You don't have to make it big, but you do have to make a big impact. — Jamie McCall

Vets Quotes By Donald Trump

Our vets are not being treated properly, they're not being treated fairly. — Donald Trump

Vets Quotes By Sebastian Junger

PTSD is a disorder of recovery, and if treatment only focuses on identifying symptoms, it pathologizes and alienates vets. But if the focus is on family and community, it puts them in a situation of collective healing. Israel — Sebastian Junger

Vets Quotes By Sara Niles

It was difficult to find information because Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was called shell shock during W.W.II, and when Vietnam Vets were found to suffer from the same symptoms after exposure to traumatic war scenes, a study was embarked upon that ended with the new, more appropriate name in 1980. Thomas was diagnosed with P.T.S.D. shortly afterwards, before the term P.T.S.D. was common. — Sara Niles

Vets Quotes By Sebastian Junger

The much-discussed estimate of twenty-two vets a day committing suicide in the United States is deceptive: it was only in 2008 that - for the first time in decades- the suicide rate among veterans surpassed the civilian rate in America, and though each death is enormously tragic, the majority of those veterans were over the age of fifty. Many were Vietnam vets and, generally speaking, the more time that passes after a trauma, the less likely a suicide is to have anything to do with it. — Sebastian Junger

Vets Quotes By Mitt Romney

Our veterans know the meaning of service better than anyone else and they aren't about to quit working when they come home. The best reward we can provide our vets for their service isn't a medal or a check; it's a livelihood and a means of supporting themselves and their families. — Mitt Romney

Vets Quotes By Bernie Sanders

I had the privilege and the honor of chairing the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. And it is interesting to me, you know, Republicans give a lot of speeches about how much they love veterans. I work with the American Legion, the VFW, the DAV, the Vietnam Vets, and virtually every veterans organization to put together the most comprehensive piece of the veterans legislation in the modern history of America. That's what I did. — Bernie Sanders

Vets Quotes By Sylvester Stallone

People that spend time in a foxhole - they're never going to find that relationship anywhere else again ... Everything else pales next to that. When you think about the Second World War vets - more than even the Vietnam vets - there's a brotherhood. — Sylvester Stallone

Vets Quotes By Tom Waits

Some men are searching for the Holy Grail, but there ain't nothing sweeter than riding the rail. Pregnant women and Vietnam vets, beggin on the freeway, bout as hard as it gets. — Tom Waits

Vets Quotes By James D. Bradley

Nations tend to see the other side's war atrocities as systemic and indicative of their culture and their own atrocities as justified or the acts of stressed combatants. In my travels, I sense a smoldering resentment towards WWII Japanese behavior among some Americans. Ironically, these feelings are strongest among the younger American generation that did not fight in WWII. In my experience, the Pacific vets on both sides have made their peace. And in terms of judgments, I will leave it to those who were there. As Ray Gallagher, who flew on both atomic missions against Hiroshima and Nagasaki argues, When you're not at war you're a good second guesser. You had to live those years and walk that mile. — James D. Bradley

Vets Quotes By Joan Bauer

He shouted out like a drill sergeant, "Men, are we having fun yet?
"No sir!" the vets cried out.
"Men, are we going to fight like soldiers or fools?"
The vets looked at one another, grinned.
"Like fools, sir!"
Everyone laughed.
Luger dropped his cup again, but this time he kicked it hard across the room.
"I can still kick!
And everyone in rehab worked a little harder. — Joan Bauer

Vets Quotes By James S.A. Corey

He remembered the old-timers from his navy days. Grizzled lifers who could soundly sleep while two meters away their shipmates played a raucous game of poker or watched the vids with the volume all the way up. Back then he'd assumed it was just learned behavior, the body adapting so it could get enough rest in an environment that never really had downtime. Now he wondered if those vets found the constant noise preferable. A way to keep their lost shipmates away. They probably went home after their twenty and never slept again. — James S.A. Corey

Vets Quotes By Jane Smiley

Vets do what doctors used to - diagnose the injury or the condition, patch it up as best they can and remind you that these things happen and that in life we are also in the midst of death. — Jane Smiley

Vets Quotes By J. R. Martinez

The thing is, a lot of our vets come home and they feel displaced, and they don't feel like their voice matters, so for me to be a spokesman and have that honor to educate America about who we are and what we are, it's like I'm doing my job. — J. R. Martinez

Vets Quotes By Chris Kyle

I would love for people to be able to think of me as a guy who stood up for what he believed in and helped make a difference for the vets. — Chris Kyle

Vets Quotes By Bo Belinsky

Philadelphia fans would boo funerals, an Easter egg hunt, a parade of armless war vets and the Liberty Bell. — Bo Belinsky

Vets Quotes By Henry N. Beard

"I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: A huge four-footed limestone form
Sits in the desert, sinking in the sand.
Its whiskered face, though marred by wind and storm,
Still flaunts the dainty ears, the collar band
And feline traits the sculptor well portrayed:
The bearing of a born aristocrat,
The stubborn will no mortal can dissuade.
And on its base, in long-dead alphabets,
These words are set: "Reward for missing cat!
His name is Abyssinias, pet of pets;
I, Ozymandias, will a fortune pay
For his return. he heard me speak of vets
O foolish King! And so he ran away. — Henry N. Beard

Vets Quotes By Robin Williams

A lot of vets like 'Good Morning Vietnam' - I get great letters from guys. — Robin Williams

Vets Quotes By Ian Cawsey

I once visited an RSPCA hospital in Norfolk. I spoke to the vets working there, and asked them how many times they had had to treat a fox that had been brought in with a shooting injury. The answer from a vet who had worked there for many years was, Not once. When I asked him why, he said,You can take it from me that when the fox is shot in the countryside by somebody trained, it is dead. — Ian Cawsey

Vets Quotes By David Mitchell

Vets' fees. And the fifth curse is the kicker: the dread that you'll be the one who loses it all. — David Mitchell

Vets Quotes By Donald Trump

I'm very, very so-called conservative on the military. I want a very, very strong military. I want to build up - you know, our military is totally depleted. We're going to care of our vets as part of that whole situation because our vets are not taken care of properly. — Donald Trump

Vets Quotes By Bud Rudesill

I have to keep my mouth shut about Nam though. All of these guys want to believe they were fighting an honorable war, and that their conduct deserves respect. They want the public to treat them like they're heroes - like the WWII vets were." "Instead, smart ass, pampered kids call them names and throw dog shit at them. — Bud Rudesill

Vets Quotes By Sebastian Junger

there are still enormous numbers of people who had utterly ordinary wartime experiences and yet feel dangerously alienated back home. Clinically speaking, such alienation is not the same as PTSD - and maybe deserves its own diagnostic term - but both result from military service abroad, so it's understandable that vets and clinicians alike are prone to conflating them. Either way, it makes one wonder exactly what it is about modern society that is so mortally dispiriting to come home to. A — Sebastian Junger

Vets Quotes By Clint Van Winkle

Everyone acted like they knew so much about the war. But none of them really knew anything besides what they had learned through Internet searches or shady half-truths political pundits spouted from the comfort of their news desks. Nothing could ever be flushed out because nobody bothered to ask the troops or look at both sides of the story. — Clint Van Winkle

Vets Quotes By Alice J. Wisler

I hold the door to the post office open for a weathered man in a wheelchair. He is gracious, thanking me. One leg is missing, and just as I notice this, I see the sticker on the back of his chair: VIETNAM VETS.

My thoughts jumble as an ache brews in my heart. I think of war and how it destroys, divides, and damages. I see the faces of those in the refugee camp and those who found their names on The List and are now in America. I want to tell this wounded soldier that I am sorry for his loss and for the abandonment he may have felt upon his return. I want to say other things, but right now I'm just honored to hold the door for him. — Alice J. Wisler

Vets Quotes By Jim Mattis

Many well-intentioned Americans cannot even find a thread of conversation when discussing military service with a veteran other than asking about PTSD or sexual harassment in the case of female vets. — Jim Mattis

Vets Quotes By Janet Fitch

Anyone could buy a green Jaguar, find beauty in a Japanese screen two thousand years old. I would rather be a connoisseur of neglected rivers and flowering mustard and the flush of iridescent pink on an intersection pigeon's charcoal neck. I thought of the vet, warming dinner over a can, and the old woman feeding her pigeons in the intersection behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken. And what about the ladybug man, the blue of his eyes over gray threaded black? There were me and Yvonne, Niki and Paul Trout, maybe even Sergei or Susan D. Valeris, why not? What were any of us but a handful of weeds. Who was to say what our value was? What was the value of four Vietnam vets playing poker every afternoon in front of the Spanish market on Glendale Boulevard, making their moves with a greasy deck missing a queen and a five? Maybe the world depended on them, maybe they were the Fates, or the Graces. Cezanne would have drawn them in charcoal. Van Gogh would have painted himself among them. — Janet Fitch

Vets Quotes By Donald Trump

I haven't endorsed John McCain. And I've never been there with John McCain because I've always felt that he should've done a much better job for the vets. He has not done a good job for the vets and I've always felt that he should've done a much better job for the vets. — Donald Trump

Vets Quotes By David Mitchell

Horses are moody quad-bikes that piss on your boot and cost thousands in vets' fees. — David Mitchell

Vets Quotes By Joan Jett

Well before I was in a band, I wanted to be everything from a vet, an astronaut, an archeologist was a big one. It could be very wide-ranging because I had a lot of different interests including music so I'm very happy where I wound up. — Joan Jett

Vets Quotes By Si Robertson

Vets are close to my heart, okay, and it's not only because I served, okay. It's because of what they go through, okay. A lot of these people have gave their lives, a lot of them have gave their limbs, okay, you know, that's a, that's a, that's a heap, you know. — Si Robertson

Vets Quotes By Margo Kaufman

I asked my vet what kind of dog he'd get. He told me, 'I'd get a Chihuahua, because when it died, I wouldn't care. — Margo Kaufman

Vets Quotes By Dianne Feinstein

All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms. — Dianne Feinstein

Vets Quotes By Amy Harmon

I keep thinking that maybe you and I could take a road trip and tell all the girls we meet along the way that we're both vets. You've got a messed up face and my war wounds have put me in this chair. You think they'd believe it? Maybe then I could get some action. Problem is, how am I going to get a handful of tit if I can't lift my arms? — Amy Harmon

Vets Quotes By Sebastian Junger

If contemporary America doesn't develop ways to publicly confront the emotional consequences of war, those consequences will continue to burn a hole through the vets themselves. I — Sebastian Junger

Vets Quotes By Donald Trump

Our military has to be strengthened. Our vets have to be taken care of. We have to end Obamacare, and we have to make our country great again, and I will do that. — Donald Trump

Vets Quotes By Ryan Holmes

Importantly, companies are using social media to do things that go way beyond just chatting up existing customers on Facebook. Sales departments use social to nurture leads and close sales. HR posts job openings and vets applicants. Community and support squads mine networks, blogs and forums with deep listening tools. — Ryan Holmes

Vets Quotes By Mayur Kale

You may have noticed sudden death of parakeet or perhaps your parakeet is having breathing problem. This is because of birds having a susceptible condition called "teflon toxicity". This is because of the gas that is emmits from the heated teflon cookware. The gas is emmited because of the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) found on most of the cookwares. That's why many bird keepers and vets suggests you to remove the teflon coated cookware. If you can't do that then move the bird away from your kitchen or in areas where they can breathe fresh air instead of that gas. — Mayur Kale

Vets Quotes By Kinky Friedman

My plan is to bring back like the Bracero Program (search) from 1944 that ran for 20 years where the Mexican government vets these people. I mean, they pay for it, and they get green cards, and they're actually legitimate. And then seal the border. — Kinky Friedman

Vets Quotes By Sebastian Junger

In my eyes Marlantes has become the pre-eminent literary voice on war of our generation. He is a natural storyteller and a deeply profound thinker who not only illuminates war for civilians, but also offers a kind of spiritual guidance to vets themselves. As this generation of warriors comes home, they will be enormously helped by what Marlantes has written. I'm sure he will literally save lives. — Sebastian Junger

Vets Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Read it in the paper the other day. I meant to tell you about it, but I forgot. It was an interview with some veterinarian. Apparently, horses are tremendously influenced by the phases of the moon - both physically and emotionally. Their brain waves go wild as the full moon approaches, and they start having all kinds of physical problems. Then, on the night itself, a lot of them get sick, and a huge number of those die. Nobody really knows why this happens, but the statistics prove that it does. Horse vets never have time to sleep on full-moon nights, they're so busy. — Haruki Murakami

Vets Quotes By Janet Fitch

What were any of us but a handful of weeds. Who was to say what our value was? What was the value of for Vietnam vets playing poker every afternoon in front of the Spanish market on Glendale boulevard, making their moves with a great deck missing a written and a five? Maybe the world depended on them, maybe they were the Fates, or the Graces. — Janet Fitch

Vets Quotes By Dick Durbin

Giving a veteran a flag is not a substitute for giving our vets the quality health care they were promised — Dick Durbin

Vets Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

You don't take a dead cat to the vet. I mean you might, but why? — Neil DeGrasse Tyson