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Top Unstoppable Tears Quotes

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Toni Maguire

Antoinette felt a pain in her chest that seemed to be a lump made of all the tears she had cried over the years. Where do they come from, she wondered. Is there a sac made of a thin membrane that our grief enters and becomes water, then, once filled, it finally bursts, releasing an unstoppable torrent? — Toni Maguire

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Anthony Robles

Every soul who comes to earth with a
leg or two at birth must wrestle his
opponents knowing its not what is, but
what can be that measures worth. Make it hard, just make it possible and through
pain, I wont complain. My spirit is unconquerable. Fearless I will face each
foe for I know I am capable. I don't care whats probable, through blood sweat and tears I am unstoppable. — Anthony Robles

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Aleksandr Voinov

Dan didn't want to say anything, but the words were unstoppable. "I fucking love you. Don't leave me. You've got to find me." Again, fucking tears. Vadim shook his head, then pressed his face into the crook of Dan's shoulder, hoped to hide his weakness and felt like a man condemned to die.
"I will ... find you. If it's the last thing I'll do, I'll come back. Nothing will stop me. — Aleksandr Voinov

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By N.R. Walker

Silent tears are the worst. It's the sign of a broken spirit. No sound, no residual emotions... just tears. Silent, unstoppable tears. — N.R. Walker

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Michele Lena Lucy

I throw myself to the ground and I scream,
my best friend is gone, this world is so mean.
I cry as I pound my fists on his grass,
I'm very upset that our time went so fast.
My heart beats faster than ever before,
my tears unstoppable, I'm hurt to the core.
There are no words people can say,
that will ease my excruciating pain.
I don't understand why you had to go.
You leaving me, we just didn't know.
I'll make it somehow, I'll start anew.
But, there is no way I can replace you.
I struggle to make it through each day,
and retain my sanity in this foggy haze.
The sadness and pain that I display,
is because God decided to take you away. — Michele Lena Lucy

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Emil Cioran

Nobody would dare look at himself in the mirror, because a grotesque, tragic image would mix in the contours of his face with stains and traces of blood, wounds which cannot be healed, and unstoppable streams of tears. I would experience a kind of voluptuous awe if I could see a volcano of blood, eruptions as red as fire and as burning as despair, burst into the midst of the comfortable and superficial harmony of everyday life, or if I could see all our hidden wounds open, making of us a bloody eruption forever. Only then would we truly understand and appreciate the advantage of loneliness, which silences our suffering and makes it inaccessible. The venom drawn out from suffering would be enough to poison the whole world in a bloody eruption, bursting out of the volcano of our being. There is so much venom, so much poison, in suffering! — Emil Cioran

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Alessandro Baricco

The last light, in the last window, went out. Only the unstoppable machine of the sea still tears away at the silence with the cyclical explosion of nocturnal waves, distant memories of sleepwalking storms and the shipwrecks of dream. — Alessandro Baricco

Unstoppable Tears Quotes By Martin Amis

Reading Don Quixote can be compared to an indefinite visit from your most impossible senior relative, with all his pranks, dirty habits, unstoppable reminiscences, and terrible cronies. When the experience is over, and the old boy checks out at last, you will shed tears all right; not tears of relief or regret but tears of pride. You made it, despite all that Don Quixote could do. — Martin Amis