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Top Unforgiving Heart Quotes

Unforgiving Heart Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

I doubt if it is given to the human being to understand completely the blessed passion and precious death, the mighty resurrection and glorious ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that I do not understand. But I also know that it has nothing to do with the angry unforgiving God who so upset my young friend. If the basic definition of sin is lack of love (that love without which all men are dead in the sight of God, as Cranmer wrote in one of his collects), then an inability to forgive is lack of love, and if God is unable to forgive us then he is lacking in love, and so he is not God. At least, he is not the God who makes glad my heart. — Madeleine L'Engle

Unforgiving Heart Quotes By Jason Versey

A dove will never nest in a burning tree, nor will love ever reside in unforgiving heart. — Jason Versey

Unforgiving Heart Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Fear the soldier who stammers, for he is very fast at pulling the triger. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Unforgiving Heart Quotes By Andrea Waltz

As long as you have a beating heart, it's never too late. But you do need to get on with it [. . .] every second you squander is an affront to an unforgiving universe. — Andrea Waltz

Unforgiving Heart Quotes By Gloria Tesch

Plouton's eyes narrowed coldly, and he grinned because he counted the result of this conversation as a tremendous and absolute victory over his older brother.
Abbadon never saw his younger brother as competition or even as an enemy, but Plouton hated his brother from the bottom of his heart. He was controlled and possessed by his own negative thoughts, that his father, King Apollyon, loved and trusted Abbadon more and that he disliked and rejected him.
Plouton was jealous ... very jealous.
He raised his eyebrows and opened his silvery eyes as wide as they could go. Diabolic sparkles appeared in his eyes. He grinned again when he thought about the Titans, the cave, the iron chains, the vultures, and the unforgiving ocean at the Rock of Mukane. (Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir) — Gloria Tesch

Unforgiving Heart Quotes By Jamie McGuire

I know. I'm just trying to keep things simple."
Trenton took a step toward me. "This isn't simple. Not even close."
"It is simple. Black and white. Cut and dry."
Trenton grabbed me by the shoulders and planted a kiss on my mouth. Sheer shock made my lips
hard and unforgiving, but then they melted against his, along with the rest of my body. I relaxed, but
my breathing picked up, and my heart beat so loud I was sure Trenton could hear it. His tongue
slipped between my lips, and his hands slid down my arms to my hips, his fingers digging into my
skin. He pulled my hips against his as he kissed me, and then sucked my bottom lip when he pulled
"Now it's complicated." He grabbed his keys and shut the door behind him. — Jamie McGuire