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Top Unemployment 1930s Quotes

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By Barbara Castle

If you've got unemployment, low pay, that was just too bad. But that was the system. That was the sort of economy and philosophy against which I was fighting in the 1930s. — Barbara Castle

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By William O'Neill

The 1930s had been a time of tremendous economic distress. And the unemployment rate was enormously high by any historic standard. — William O'Neill

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By Barry Eichengreen

Why was there so much work-sharing in the 1930s? One reason is that government pushed for it. In his memoirs, President Herbert Hoover estimated that as many as two million workers avoided unemployment as a result of his efforts to promote work-sharing. — Barry Eichengreen

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By Barry Eichengreen

This crisis of long-term unemployment is having a profoundly damaging impact on the lives of those bearing the brunt of it. We know this thanks to a series of careful studies of the problem conducted in the depths of the 1930s Great Depression. — Barry Eichengreen

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By Barry Eichengreen

For those unfortunate enough to experience it, long-term unemployment - now, as in the 1930s - is a tragedy. And, for society as a whole, there is the danger that the productive capacity of a significant portion of the labour force will be impaired. — Barry Eichengreen

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By James Meade

In the 1930s one was aware of two great evils - mass unemployment and the threat of war. — James Meade

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By Robert Higgs

Until the 1930s, the Constitution served as a major constraint on federal economic interventionism. The government's powers were understood to be just as the framers intended: few and explicitly enumerated in our founding document and its amendments. Search the Constitution as long as you like, and you will find no specific authority conveyed for the government to spend money on global-warming research, urban mass transit, food stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, or countless other items in the stimulus package and, even without it, in the regular federal budget. — Robert Higgs

Unemployment 1930s Quotes By Kevin Rudd

The alternatives [to the stimulus packages] were to do nothing or, worse, effectively replicate the Premiers' Plan of 1931 when governments cut expenditure, thereby compounding the problems created by a private sector already in retreat. The result, of course, was an economic rout, appalling unemployment and a decade of negligible growth through the 1930s — Kevin Rudd